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  1. One of the best things about Precision Strike is one of the abilities that most people overlook on the talent is the user can control if he kills minions or rivals even if the circumstances would make it impossible for the person to survive. Give your Dark Sider a version of that.
  2. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Farsight has no commit option other then for enhancing perception. Basically Kanaan's ability does nothing to solve his I can't see problem. Now if he replaced Duration 1 and 2 with Mastery: Commit allowing him to commit a force die to maintain the base power indefinitely and a Mastery that then made it not require a commit then it would be cool.
  3. So thats where I hid it. Good to know.
  4. Warriors rejoice

    I can't get into the one Announced is Snow Wookie that looks like a Poodle.
  5. Warriors rejoice

    I figure there are 6 specs so Inquisitor, Imperial Officer, Ex Jedi Padawan, Retired Clone Trooper, Space Pirate and ???? 2 Force Sensitive and 4 regular with a breakdown of 2 specs for AoR, EoTE and F&D
  6. Warriors rejoice

    As long as Dawn of the Rebellion has an Inquistor Spec to go with Retired Clone trooper I'll be happy.
  7. Warriors rejoice

    As long as the book has an attachment that lets me make lightsaber chucks I don't care about anything else.
  8. Warriors rejoice

    Yay Vapaad now people can stop whining about it.
  9. Pick up Arbiter then you get your talky with a side of Lightsaber. Pick up Arbiter from Consular it has Talking, Force point and a side of Lightsaber.
  10. Overcoming invisibility

    Blast, Anything with Blast will still hit him or her. Traps will still work especially trip wires, and pressure plates. Also people can literally resist Misdirect with perception. Seek negates it. Any kind of liquid or barrage of dust, foot prints on the ground. Closing your eyes and listening along with all penalties for fighting blind will work.
  11. Lets review. Jedi all but wiped out the Sith and essentially won. Along comes Darth Sidious who murders 99% of the Jedi destroys the entire Jedi organization and takes over the Galaxy. Then Luke Skywalker comes along and redeems Annakin and low and behold the dark side is defeated and balance is restored. Light side grows too strong Ben Solo falls to the dark side and literally takes out all the Jedi. Rei is born and is now fighting Kylo Ren. This cycle is endless its happened over and over and over again. Every single time the Jedi "win" and wipe out the Sith someone falls to the Dark side and **** near wipes them out. The same thing happens with the Sith when they "win" some Super Light side Jedi is born who then wipes them out.
  12. No really Where there is strong light there is strong dark. That was the point of Luke's lesson the Force does not belong to anyone its supposed to exist in balance and when that balance is thrown off be it by the light or the dark the force finds someone gives them immense power and balances out the equation.
  13. Grey Jedi is the natural way of things post Last Jedi where its literally pointed out that when one side becomes too strong the Force creates an opposing power to balance it out.
  14. Sadly in the Roleplaying game its required or you end up Paragon.
  15. HWK-1000 seriously its the exact opposite of a Decimator, very fast extremely maneuverable and has the hard points to mount what ever you desire.