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  1. Decorus

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned Padawan Survivor with its mod difficulty reduction talent?
  2. Decorus

    Countering Sense

    I think something important is missing. Just because they succeed at reading someone's surface thoughts and get the correct answer it may not be something they can understand or even make sense of. Like the location of the base could be near those woods I caught a fish last week, to the left of that old tree and just beyond the clearing where the commander was making out with the purple alien. He thought of exactly where the base is, but the information tells you nothing, because its only relative to what that person uses for navigation. Aliens may not even think in a way that the player understands like a Jawa's thoughts could be based entirely on smells which contains the information, but without being a Jawa is just alien goobly **** to the player.
  3. Yes they knew they were sentient as they did not try and eat Leia despite her attempts to keep them from eating her friends.
  4. Decorus

    Saber Swarm With No Advantage

    Or you could just spend Hawkbat Swoops pool of advantages on strain recovery.... Honestly since Hawkbat Swoop is an action you can spend a maneuver to disengage a maneuver to Saber Swarm and an Action to Hawkbat Swoop if the poor bastard survived the first 30+ Unsoakable damage you dumped on the target. On a completely different side note I finally combined Juyo, Ataru and Unmatched Ferocity in a hallway fight. Sadly he is no longer a Lightside Paragon, but he did not hit darkside and the rest of the group was extremely happy he dropped from overspending strain as he did a rampage through a small army...
  5. Decorus

    Saber Swarm With No Advantage

    I also seriously recommend maxing out your Lightsaber skill as well sometimes Hawkbat swoop fails you...
  6. Decorus

    Wookiee jedi build advice

    honestly I'd just pick up Shien or armorer as a third spec and call it a day. Armorer makes you even tougher and adds chewbacca mechanics skill. Shien solves your ranged attack with lots of reflect based goodness and a strength based lightsaber damage booster. Or you could go Colossus Iron Fist and beat people to death with your bare wookie hands which lets you use your wookie rage...
  7. Decorus


    I think people need to read the GM toolkit which is badly written a little more closely. Lore is only used when the person does not know how to build or modify a lightsaber. Its also a formidable or daunting task. Your basically using lore to piece together through trial and error how to hodgepodge a lightsaber together from bits and pieces of Jedi lore you learned. People who know use mechanics with a much easier check. Personally I use either mostly depending on how the person roleplays the process they use to construct it...
  8. Or you could just ignore it entirely...
  9. Decorus

    Hilt-masking kit ideas

    Glasses case. Make up Kit Water Bottle Speeder Bike Throttle "Magic" wand Scope for your Blaster Med Kit Belt Buckle for those that like curved hilts.
  10. Force and Destiny beta 131 is one place you can find it. I'm sure its also in Edge of Empire somewhere I just can't remember where.
  11. Cortosis rounds are 500 credits apiece and can be used in any non energy weapon. I used to use them with a Model 77 Air Rifle aka 1k+ credits reloads..
  12. Etaan Crystal Guard Shoto with a Reflex grip both fully modded out and a Crossblade hilt with a Ghostfire Crystal fully modded out...
  13. Wookies, Trandoshans and Whiphids are extremely intimidating I mean have you seen them? Coercion is one of those skills I'd allow Brawn, Willpower or Presence to be rolled with depending on the approach which will also lead to different difficulties based on the npc they are attempting it on. Since people react differently to threats, bribes, glares and brute force. So I really don't see the problem with letting them use physical actions to coerce someone into doing what they want especially when its the least optimal way to make it work. C3-PO will fold quite quickly to such brute force tactics, but HK-49 would likely mention how inferior the meatbag is to him before shooting him in the face for the attempt. So to put it simply using brawn for coercion only seems to give them an advantage, but could in fact in the long run be bad for the player if you handle it correctly. Planning for a game is a lot like planning for a war you spend 10% of your time putting together a plan and 90% of the time trying to cover all the ways it can go horribly wrong when it meets the players. Flow charts can be key...
  14. A lot of people who post here seem to think anything that makes your character actually good at something is abusing the system. Honestly characters who craft things have a high intelligence plus talents that actually let them be really good at crafting. I'd like to point out your more likely to find a Sentinel or Guardian or Mystic who is good at crafting then a Consular. Niman has skills that synergize with Intelligence, but most of them will go higher willpower for you know actually using the force with Niman and maximizing how effective the actual tree is.
  15. I'm of the opinion that lightsaber crafting is more of a religious experience then a mechanical assembly. Not unlike this: So yes I believe Knowledge Lore is a better choice for that reason especially when communing with a crystal... Inventor adds a boost or removes a setback and makes no mention of mechanics in the short description so yes I'd allow inventor.