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  1. The problem remains no digital copies which hurts the rpg for Star Wars.
  2. There will be more books just not from FFG someone bought the rpg lines from FFG. Edge Studios.
  3. Oh there is a talent in the Knight Tree that makes them only target you... Circle of Shelter plus Guardian of the Republic solves most of that problem.
  4. Honestly if power gaming was a problem there wouldn't be a guy who wants to play an even more broken system. Hate to break it to people, but FFG is the least broken crunch wise system for Star Wars.
  5. How is he going to get a sympathy vote when no one cared until Padme showed up at the Senate.
  6. So apart from 3/4ths of the movie its really well written. Padme can't die, because Palpatine needed her to push the vote in the Senate which makes him Supreme High Mucky Muk. So really it isn't Palpatine's plan to make the power bid since his minions spend the entire movie trying to capture or kill her to force the Trade Federation deal through. Its more his back up plan when Maul and Nute Gunray screw up and let the Jedi escape with Padme... The whole thing delays his Clone war by at least a decade.
  7. Drop a researcher and the secrets of the Jedi talents. Those are the signature talents of Padawan Survivor and should stay in that tree only.
  8. Really Needs Valuable Facts Improved Valuable Facts and Supreme Valuable facts. Improved allows you to use Valuable Facts on your next check. Supreme allows you to use Valuable Facts as a Maneuver once per session.
  9. I usually count Lightsaber specs as universal...
  10. Its not a spec you can start with by itself. Making it a Career spec for Jedi would allow you to take it as your starting spec and attach peerless Interception to it.
  11. Technically the Clone wars books are not Force and Destiny...
  12. Has anyone considered just adding the Padawan Survivor to the Jedi Career?
  13. Keep in mind you can just ask a player to give up a superior slot since you don't have to go on what you rolled. Had a Gunslinger do that a lot when he rolled badly so he could go first.
  14. Honestly without F&D books its pretty pointless to make a force user in a game.
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