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  1. Star Wars is basically stolen combination of Japanese Samurai movies and Spaghetti Westerns set in space. Cultural theft on a pretty epic scale. Not that I care about it at all, but there are SJWs who are completely blind to it. L5R uses Honor Duty and Glory. You gain and lose based on choices the character makes not on die rolls its all in the Beta section on FFG's website you should read it.
  2. Coordination is manual dexterity and agility along with quick reaction timing. Balancing on a rock, avoiding a dart trap, sliding under a closing door, crossing a bridge that is falling apart as you run across, dancing, balancing on a finger tip etc. Athletics is raw physical strength and endurance, jumping across a pit, pulling yourself up a ledge, outrunning a boulder, doing one finger push ups etc
  3. Honestly Force and Destiny really needs to switch to a system more like the Beta Legend of the Five rings RPG that goes to the Eastern Warrior Monk ideal that George Lucas shamelessly culturally apropriated for Star Wars.
  4. There are specs in far worse shape that are unable to do what is intended other then Makashi. Consular's Sage requires force powers and an additional spec to be able to function at its intended purpose.
  5. Or Combine it with Martial Artist or Shien for Coordination dodge or Disruptive strike. Or Ebb and Flow for its auto failures.... Fixing Feint would help its also really missing defensive options for swashbuckling, but I usually compensate by taking Martial Artist and Shien to fix things down the line.
  6. Makashi is not useless its actually quite handy for lightsaber dueling. Driver also has some interesting uses. That being said I'm not a huge fan of specs costing more or having an out of career penalty.
  7. Maybe they can preface the article with "Many Bothan writers died to get you this article...."
  8. No everytime they write an article the unlimited power contained within the article is too much for the computer its written on and it explodes...
  9. The thing is as a GM you should follow this basic rule when your players ask to do something? Is it Cool? If yes then say yes and ask them to spend a destiny point. Also grin as you remember that the next time they jury rig a vehicle scale weapon to take out your Inquisitor you can just spend a destiny to improved reflect it. Because anything they can do you can do better. Yes you can...
  10. The best sniper rifle that is affordable at starting is the Model 77 air rifle. 1. Its silent 2. It fires armor piercing darts that can be tipped with poison. (Usually its smarttranq, but you can go for better stuff with gm help) 3. its strain damage only which means you don't have to worry about actually killing people as a Force User. 4. Its legal everywhere even on worlds with stupid laws banning most good firearms. 5. It can absolutely cripple other force users especially when you start using cortosis darts....
  11. Han may also have been suffering from the side effects of them using a jury rigged system to freeze him since one of the reasons they did it was to test if it would kill Luke.
  12. I'm assuming that the Mystic book will have the full stat block for it... You know what they say about assumptions....
  13. There are a ton of useless crap talents in the game. Preventing players from doing a reasonable thing like a knockdown with 3 advantages or a triumph does nothing to invalidate the fact that a talent that gives the ability to add force dice to leadership is not as good as a Influence having the ability to add force dice to all social skills. Or the fact that sleight of mind just gives you a bonus on stealth checks and is negated by immunity to the force where there is a talent that gives bonus dice to both stealth and coordination and works on anybody. Lets not forget all the ******* about how Balance is by and large a useless talent that there is a force power that does it better. Or how largely useless mind over matter and other destiny point spending instant strain recovery talents aren't worth the cost to buy them. Quick House Rule Move ranged attacks have the Knockdown and disorient weapon qualities just like unarmed brawl attacks. All those in Favor?
  14. So is there an actual stat block for the inquisitor saber that explains how you switch between the three modes that I missed somewhere?
  15. Its kinda like this: