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  1. Decorus

    Warriors rejoice

    So where are my Laser-Chucks Yo?
  2. Decorus

    Warriors rejoice

    There are a lot of tank types. 1. Damage sponges. They just have a lot of health so they can take massive hits and get healed. (Not entirely practical in FFG Star Wars due to heal limits. 2. Dodge Tanks: They dodge attacks and thus take no real damage. 3. Parry/Reflect Tanks: Lots of Parry and Reflect that reduces the damage to practically nothing and are impractical for FFG Star Wars due rules + xp costs...
  3. Decorus

    Warriors rejoice

    Sigh it evaded my fleet of Pirates... I am very disappointed in them.
  4. Decorus

    Force power: move question

    You can also use Athletics check to resist move not just discipline. Hurling objects or minions at things should be a ranged combat check. Hurling Nemesis at people should be an opposed check discipline or athletics. Otherwise its a ranged attack. Now lets put a reality check on the whole force 2 people tossing people like rag dolls. Its not even close to statistically likely on a regular basis. You need 1 to activate 1 for range 1 for strength thats 3 force pips on 2 dice. Especially when you have a 60% chance to pull single blacks on each die. Then you have to look at damage every single person in the group can pull an easy 10+ damage that can crit. Some will be pulling much greater numbers at a lower xp total then this 2 Force always pulling 3 force pips dude.
  5. Decorus

    Force power: move question

    That would require two actions... Which a player does not have normally.
  6. Decorus

    Warriors rejoice

    It better have Saber Chucks...
  7. Decorus

    Giving a Hutt a gift

    His enemy in Carbonite always makes a good gift. Naala Treefrogs are good as well.
  8. Draw Closer moves the opponent from short to engaged and you hit it with a lightsaber. It does not matter where you are or if solid objects block the path. So yes you can yank someone into the air smack them in the face and watch them fall. You can also use farsight to see through a wall and yank the guy on the other side to you through the wall and smack them in the face. There is no section in the rules that says you need to be on solid ground or if something blocks the path that it fails. Bottom line its a force talent and there are two ways to get someone to move to you. 1. Mind **** 2. Telekinesis Pick the one you like.
  9. Oooh I wanna use Draw Closer to bring my opponent from 1 minute in the past and hack off his arm..... Because that would be a perfectly valid use according to the wacky logic being applied.
  10. The only good option is to ditch it entirely.
  11. The fundamental problem with the morality system is its next to impossible not to go lightside just by dice rolls. The only thing that slows it down is forced usage of darkside pips to activate forcepowers at low force ratings. There is a reason we call morality the slow roll to Paragon.
  12. Honestly the only way I've seen players lose morality is from dark side pips being used for lightside actions.
  13. Except for the fact that it isn't malicious at all or what a dark sider would do. The only way a force sensitive character earns conflict in combat is from starting it. Yanking someone into mid air smacking them with a lightsaber and letting them fall to doom is just as bad as hacking off an arm or shooting them in the face with a blaster. Or dropping a rock on them from above. There is nothing moral or right or correct about shooting some dude in the face so unless you are giving conflict for any action taken that could harm another being you are being unfair to the players. Combat falls into this: Did the player start it? Yes = Conflict Are the opponents armed or a threat? No= Conflict Did the player attack them after they tried to surrender? Yes = Conflict
  14. its really not. Hawkbat swoop does the same thing with bonus saber swarm goodness or crits that insta gib...
  15. Draw Closer Force leap away Premptive avoidance... Rinse Repeat. I would strongly advise against making it impossible to use players tend to get upset when you ruin the ability for them to actually use the talents they spent hard earned xp on.