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  1. Yeah quote an actual page that tells us that. Hint there is none.
  2. The problem of course being we don;t know if its an incidental to go from single blade to spinning or a maneuver or an action. I personally go with Maneuver. Honestly I was pissed off that this basic information wasn't included in either book seriously would it have killed them to do a full write up? I also would love for the Inquisitor Armor to show up....
  3. We don't actually have solid stats for them.
  4. At a speed in which its impossible to move it. Also range does not reach Planetary Scale so they can't even be in range of said Moon with powers. It literally turns into a nope doesn't work scenario.
  5. One of the reasons I enjoy a good laugh at people who ***** about Move is I've done the long drag from starting at FR1 to FR3. I mean I started as a Consular with Sage and probably for the first ten sessions the only thing I was really useful for was Valueble Fact... Honestly wish Sage had a rework with Improved and Supreme Valueble Fact... I fell in love with Padawn I'm playing right now in a Clone Wars Campaign we started the minute one of us got Rise of the Republic. I'm the 12 year old Padawn the Clone Trooper "Special" Forces won in a Sabaac game. The Clones often complain that my Jedi Knight Master cheated them...
  6. How about Fall to the Darkside. Spend 2 Destiny Points and you immediately turn to the Dark Side in the most contrived stupid way the GM can come up with. It then gets replaced with Redeem to the light where for a mere 10 strain and a limb you can immediately redeem yourself and be light side again.
  7. Its seriously looking like Padawan Knight Niman Master is a solid 4 spec build with Peerless Interception. As for a Narrative One I'd probably go for something like The Force Binds all Things. A Signature ability that lets the Jedi see how the Force connects all things together and use the information to their advantage.
  8. Also the Jedi Signature ability is insanely good once you fill it out... Peerless Interception Once per Session as an out of turn Incidental the character can activate Peerless Interception for 2 Destiny points. For the next two rounds when the character uses parry or reflect they can reduce the damage by an additional amount equal to their force rating. If fully kitted out its 1 Destiny point Twice a session for 4 rounds you only need to spend strain on the first activation of parry and reflect, you can crit on a despair if you have improved parry or Improved Reflect activate a weapon quality and once per round activate improved Reflect or Improved Parry without needing a despair or threat to do so...
  9. Ichor Blade Nightsister Talent would do that. Sadly its in a book that is not out yet... Since the Book is Shipped and people have it. Ichor Blade 10 points Night Sister Universal Specialization The character can choose one brawl or melee weapon they posses granting it the Cortosis and Pierce 2 qualities and reducing its critical rating by 1 to a minimum of 1. If the weapon is ever lost or destroyed the character can apply Ichor Blade to a new weapon. Improved Ichor Blade 15 points Night Sister Universal Specialization The chosen weapon also gains the Sunder and defensive 1 qualities and increases the weapon's damage by 2. Congrats you now for 25 points have what is effectively a force weapon.
  10. He got zero light saber training other then Ben's remote training. I really don't care what you claim is Canon. If its not in the movies it doesn't exist. Luke even goes back to Yoda in Return of the Jedi for more training and Yoda dies. So as far as people are concerned he ain't got anymore training then Rey. Darth Vader had decades more training then Luke and mass murdered actual Jedi Masters and we are to believe Luke beats him? Its as nonsensical as Rey beating Kylo Ren and the Guard. The only difference is one is Male and one is Female. Funny that you only have an issue with the Female character.
  11. Yoda never taught Luke how to use a lightsaber. Novels are not a part of the movies. Anyone can write a massive Fan Fic about how Rei met a Jedi on the way to see Luke who totally taught her how to use a lightsaber it doesn't make it true. We don't know Luke got any more training thats just another attempt to justify your Rei is a Mary Sue bull. I don't know what woman hurt you to create this view point, but you need to knock it off.
  12. Nobody taught Luke how to do it and yet he does it. I might point out Luke saw Obi Wan do it. Rey saw Kylo Ren do it. So yes I think your problem is purely that she is a girl. Luke beat Darth Vader with a lightsaber and all he had was training with a Remote until they got to Alderaan. So I'm assuming I missed the scene where Rey convinced Luke to train her and where she turned Kylo Ren back to the light side of the Force? Which part of the movie were those in again?
  13. Rey is complained about, because she isn't a guy, honestly Luke pretty much does everything she does with just as much training. Luke does have issues with moving large objects. In the movies the Force is easy to learn and impossible to master. Luke has belief issues which hurts his ability to use the Force in every movie. Rey also has belief issues that hurts her in other ways. She believes she can do anything which is bad....
  14. Its pretty obvious in the movies that Luke and Rey are able to do anything they think they can do.
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