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  1. Its kinda like this:
  2. I'm hoping it has the rules for crafting force twisted abominations. You vehicle rules for making biological dark side monsters you can ride into combat....
  3. We also have proof that Palpatine loved snatching kids with force sensitivity which makes you know the Sith bad. Not that the Jedi are good, but in comparison to the whole Sith having issues with murdering each other for power.... Lets not forget how the Apprentice, becomes the Master by you know murdering the Master. If you want proof of how Jedi don't steal children lets examine Obi Wan not kidnapping Luke and training him to be a Jedi, because despite the fate of the Galaxy being in his hands Luke's Uncle said no. Lets not kid ourselves Obi Wan is fully capable of Mind ****** the Uncle into letting him take Luke for training, but he didn't even tho Luke needed to be trained to be a Super Jedi to save the Galaxy from his Dad and the Last Sith Lord.
  4. So what new broken force power will we get? Magus= Sorcerer:) Me happy... Prophet umm wait don't we have Seer?
  5. Short answer No... Long answer No.......
  6. And by bringing Ezra into this you completely undermine your own point. Ezra has the ability to manipulate animals from the start of the series with zero training. Ezra also uses the force to enhance his physical abilities without any real training. Just like Annakin and Luke could use the force to greatly increase piloting skills and one even blew up the death star without any training in the force. Honestly bringing the novels and comics into this means you are perfectly okay with retconning Rei into having force training and rendering your entire view point moot.
  7. Please show all the training Luke got as a Jedi. A couple hours of lightsaber technique with Obiwan. A couple days of meditation and discipline with Yoda. Thats all the training Luke ever got. There are no secret years of training between A New Hope and Empire and there certainly wasn't any between Empire and Return. Luke built a lightsaber with no real help by himself thats super Mary Sue Mechanics there, because as far as we know all he had was what he remembered from seeing a couple lightsabers. You could claim he talked with Obiwan or Yoda between those movies, but its painfully obvious in Return of the Jedi he hasn't been back to see Yoda since Empire Strikes Back. The only way he knows how to use the Jedi Mind Trick is Obiwan used it once in front of him. Lets face it Luke is exactly like Rei in terms of Magically being able to use the force with little to no training at all.
  8. I should point out Luke learned how to mind trick people by seeing Obi Wan do it once to a group of storm troopers. He used pull on his lightsaber with no training in that on Hoth. So using the force to yank lightsabers into your hand seems to be something both Luke and Rei had no training in. I'm pretty sure Rei is not a pro with a lightsaber as much as Kylo sucks at using one. Rei knowing how to fix the Falcon is on par with Annakin being an 8 year old kid who can build droids and a podracer from spare parts like McGuvyer builds bombs from whats in his pockets.
  9. Why do people call Rei a Mary Sue when Luke blew up the Death Star using the Force with zero training? Seriously a few hours playing with a robot is not actual training. A few days with Yoda is not really training. Luke has super amazing piloting and gunnery abilities along with the ability to use the force which he has zero reason to have if you follow the same logic as Rei. The only real difference between Rei and Luke is one is a girl and the other is a boy.
  10. Its equally fun playing not a Jedi. Grey Jedi aren't people who run around blowing stuff up with Force Lightning for good. They are people who see the Jedi Code as more Guidelines then strict rules that must be obeyed.
  11. Keep in mind you can combine Preemptive Avoidance with Force Leap and Hawkbat Swoop/Draw Closer to Kite an opponent in a one on one light saber duel. Basically you use Hawkbat Swoop/Draw Closer to engage the target then use Force Leap to disengage and when they close you use Preemptive Avoidence to disengage preventing them from ever actually attacking you.
  12. Except you can buy Balance for 15 points which is 5 less if you get it from the right tree. Which has other reasons to pick it up. So sometimes its more expensive, sometimes its cheaper its never better.
  13. No Because 99% of time you would never use Flow to heal strain, because you can't. See the funny thing about combat talents for Force users is either they require you to use force pips to achieve an effect. Or they require you to commit force dice which eliminates the use of force powers entirely. If you brawl you will never use Flow to recover strain, because you will be committing Enhance to increase your brawn and using enhance to increase your successes and advantage on your attacks both preclude using flow. If you use a lightsaber you will not give up the special talents that require force pips to heal strain using flow. If you use ranged attacks same thing you are better off with the talents that use force pips then using flow. Mechanics, Computers well there is that force power that directly gives you successes immediately so why bother with flow its crap in comparison. In the circles I play in Balance was considered to be weak sauce, because honestly its an after combat talent and its already extremely easy to regain strain in combat as it is. If I'm playing a face why would I give up Influence for flow? If I'm playing a hermit am I going to use flow or am I going to pick up the survival combo thats gives me force dice on all my survival and xenology checks and lets me recover strain using survival? If I'm playing an Aestic I would laugh at flow and Balance and how gimpy they are as I walk around like a real jedi with a lightsaber and robes.
  14. I'm still not seeing why anyone would take flow to regain strain when its so useless for that purpose. You are arguing its better to just take flow. I'm arguing Flow isn't even worth spending points on in the first place just to heal strain.