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  1. I personally would go with this. but thats just my personal opinion of course
  2. The barbarian the character that can't cast, gain or benefit from spells? Memory like a sieve at the moment.
  3. I was under the impression that a cannot rule overrides a can rule. I suppose it all comes down to a question of timing of whether the trophy stops being a trophy and starts becoming a follower i guess,, Id personally say though that the trophy couldn't be turned into a follower, but that's just my opinion for the moment
  4. Logic would assume that yes, the adventure deck discard pile, plus any other cards discarded into the adventure deck discard pile, would get reshuffled and put up as a new adventure deck. Although, having a lot of adventure cards ( think i one most, if not all of them), so i can safely assume that the discard pile dose shuffle,
  5. Would say that another posting has asked this : https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/219119-where-in-th-rules-does-it-say-you-resuffle-the-adventure-deck-when-exhausted/ But I've just noticed that Uvatha started it, oh well
  6. Closest I could find about the adventure deck being reshuffled was out of the Cataclysm book, page 5 When a Remnant card is discarded, it is placed in the Adventure deck discard pile. If the Adventure deck discard pile is shuffled back into the Adventure deck, any Remnant cards in the discard pile are also shuffled into the deck. After the game ends, return these cards to the Remnant deck.
  7. Just been reading this discussion and thought i'd put in my tuppence worth about the reaper and the temple / tavern crossing in catacyslm without looking at the cataclysm adventure cards. the boatman adventure card from the rest of the game states its an event not a stranger.... ... The boatman offers to ferry you across the Storm River on your next turn if you pay 1 gold. This works exactly like a raft. The Boatman then drifts off to the discard pile. Putting aside the whole discussion about what happens if the card disappears after your paid your gold but before your next turn, the longest The Boatman will stick around for is the length of time for the turn to move back to the person who drew The Boatman card, i.e. 1 round of player turns, before he disappears to the discard pile. And thats ignoring the fact the reaper may be on the other side of the river to where the card was drawn. The argument there could read that The Boatman will still ferry him across but its still only one round of player turns he'll do it. Out of curiosity, is there a boatman / ferryman in the cataclysm cards? I've only seen one copy of The Boatman adventure card in the adventure deck without cataclysm cards.
  8. Ahh, didn't know the rules were already online. Will go and check it out now. Many thanks.
  9. I've got cataclysm on order and as yet haven't seen the rules regarding this expansion and how other expansions effect it. Can you use the woodland, highland etc expansions with it? What about the dragon's tower? We'll probably play without harbringer and dragon tower, but just curious as to what other expansions work well with it. Thank you in advance for any replies.
  10. Nice, seems like your wife was dead lucky. I've also had games where everyone else has gone into the middle but me, but due to endings (Void being one of them) ive won without ever going near the portal of power or CoC.
  11. Any one else had an interesting or funny way to end talisman? Just finished a game with a friend, Pandora's box was the ending on view. He made it to the CoC first. So i stood back and waited for the 12 nether cards to kill me. Even though i effectively had about 8 life at this point with trinkets and wot not i still didnt fancy my chances of actually coming out of game alive. So what happened I hear you ask? 12 nether cards later, i win the game .... as a toad with 1 life left ... boy was i lucky with the card combos. Anyone else have something like this happen?
  12. Been given the dragon expansion for christmas and only just got given the Nether Realm for birthday so was unable to post on this topic until now. For the three alternative endings in the Nether Realm, it seems to me that Pandora's Box and The Hunt don't care what the Inner Region is, nor do they effect it. So the dragon expansion and nether realm don't appear to be in conflict. Although that being said, with using the dragon expansion, not having a dragon lord at the end of the game to beat up does feel a bit, well, odd to say the least. The Gauntlet, however, has at first glance some conflict. The main board inner region and the nether realm not a problem. Tne dragon expansion inner region should also be fine, as you encounter the nether cards before encountering the space instructions. So failure to get past a Nether Card prevents from encountering that square on the Inner Region. The dragon's tower on the other hard states, if memory serves me correctly, that you have to draw X number of current Dragon Lord cards and then move the number of squares equal to the number of monsters you beat up plus 1. Then discard any cards at the end of the turn. All that would happen with the Nether Realm and the Dragon Tower in this case i would think is that you just encounter the Nether card, and if you get past that, then you draw X Dragon Lord cards, then move your set distance, and any cards get discarded at the end of the turn. So to me there is no real conflict as such
  13. thank you for clarifying things. Much appreciated. Haplot
  14. ahh my bad for not phrasing the question correctly. Perhaps if I were to explain where I'm coming from. I was playing a game with one other person using the dragons, but with a hidden ending, rather than fighting the dragon lords at the end. We were using the side of the dragon expansion board with the dragon hatchery on, which states. Roll 1 dice and fight that many Hatchlings each one-by-one until either you are defeated or you defeat all of the Hatchlings. Each Hatchling has a craft of 4 and adds 1 to its attack score for each dragon scale on every Draconic Lord Card. You cannot move on until all Hatchlings are defeated. My opponent took the view that tokens kept on piling up on the dragonlord cards. I, however, took the view that as i wasn't at the crown of command that a third counter on a dragon lord would force a change in leadership and the three counters would be discarded, because the third counter cannot be placed in the Inner region, ie apart from the third token being discarded, normal rules apply. Is either of us correct? If not, what is the correct view? Would a Hatchling therefore be a maximum Craft of 10 (base 4, plus 2 red tokens, plus 2 green tokens, and plus 2 gold tokens) as you can't have 3 tokens on a dragon lord? Many thanks. Haplot
  15. Just a quick question as to what happens with dragon counters and the inner region. At the start of turn, you draw a dragon token, and place it on the relivent coloured dragon if approrpiate. If the said dragon now has three tokens on him, what happens? I presume he is crowned king, and 2 of the tokens get discarded? Does the third one as well get discarded? What about if he is already the dragon king and you are in the inner region? What happens then? Many thanks in advance. Haplot
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