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  1. Quick question: When under the heroes' control, can Splig move normally or does he only recieve 1 movement point per move action, as he is treated as a hero figure??
  2. I didnt find the flesh moulders as bad tbh...but perhaps I dont recall them properly . I like the pigments you did on the dragons! Maybe I would have "seperated" the spines from the rest of the skins, maybe just plain black, with greyscale highlights. But all in all looks very lizardlike, fits well to their plain, smooth skin. Good job
  3. Let's put it this way: if the sculpt wouldnt be as large, the lack of fine detail would make for a rather ugly figure. Fortunately, Mirklace looks awesome bcs his posture and rather large, simple parts like horns, muscles etc. The bracelets and fluid parts are where you notice these blobs and melting, as Silidus put it, the most...Still, cool model and fun to paint. My Rylan Ollvien appears to be the same quality, but as a hero -sized figure quite $&%§ .
  4. Seeing lots of paint here lately, I thought I too will share another mini. So here's Mirklace. I like the figure a lot, however the mold (detail) isnt particularly good. Comments & suggestions welcome. Perhaps I will upload some more in future.
  5. Thanks for the input ! We actually did try out some dry brushing on the zombies last night but it didn't turn out quite as we hoped. I think we need a bit thinner brushes for the finer areas of the small models because we were accidentally touching other areas with the paint. We have decided for the small ones were going to paint, wash, seal. The bigger units were going to do some dry brushing on tonight Really looking forward to working with the ettins and elements due to the size. Once we learn the dry brush on bigger units we can scale down the skill to the small units. PS. I did touch up that master zombie base last night. I noticed the red paint I got on the black so now its much cleaner. If I can give you an advise on brushes for that purpose- just go with a regular 2-3, citadel s-m..it will make the brush useless for other applications, of course. I find e.g. Armypainter's small drybrush quite large and not suitable for smaller models. Put on a bit of unthinned paint on the tip, whipe the bristles between a kitchen paper, there should barely be any paint left. You may check on your palm, if the brush leaves anything like a defined stripe, there is still too much in there.
  6. They look absolutely fine for a start - if you want to improve further, I suggest go and try drybrushing highlights. This would enhance the overall look of the minis significantly. Its all about shadow and light. Models "pop" with well placed, high contrasts within each color. There are many techniques out there how to define this contrast. Arguably the most accesible is drybrushing. When done well though, it can produce awsome results. Dont be scared of large models - the elementals are a very suitable model to learn drybrushing. (I started with them, in fact) Good luck
  7. As always, thanks Zaltyre. I must say it doesnt help that the wording for Frenzy is straightforward while the other cards only speak of "attacks". So could we say, as a general rule, that there is no card/skill atm that allows for an additional "special" attack? Or am I overseeing something?
  8. Hi there, I am referring to actions containing attacks, not standard attack actions, e.g. "sweep". Its clear that OL cant use those with, e.g., "frenzy". But what about "flurry"? I dont see any restriction here. On a side note, what about hero skills: Can the apothecary exhaust "bottled courage" and use "concotion" as attack? Following the same logic, the hero is allowed to perform an additional attack, not just an attack action. Thanks for clarifying!
  9. Water can be ignored because it is a movement of x spaces, not via movement points; pits due to the monster being large. Am I correct? Just wanted to be clear about this.
  10. I really like how you painted skin and the brown cloth on the Orkell mini! Perhaps I would try to achieve a higher contrast in the reds in future, adding further highlights (mixing in yellow). Like your Ravaella, too, reminds me a bit on how I painted her...Well maybe I am gonna upload some of my jobs again soon
  11. Do familars that are treated as hero figures have a corresponding archetype (e.g. Brightblaze=mage)? This would imply that they trigger Basic II archetype specials?
  12. Thank Atom, I think this is a trick that should be known to all players! On a side note, about how LotW and TF rumors favor the heroes, which ends in the OL not playing these rumors: I thought about tweaking these quest in such a way that players dont recieve gold from search cards (treasure chest & secret chambers excluded). I didnt try it yet but wouldnt this result in both OL and heroes focussing solely on the mission objective, which is not all too bad? I find the gamble between Valyndra's gift vs Aurium Mail much better from the OL's eyes than Valyndra's gift vs Aurium Mail AND gold...
  13. Ok, thanks for clarifying and summarizing- I think I am aware how rumors work though... (I usually consult the MoR rules for English or my German versions, which are updated) Again, my question was if the OL can legitimately play a H&M rumor in the beginning of the campaign phase before the interlude, then choosing the interlude to be played instead (not giving the heroes a chance to attempt the rumor quest), therefore automatically gaining the reward (OL card). I think he could definitely not use this card directly in the interlude since OL deck creation happens during "4. Spend experience" while quest selection during step 6. of the campaign phase. From the rules for rumors you guys summarized nothing speaks against this cheeky way of getting an OL card "for free" without giving the heroes access to the quest - I thought that the issue might rather lie in the base game rule that I quoted above: "After completing three Act I quests, the Interlude must be chosen as the next quest." (p.22) Any thoughts on this? Edit: Forget what I said about why he couldnt use the card immediatly - The OL gains the reward when transitioning to act II, which is after interlude is completed.
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