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  1. Let's say there was an event card that states "Discard one card from hand and return two characters from your dead pile to hand" And you only have one card in your dead pile. By Istaril's example you *could* play the event because the game state has changed?
  2. 3. You could also (I'm pretty sure) choose to kill yourself if you wanted. There are some characters that instantly get power tokens on their death. That could be just enough to win. I do have a related question though...say the version of Ice that has 'prized' on it is used to wipe out all the defenders...is the challenge still opposed or unopposed? I would guess it's opposed since the defenders are 'moribund' is that correct? But their STR wouldn't count?
  3. "After an opponent plays a location, place the card on the bottom of the deck to choose that player..." Can this card be played on an already placed location or basically only if you have the card in hand when your opponent plays a location?* I mean, if it's 'any opponent location' why doesn't it just say 'choose an opponent location' without seemingly attaching some sort prerequisite? *Ex: Starks have three locations in play. Lannisters have initiative and in the draw phase, pull a Shield Islands Droman card. Can the Lannisters play the card and then activate the response to target one of the Stark locations? Or must they wait until the Starks play a fourth location down the line?
  4. Ha! I did get a lot more than I bargained for. To be completely honest If the answer starts to get too complicated, I just go 'by feel' Which doesn't always work. I still can't get over that kill claims (unless otherwise specified) can so easily be blocked by something like: "Lannisters lose military challenge. Okay, I choose Lords of winter Tyrion to die...and then I kneel that clansman to save him"
  5. Lords of Winter Edd Stark has LoW Shaggydog and Crown of Winter attached. The other player wants to attach 'bastard' to Edd. Edd is immune to character abilities, but 'bastard' isn't a character and besides Edd is immune, Crown of Winter isn't . So Edd should lose both his attatchments, right?
  6. Thoughts? "Aughhhhhhhhh" But seriously, hey...at tourneys, does the judge (or whatever he's called) ever go, "Oh, wow. Uhm...wow. Let me think." And the whole thing come to a stop? I think an interesting way of dealing with that would be to have the players and the judge vote. You'd think the players would just vote for whatever benefits themselves, but not nessecerily. When I'm pondering stuff, I just want to get it right. Edit:And I love watching the videos and seeing experienced players miss stuff, and the commentators say things like "Don't ask me questions like that." (No sarcasm)
  7. "Choose a character. Until the end of the phase that character gains deadly. Then attach you writ small...." Is 'then' referring to 'choose' or 'until'? IOW can I make a card +2 strength with the boon during the challenge phase or do I make the attachment after challenges are resolved?
  8. Say you have a card that says something to the effect of "After an intrigue plot is played, choose any opponent character in play and discard him." You could do that at any point in the game (after the intrigue card is played) couldn't you? Seems like you should be able to as long as it's during whatever point in the phase a response is allowed.
  9. Nvm. I assume this means "more power counters", not the blue power icon or strength of a power challenge.
  10. Can someone provide an in game example of using her? I don't get it. "Challenges: Kneel Shae to kneel anyone with more power than you" Shae has a strength of one and only has the intrigue icon.
  11. Starks have Sansa and Cat out. Sansa has a 'kneel card to save attatchment'. Starks lose a military challenge. Can the defender choose Sansa to be killed and say "I choose Sansa annnnnnd kneel this card." Or does he have to choose a card that can actually die first?
  12. Are plot cards revealed simultaneously? If lannister played that "Ring sigil characters cannot die this phase" plot card, they would live through Morghulis right?
  13. Defender has two characters in play (say Sansa and Cat) and loses a military challenge. One of his characters has a 'kneel save card attachment' (I think one of the dire wolves is that). (say Sansa) Can the defender say, "I choose to kill Sansa, and ohhhhhlookie there, I'll just kneel this card instead" My instinct says in such a situation you have to kill a character that can be killed unless Sansa is the only character out. But what's the real rule?
  14. Thank you! For catching my mistake and for answering the spirit of my question (does a knelt or discarded 'save' prevent you from dying from Deadly)
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