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    Zeawater got a reaction from Palurin in Newer cycles balanced for new players ?   
    I recommend below for "minimum purchase" suggestions: (btw this whole website is brilliant!)
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    Zeawater got a reaction from PotatoPotato91 in New Player Looking to Buy a Collection   
    Hi, good luck with your endeavor. Glad you are starting to love the game as much as we do. I am not willing to sell my complete collection. However, I do have some unopened duplicates of adventure packs and nightmare packs.
    Let me know if interested and I will post the list. 
    Of note I do have 2 copies of 2015 Fellowship "Murder at the Prancing Pony" with Legolas custom art and playmats.
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    Zeawater got a reaction from FractalMind in New Player Hailing from Austin, TX   
    Welcome to the community. You 1st core set will soon turn into 3 ;).
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    Zeawater got a reaction from icabod in tutorials   
    In addition there are many resources for info. I personally frequent these:
    https://wardenofarnor.wordpress.com/the-line-unbroken/   (great additional resource links on right-hand side of home page).
    The Grey Company Podcast
    This will keep you busy for a while :).
    I trust you will get to love the game as much as we do.
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