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  1. I dont know what the big deal is, it well known that Xwing is getting a second edition like Swedge mentioned basically 100% effort is in that right now for the massive second release with the most aggressive time frame they have ever done. I mean there are only so many factories.
  2. And even with all of the costs against the MSRP, that does'nt necessarily equal a sale. With a lot a stock sitting in a warehouse, the profit becomes quite negative until it is sold, so looking at actual material costs and sale price is not very useful. Besides, without a healthy profit, how long do you think the game will be around?
  3. That's is a hard sell, if Im going to Hawaii I going to be outside...
  4. I will say prepare to invest a lot of time and monies for legion... We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of content, wait in about 2+ years where it will be hitting its groove. Now, in the meantime there is a lot of imperial assault to consume especially if you just got into it.
  5. Will do, I will pull out trends in the other responses when it closes once I reach 100 responses.
  6. Hello, I am curious about the habits of my fellow gamers playing IA. I made, quick link to take a 2 minute survey that will be interesting (10 questions), results at the end, hopefully I will get a a fair number of responses. Maybe to target to grow the community in your local area. I like stats! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LXVY2HY Do you paint? How often do you play or want to play etc. Feedback and items that come up discuss here.
  7. With the renewed focus seeing on Star Wars Rebels characters, how many folks watch and or like this show? I have heard varying reports, from 'too childish/a kid's show' to it is great. With all of the cord cutting, how many people still have even the opportunity to see the Disney channel? I have a very basic HD line up that meets most of my needs along with HBO go and Netflix, but not, much opportunity to watch it period. Not that it matters too much because the heroes are made up anyways, but honestly I would like to see more 'legends' fan favorites personally...
  8. Yeah I working on some MSA lists that have promise, but for a tournament like this, I would not even take any of my favorite lists but would bring a simple 2 or 3 ship list just to make it through the day.
  9. I dont know, more rounds also encourages fewer ships builds, as MSA lists are more taxing and more chances to make mistakes and more decisions to make. Maybe that could be a factor why there was so many large fewer ships builds. With that many rounds simplifying may be the key. Plus, maybe people would have more time to hang out after with fewer rounds.
  10. So, Legion is releasing Spring next year with likely the basic units from the core and a few expansions following. I dont know seems like a very long wait though to get the game to where we want it to be (And a lot of moneyz later). Maybe Winter 2018 somewhat varied? 2019ish. I'll see how things play out, but I have no intention of stopping IA for now as there is a HUGE library of units and jumping in only requires buying what you need. The problem with the IA skirmish game is that it is overshadowed by Xwing and Destiny.
  11. I would definitely agree with Dengar and Biv, maybe add Fenn. Im not too sure with Boba though. He is not unplayable bad and really needs to be played differently with finesse.
  12. Usually, I lose with objective points in my Imperial lists, not to him being removed early, your running with Zillo? Anyone can get focused down and taken off early though but I dont know if that means he 'needs' a fix.
  13. Oh boy, I would just recommend, that the unsubstantiated claims should have some basis in fact rather then just guessing IA is just going to have resources reallocated to legion and that will slow down etc. Imperial Assault has Paul and Todd, and they have no plans of stopping and are very dedicated to growing the game from the last podcasts and talks. Skirmish is growing a bit around here and Legion wont even be released till April-May of next year given FFG history with only a few units available initially? I think the other games such as Xwing and Destiny take the player base more then Legion would. Legion has more of the miniature 'hobby' aspect and truly has a different player base then the 'get out and play' crowd especially for competitive play. Did Armada even touch Xwing's crowd? With 2 hour rounds, 800 point armies, Legion is probably competing with 40K and even Runewars more then IA. Costs is also going to be a huge factor in the cross over.
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