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  1. thestag

    Unfilled Rebel/Imperial Niches

    Not sure if this was said already: Just allow cross faction ships. The simplest solution. Maybe I'm biased, but I see a large call for specific ships; Corvettes, Nebulon-Bs, and Quasars. I'd like to see them because I've always known them to be part of both sides. I understand some others may want to see them because they help fill a niche that is missing. This could be introduced into a new campaign by allowing teams to capture certain ships or shipyards. We could also get new ship cards and titles to reflect that. I don't think all ships need this, but the 3 I mentioned above plus Hammerhead, Interdictor and Arquitens could be used for this purpose. If it's within the context of a campaign, capturing ships could be certain objectives as well.
  2. thestag


    Isn't there a dice roll feature on BGG?
  3. thestag

    Rebel Team Composition for Bespin

    The three heroes you've settled on are all short range fighters. Unless you want to buy a better weapon for Onar, you should consider him a melee hero. That being said, I think you need to get a long range shooter in there. Vinto can fill that role easily. He can also deal plenty of damage from behind the other heroes. Murne is acceptable to fill a support role in that group, but I feel that she shines best when built to "Lead from the Front". And you don't need that with your current group. Verena is great, but not with the 3 heroes you've already settled on. I would take her and ditch Onar or Davith, but keep Shyla. Always keep Shyla. Of course this is all from a min-max perspective. Bespin Gambit is not a difficult campaign for the rebels. My ultimate recommendation is to play with what you want and what will be the most fun for your group. As long as everyone is having fun, the rest will fall into place.
  4. thestag

    Ignore thread....delete.

    I imagine it to look like this: The Republic-Class Star Destroyer
  5. thestag

    Time for a break...

    I'm not going to say that this is the problem of the OP, but I can definitely say it is a problem of mine. I volunteer some of my time with local high school kids. Sometimes we play IA (sometimes we play other things, don't judge me ). There are a few kids that have played several games, and at least know what they're doing. But I'm twice their age, and when I go all out, there is no challenge. It's really helped me to play sub-optimally as the Empire. And when I'm part of the rebel team I just sit back and let the rest of the team make decisions. If they ask my opinion I'll give it. Also, playing support characters and building them out for support roles also helps me to keep from taking over.
  6. I agree. I don't know about other cities, but in San Diego they offer free 3D printing and scanning at the library downtown. While I've never taken advantage of this, It seems that one could get proxy figures printed there.
  7. thestag

    Victory Title

    My concern is that without allowing the change in yaw, the victory is going to run off the edge if it's moving at speed 2. I'm ok with a Vic being as maneuverable as an ISD, it's still not as good at everything else.
  8. I think we can stick with the $99 MSRP if the ships that are included are iconic. Replace the Victory in the core with an ISD. Add to the Rebels some Y-Wings and maybe a Medium Transport. Yeah, the margins might not be as good as they are now, but I bet they sell more. It might even be a loss-leader, but more expansions sold means more expansions developed.
  9. It was too early in the morning for me. I only glanced at the main forum and not the subs... Moar coffee! ☕
  10. If you peek in on the Legion forums, they appear even less active than our forum here...
  11. thestag

    Waves of Obscure Ships?

    There's also a Lambda shuttle in the first episode of Firefly:
  12. thestag

    Asymetrical Campaign?

    I've done something similar to this. I used Armada and Imperial Assault. Here's a link to the Google Sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WpgO6mRhWq2x1nkEQGIfhLBrPbwJpmV8q6fdaXcuJSk I haven't tested this in a actual game of Rebellion. But I have taken the stats from multiple different Rebellion battles over the course of several games and played those lopsided battles in Armada. Everything in the Rules tab is certainly a WIP. You can click on the space or land worksheets and enter the units you have from Rebellion and it assigns them a multiplier (see the math tabs). For Armada, I've made it so that every Rebellion unit can correspond to at least 1 Armada unit. Depending on what unit you take, you'll get the option for more or fewer upgrades. I'm really happy with the math and worksheets, but I'm more than happy for any feedback and constructive criticism. While I agree to an extent, that is the nature of Rebellion. Like I said above, I've played a handful of scenarios that are highly lopsided, and I've had a blast. Both when I had the upper-hand and when I was outnumbered 2 to 1. For me, part of it was that I have a better control over my own destiny rather than leaving the results purely up to the dice/cards. The other part of it is that as the rebels you can better focus on any objectives you're trying to accomplish; and as the empire you can build a better fleet to try and prevent the rebels from accomplishing said objectives. As long as you know the situation beforehand, I think that lopsided battles done this way have more satisfaction than just playing them for the sake of playing them.
  13. thestag

    Asymetrical Campaign?

    I think that some combination of this is in order. The campaign can't be open ended like CC, but it needs to be structured and somewhat linear like what we see in Imperial Assault. The rebellion starts with Mon Mothma commanding a small "fleet" of 150 points. It must contain 1 Hammerhead and/or 1 Nebulon-B. Up to 40 points of Fighters may be in this fleet, limited to Y-Wings and Z-95's. This fleet will be the basis of the rebel fleet for the rest of the game. Each of the rebel ships get 3x the hull and 2x the shields that are printed on their cards. The rebel fighters get 3x the hit points. Mission 1 Setup: The empire places 6 objective tokens on the board. Each token must be at range 5 from edge of each side and range 3 from each other. The empire receives 1x Quasar-I, 2x Raider II's, and 1x Quasar I in ships. The Empire receives 3x TIE Fighter squadrons. Mission 1 Objectives: The rebel forces have discovered a secret listening post of the empire. Objective tokens represent satellites. The rebels need to inspect 5 of the 6 satellites by having a ship end movement within range 2. When a satellite has been inspected, remove that token from the play area. Information for the empire: When 2 TIE Fighter squadrons are destroyed: Deploy 3x TIE Fighter squadrons within distance 1 of the Quasar I. When 3 satellites have been inspected: Deploy a Victory I class ISD within distance 1 of a remaining satellite. When 5 satellites have been inspected: Any remaining rebel forces may now retreat. If a rebel ship ends its movement with any part of it's base off the gaming mat, that ship has retreated. The Mission ends when all rebel ships have retreated or when all rebel ships are destroyed. Bonus: If all 6 satellites are inspected, the rebels receive 20 points to add to their fleet total for the remainder of the campaign. Then you can give different bonuses depending on who wins the mission, and depending on the outcome of the mission, then different missions will be played. In the second mission, the rebels can now add CR90's, Medium Transports, VCX-100's and X-Wings to their fleet... This is just something I created right here on the spot, so there is no balance or testing. But this is the kind of campaign I would like to see in Armada.
  14. thestag

    Side Deck?

    I think this could lead to some really good and fun matches. Each player brings 2 fleets, and their opponent gets 5 minutes to evaluate them. At the end of the 5 minutes, the player can pick which fleet they want to fly based on the 2 they brought. Neither player gets to know which fleet their opponent is taking, so there's still plenty of doubt.
  15. thestag

    The Fallacy of Strategic Advisor (SAd)

    This I agree with. Like there's not enough room on the bridge of Home One for Adar Talon and Toryn Farr... although I could believe that a CR90 only has room for one... However, I understand this from a game perspective The combo I listed above could be used for some potentially game breaking combos. It's not like it couldn't be done if the game designers wanted. We already see ships with multiple other upgrade slots (MC80 dual defensive, ISD dual offensive, etc.). We also have a couple of upgrades that add an additional slot of some kind (Minister Tua, Chimera). Maybe a ship title allowing this, or a commander that allows it. Although that should be a pretty expensive commander... The game is balanced around the limits currently set. I'm just trying to imagine the hassle of managing a 300pt Cymoon build. Remembering all the upgrades that are on it, using them in the optimal order and making sure that they are affecting each other the right way. It could take an hour just to activate that one ship, although it's probably the only one you have on the table...