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  1. Or some girl who's never flown anything in her life and is able to pilot an out-of-date Corellian freighter through the rotting corpse of a Star Destroyer while out maneuvering trained TIE fighter pilots...
  2. thestag

    Printable errata cards????

    @Crabbok has a full(?) compilation of errated cards here: http://www.crabbok.com/errata-list/armada-errata/ My problem is that I've tried printing out errated cards from a couple of different places but I can never get the size quite right. Then I give up because I'm wasting too much ink. Maybe someone with pdf creating/editing software wants to make a document that has the sizes already set for easy printing? Just a thought/hope. Thanks in advance!
  3. thestag

    Unique squadron updates

    I like that as an option. I think Phantoms need rogue also or instead with a slight point increase.
  4. thestag

    Looking for a Wide Angle Line Laser

    I purchased this Black+Decker laser level from Amazon almost 2 years ago: http://a.co/d/cQI15Ev It's awesome and I use is every time I play Armada and Imperial Assault.
  5. thestag

    What Does Imperial Reputation mean?

    I don't see that wording on any of the cards in either the core or the expansion. Perhaps it is a translation error...? What language version are you using? There is no "Imperial reputation". Only the Rebels have reputation. There are some Imperial cards that move the reputation marker, but in all circumstances it's the rebels losing reputation. Or there could be some confusion between reputation and loyalty? For loyalty I recommend you read the "Loyalty" section in the Rules Reference pg. 08 and "subjugation" on pg. 13. Below are the only cards I could find that move the reputation marker with the relevant text quoted: Core: Carbon Freezing: "...the Rebel player loses 1 reputation". Lure of the Dark Side: "...the Rebel player loses 1 reputation". RotE: Discredit Rebellion: "The Rebel player must... If he [Rebel player] rolls at least 1 special, he loses 1 reputation". Post Bounty: "When that leader is captured, the Rebels lose 1 reputation".
  6. thestag

    Future Admirals

    Just do a Google image search for General Hugs... good stuff
  7. thestag

    Will Holiday Special ever make it to this game?

    I could do without Itchy or Lumpy. But Malla would make my lists! Ackmena is an auto-include for every situation. Holiday Special is marginally better then the prequels and light years ahead of the sequels.
  8. thestag

    Armada trade thread

    Have: Chimaera ISD model Looking for: Regular ISD model I'm in San Diego, CA
  9. thestag

    Second game + question

    I use an old iPad exclusively for the purpose of playing Rebellion. The following web pages are great for tracking and making the game a (somewhat) quicker and more enjoyable experience: Automatic initial starting systems configuration: http://ventersconsulting.com/BoardgameHelpers/StarWarsRebellionGameGenerator.aspx Digital map with system tracking: https://rebellionmap.com/ List of all systems with automatic build results: https://www.rebellionbuild.com/ I also have the following playlist running in the background for whatever Star Wars game I happen to be playing: https://soundcloud.com/ty-daniels-69932293/sets/star-wars-table-top-gaming
  10. thestag

    So...boosted comms. What IS that art of?

    I ran into this link on a different thread: https://www.deviantart.com/khairulhisham/favourites/57089897/Star-Wars-Games-Official There's a ton of artwork that's been used for various Star Wars games. I didn't see the Boosted Comms artwork though. Maybe another set of eyes will see it...
  11. thestag

    Regionals kit speculation

    Both of these are true. The real issue that Armada has is removing that stigma of being more expensive. Once people get that in their mind it's a bear to remove it. It's just a first impression.
  12. thestag


    Now that you mention it... Although I'm more interested in the Executor II anti-squadron armament. It looks like there's a blue die icon in the upper left, possibly setting the precedent for 3 anti-squad dice.
  13. Do you integrate those into Scythe? Instead of mechs you get IA heroes? Or do they replace the workers and the mechs are AT-STs, Rancors, etc? Probably need the large board expansion. ?
  14. thestag

    Unfilled Rebel/Imperial Niches

    Not sure if this was said already: Just allow cross faction ships. The simplest solution. Maybe I'm biased, but I see a large call for specific ships; Corvettes, Nebulon-Bs, and Quasars. I'd like to see them because I've always known them to be part of both sides. I understand some others may want to see them because they help fill a niche that is missing. This could be introduced into a new campaign by allowing teams to capture certain ships or shipyards. We could also get new ship cards and titles to reflect that. I don't think all ships need this, but the 3 I mentioned above plus Hammerhead, Interdictor and Arquitens could be used for this purpose. If it's within the context of a campaign, capturing ships could be certain objectives as well.
  15. thestag


    Isn't there a dice roll feature on BGG?