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  1. thestag

    So this is in the post....

    When you're first learning SWR, or teaching it to a new player, your games will go 3 or more hours. Once both players completely understand the rules, the interactions of the cards, and the flow of the game, you should see your games over within 3 hours. You can mitigate some of that time by setting up the game board before hand. If you're playing as the empire, you can also deal out your planet cards, place your units, and get your starting missions ready. Then all you need is for the rebels to take care of their side and you're good to go. I've also found these tools to be helpful and speed up the game: Setup Helper: http://ventersconsulting.com/BoardgameHelpers/StarWarsRebellionGameGenerator.aspx System loyalty/probe droid tracker: https://rebellionmap.com/ Build tracker/generator: https://www.rebellionbuild.com/
  2. thestag

    Happy Friday you crazy people.

    We already have the AFII from Empire at War. Let's get the Zann Consortium as a 3rd faction. It's not exactly a mercenary faction, but works well as one. There's already a fleet of ships available without having to create them from scratch. The Zann Consortium could also bring some new mechanics to the game in the form of bribery and stealing. Those of you that have played EaW know what I'm talking about.
  3. I've toyed with some ideas and the best I could come up with is: Let each side pick 2 of the cards they want to use during the campaign. These missions aren't played, and are not included in their own deck. The imperial player gets to use a bane card if the rebels have 1 more win than the empire. The imperial player gets to use both bane cards if the rebels have 2 or more wins than the empire. The rebels can use their cards at any time, but only get to use them once, like usual.
  4. thestag

    New ships from Solo, sort of spoilerish

    Can you provide a link? I haven't seen that poster at all. Thanks! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Solo_A_Star_Wars_Story_Theatrical_Poster.png
  5. thestag

    The Arrestor Cruiser

    I'm afraid that if I go see it on the big screen Disney will continue to churn out this B grade Star Wars crap every year. RO was good, the rest have been little more than cold diarrhea in a Dixie cup.
  6. thestag

    Campaign Squadron Ideas

    These are all Rebel Squadrons I've been familiar with at some point in the past (Except for the Flying Bantha's). Hope you enjoy. Sundancer Squadron Z-95 Squadron 4 Red ASq / 1 Red AS When an enemy squadron within distance 1 resolves an attack against a friendly squadron with the bomber keyword, you may perform an attack with counter 2 Swarm, Escort Brace, Brace 16 points Blood Squadron Y-Wing Squadron 2 Blue Asq / 1 Blue AS Bomber, Heavy 9 Points Oro Squadron A-Wing Squadron 3 Blue Asq / 1 Black AS Counter 2, Escort 15 Points Ulan Squadron X-Wing Squadron 4 Blue Asq / 1 Blue & 1 Black AS Bomber 18 Points Specter Squadron Y-Wing Squadron 4 Speed / 6 Hull 2 Blue Asq / 2 Black AS You May use 1 blank black anti-ship die to 1 accuracy. That die may not be re-rolled. Bomber, Grit 22 Points Nomad Squadron Multi Squadron 3 Speed / 5 Hull 4 Asq / 1 Blue & 1 Black AS Squadron consists of 1 A-Wing, 1 B-Wing and 1 X-Wing Counter 2, Bomber, Grit, Rogue 30 Points Twilight Squadron (Rebellion Affiliation) TIE Fighter Squadron 3 Blue Asq / 1 Blue AS After performing an attack, this squadron may choose to remove itself from the game board. If so, this squadron does not count for points when calculating end game totals. Swarm / Escort 10 Points Flying Bantha Squadron (Rebellion Affiliation) Tie Fighter Squadron 4 Speed / 5 Hull 3 Blue Asq / 1 Blue AS Swarm / Rogue 16 Points
  7. thestag

    Campaign Squadron Ideas

    Rascal Squadron X-wing Squadron 4 Blue ASq / 1 Red AS Cannot be destroyed by a squadron with the Cloak keyword. When attacking a squadron with the Cloak keyword, roll 2 extra blue die. Bomber, Grit Brace, Scatter 20 points
  8. thestag

    Campaign Squadron Ideas

    Dinner Squadron X-wing Squadron 3 Speed / 5 Hull 4 Blue ASq / 1 Red AS Must be deployed and end movement within distance 3 of Millennium Falcon (unless MF is destroyed). While this squadron is on the map, any ship that is able to attack it, must do so. Escort, Rogue Brace, Brace 19 points
  9. thestag

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    There's 2 versions of Probe Droids?
  10. These look like fun. I'm sure that some of these severely favor one side or the other depending on objective. But adding this could get some lesser used objectives used. I could see a Corellian Conflict variant that assigns a different deployment card to each planet.
  11. thestag

    My only bone to pick...

    I did the... exact... same... thing. Makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one.
  12. thestag

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Maybe XW 2.0 will sell in Brazil. But I won't be funneling into Asmodee's slush fund.
  13. thestag

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    I don't want to see a second edition of IA. I see the release of X-Wing 2.0 to be a cash grab of the highest offense. XW is currently their best seller, I don't see how this doesn't offend the majority of their base players...