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  1. I'm just imagining playing Imperial Assault - Heart of the Empire expansion. In the middle of a mission, everything gets flipped upside down and a SSD comes out from under the table. All of a sudden the heroes are traveling through space on the SSD and need to take control of it or destroy it... CROSS-GAME INTEGRATION TIME!!!
  2. thestag

    New Interdiction Ship would be cool

    And here we are, only a few years in, and we're already confused as to what the timeline is. Good job nuking the EU @Disney. We'll never have to retcon anything ever again... We should test this station's destructive firepower on Mickey Mouse....
  3. thestag

    New Interdiction Ship would be cool

    I consider the interdictor we have to be the dominator. It's as big as my ISD model...
  4. thestag

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    My gaming group is about halfway through Jabba's Realm. We've played all the campaigns in order and hope to continue. Whoever plays as the rebel heroes, has a healthy fear and an understood aggression whenever royal guards or nexus land on the board. I have a dedicated dining room table that I usually leave pieces out on and often have the next mission setup for whenever we play next. I also keep my figures in those clear tackle box kits, but when we're in the middle of a campaign, it's not hard to find a pile of figures that were in previous missions or in the upcoming mission. So we're playing trophy hunting, and I had a nexu in the previous mission that was still in the pile. The mission card mentions "a new pet" for Jabba, and one of more experienced rebels said "oh boy another nexu to fight". I let them believe that to be the case, until I dropped the They thought I was joking at first. After a few seconds I was the only one left laughing as they started scrambling, trying to figure out how to survive this mission. They didn't make it...
  5. thestag

    Partial Cover - potential house rule

    This I like. It's simple and easy to implement. Although what happens if the character already gets a defensive re-roll due to some ability or card? You could house rule a second re-roll? It seems like the easiest thing. I never quite understood the need to limit die re-rolling to once anyways. If having partial cover grants a bonus, there should be a way to mitigate that. "If a figure is attacking another figure with partial cover, the attacker may re-roll one die if they haven't moved this round." This creates a risk-reward option. Move into a better position and hope for the best. Or take an aimed shot at a figure in cover and see what re-rolls can do.
  6. I like the idea of this as a one sided campaign, but who has the table space to make this work? I guess I've found a use for my third card garage... I think a campaign revolving around Death Squadron rooting out the rebel base while at the same time protecting themselves. Something that might play a little like Rebellion, but better suited for Armada.
  7. Except my Boba figure's head doesn't come off without heavy modification...
  8. thestag

    New Storage Solution for your SSD!

    Husband: I'm off to my violin concert! Wife: I'd love to come and listen. Husband: No, no, no! I get too nervous when I know you're in the crowd. Wife: (I've never even seen his violin. Oh no, he's cheating on me.) *Follows husband to game store* Wife: (IT'S SO MUCH WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!)
  9. thestag

    Death Star speculation thread

    Once they give use a Death Star, then we'll be clamoring for a second Death Star (20% BIGGER!!). Then we'll be complaining until they give us Starkiller Base (330% BIGGER THAN THE DS2!!!). Then we can get angry that FFG doesn't care about us until we get [BIGGEST BADDEST GLOBULAR SPACE STATION YET THAT IS IN EPISODE IX] (3720% BIGGER THAN STARKILLER BASE!!!!). Yes, I realize that this is a slippery slope arguement, but I stand by it. I think a game mechanism that allows the use of a Death Star super laser from off-board is a better and more economical solution. Assault Objective: Death Star Assault: Setup:The second player picks one corner of game board that is on the same side as their deployment zone. Special Rule: At the end of every even numbered round, draw line of sight from that corner to any part of an enemy ship's base. Remove that ship from play. Squadrons do not block line of sight for this. Any squadrons traced over are also removed from play. End of game: If the first player can last until the end of round 6, they win.
  10. thestag


    I'll like your post in the spirit of the season.
  11. thestag

    New Storage Solution for your SSD!

    They should make it so it pops open and you can fit the rest of your Armada collection inside. Attach a handle to the side and carry it like a guitar case.
  12. thestag

    4 clawdite figures but 3 cards?

    It took you 9 months to come up with that one? 😋
  13. thestag

    Squadrons soft nerf

    This is an idea that I can get behind. We've toyed with allowing an anti-squadron attack to work against squadrons in every firing arc. To help compensate for that, it can only be at black die distance and there's no double arcing. I only tried it once, but there wasn't enough squadron on ship action to say whether it worked well or not.
  14. Upon re-reading the win conditions for "Dark Recon", I made a mistake. The 3 different missions are technically always available depending on meeting certain mission conditions. But based on what I see in the mission, it seems unlikely that you would complete that task and then fail the mission. I need to update the graphic, but I'm on vacation and don't have the proper tools on my laptop. I'll try to upload a fixed one tomorrow.