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  1. My wife has played Armada with me just a few times. She'll enjoy herself when she's playing, but she'd rather be playing something else. When I told her I wanted to buy an SSD her was response was response was mostly favorable, but still a large part "is it really worth that much $$$?". When I opened the box and put it on the table her exact words were "Wow, now that is cool!" and then after looking at it and the ships cards her words were "That's not even fair". A reasonable response since she only plays as rebels.
  2. This is where Disney really failed with the Star Wars license. Effectively alienating everyone that enjoyed anything from the Expanded Universe. We are all just stuck in this holing phase until they either confirm our childhood or effectively erase it from the Jedi archives. The numbers don't lie either. The Last Jedi is all the way back in the 6th position as far as Star Wars Films when adjusted for inflation (according to Box Office Mojo). While there's a multitude of reasons why it did 1/3 worse that The Force Awakens, I know that I didn't see it in the theaters because of the poor job that the mouse did with TFA.
  3. I couldn't agree with this more. I wish I could put more hearts on that comment. Based on the quickness that X-Wing went from sequel stuff to prequel stuff, can we infer that the sequel stuff didn't sell so well? On the other hand, Armada has two new ships coming down the pipeline that are probably going to be featured in ep IX. I have 3 of everything (except the SSD), and 4 of most expansions from Armada, but these new ones I'm going to pass on. Not sure if I'm in the minority or on that or not... Even Legion has (apparently) skipped the sequels entirely and is simultaneously releasing OT era and prequel content.
  4. So I've created something like this. It's actually a way to play Rebellion using Imperial Assault and Armada. I thought about using X-Wing to simulate the fighter battles within Armada, but the logistics of it are too confusing for what I was looking at. Legion would work too, but I've been with IA since the beginning and don't enough Legion expansions to make a quality conversion at this time. I call it Epic Rebellion: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WpgO6mRhWq2x1nkEQGIfhLBrPbwJpmV8q6fdaXcuJSk (Note there are multiple sheet tabs at the bottom) Feel free to copy it, tweak it as you like or just make suggestions. I've played a couple of games of Rebellion and used this to varying degrees (rarely for small battles, and only 1 time where we did IA and Armada at the same time). It's easier when it's my wife and we can we can leave the board setup between games.
  5. I was one of those 3 respondents. I didn't mean for that to be the case, but as I got further and further along I was pretty sure that was how it was going to end up. I agree that several squadrons either aren't very good, or better that others, I still feel that they are costed appropriately. Sure, Vader isn't very good with escort, but his pool, his special ability and his defense tokens make him worth 21 points. Remove escort, make him cost 24 points and he's worth that cost (more people probably take him too). I think some people we're "protesting" by saying that certain squads are either too good or too bad, but not necessarily over/under costed. In short, while I can't speak for the other 2, I'm glad you left my results in. And thanks for putting this out there and sharing the results.
  6. That makes me a little sad. I always felt the MC80 should have been larger. Seeing it next to the SH, I just think about what could have been...
  7. I ordered mine in February. It was delivered on August 2nd.
  8. Working in IT, I completely understand and like this idea. Working in IT, I know that most of my friends would have no idea what's going on and just assume that I'm fleecing them via complicated computer algorithms, or magic as I like to tell them. If they understand the process prior to you giving them a hash, great. Problem solved. If they don't, trying to explain it may be like explaining relativity to a goldfish. At least, that's my experience. But I like to hang out with simpler people so I feel smarter. 😋😁
  9. Unless you are getting only 1 SSD and nothing else, and from the same distributor, the shipping box dimensions are most likely to be different. My SSD is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, otherwise I'd share the shipping dimensions with you.
  10. You can try, but it's a closed group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sandiegoarmada/permalink/2299099586991576/ Here's the pic from the post:
  11. I live in San Diego, and one of our locals picked up an SSD at San Diego Comic Con and posted it on our Facebook group. I'd be tempted to go and get one if I didn't have one on pre-order already.
  12. I don't see why eTroopers can't be the benchmark again. While I like what IACP is doing overall, I'd rather see all units nerfed than to see any unit buffed. While so far we've seen mass point reduction and a couple of command card errata, I would like to see more units rolling 2 die and fewer/weaker surge abilities.
  13. I'm glad someone picked up on that. If anyone isn't watching these guys, I highly recommend checking them out.
  14. Although I don't have much investment in what happens with IACP, I am very appreciative of what they're trying to do. This is only season 1, so one can conclude that more figures will be changed/recosted in the coming seasons. I don't think the point system in IA is granular enough to cost everything perfectly, but it is an admirable endeavor and I will continue to hope the best for them, support where I can and vote when able. While I don't disagree with your sentiment, I prefer making older characters cheaper. It allows more groups to hit the board, which in turn allows for more choices and ultimately more interesting/diverse battles.
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