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  1. Is this possible to take double hybrid class?
  2. Imagine Serena the knight! Stupid I know, but you can redirect attack from any adjacent hero to any other adjacent hero this way. And knight's first skill can compensate her low ms
  3. it would be fun to test combo like Grey Ker Monk + Spiritspeaker - he can start trun, refresh Mist card, then bypass turn, and in the end exhaust it again, making Mist last continuosly without making heroes suffer its effect
  4. Healing rain costs 2 stamina and action, and if OL focus damage only one hero, he makes this skill very unefective. And as far as I know spiritspeaker doesnt have nice focus healing abilities. Stoneskin could be great if it would have been "use" instead 'exhaust', or if it were made to use after dice roll. In spiritspeaker class I reali like Mist ability wich denies surges
  5. never played with her but she looks interesting, I also considered to her as good spiritspeaker. Thought spiritspeaker while being awesome have some general problems like no starting healing and so on. And combining inferior hero with inferior class may be fun, but we usually play whole campaign versus rather good OL and this can fast became frustrating
  6. I've tried to play Dezra+Berserker and it's A LOT OF FUN! I dunno how strong she is, compared to other heroes, In my opinion she is fine. +4 make a huge difference. Her heroic ability + death syphon make for a great themed character and add a lot of sustainability. Wirlwhind by itself is great. I really like Berserker class, thought it is shame that "Rage" doesnt stack with his other special attacks. But if you really kust want to kill stuff, then Dezra Berserker can be a viable option
  7. 1. Start of turn I. Start of turn abilities • Any effects affecting the active hero that last “until the start of your next turn” end. • “At the start of your turn” effects can be triggered ... II. Perform hero actions • The hero may perform up to two standard actions. • “During your turn” effects and abilities without a specific timing can trigger. • Actions other than move actions cannot be voluntarily interrupted by abilities without a specific trigger. I mean there is nothing stated about spending MP ONLY in 3.II Even more it is stated "Resolve start of turn abilities first". Does resolve means spending this MP? I cant find nothing in rules about MP gained in step 1.I. And as I see it, there is no rule about "spending MP only in step 3.II"
  8. Sadgit, thanks for quick reply. Can you please explain this rules-wise? cause as for now, I dont see any clarification on this in rules
  9. Hi! Bounty-Hunter Undercover card states: "Exhaust this card at the end of your turn if you did not perform an attack that turn. While this card is exhausted, add 1 grey die to your defense pool.When you refresh this card, gain 3 movement points." Chosen target card states: "Exhaust this card at the start of your turn to track a monster in your line of sight.Each time you perform an attack that targets a tracked monster, that attack gains +1 (even while this card is exhausted)." Question: can I use 3 MP gained from Undercover and only then use Chosen target? More wide topic is: can I spent MP gained at the "start of the turn" in "start of the turn" phase? (for an instance can I move with Elven Boots and only then proceed with other "at the start of the turn" actions?) Thank you!
  10. Few questions: 1) Watchman Trailblazer skill card: "Exhaust this card during a heros turn. You and each hero adjacent to you may immediately move 1 space" Question is: "can two heroes exchange places using this card? Heroes cant be placed in blocked space, but they move simultaniously, so why not?" 2) Hexer Internal Rot: "Each time a monster becomes hexed, you may place 1 additional hex token on that monster.Each of you attacks with a Magic weapon targeting a hexed monster gains Pierce 2." Question is: "does pierce part work if hex token was placed during this attack?
  11. Wow! Thank you once again, Zaltyre! Its finally clear as daylight
  12. Hello, sorry if this was answered before but I couldnt find the answer. Here is the quote that I found on this forum: So when you attack throught stone it counts as hero attack, because in this case Shadow ability is working. But if this is a hero attack then you can use hero abilities, right? And does it mean that attacking throught stone via terracall grants you 1 surge for adjacent stone? I understand that stone is not a hero, and you, for example, cant regain stamina for surge. But according to Justin, attacking throught stone IS a hero attack... Im in doubt. What you guys think?
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