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  1. Few questions: 1) Watchman Trailblazer skill card: "Exhaust this card during a heros turn. You and each hero adjacent to you may immediately move 1 space" Question is: "can two heroes exchange places using this card? Heroes cant be placed in blocked space, but they move simultaniously, so why not?" 2) Hexer Internal Rot: "Each time a monster becomes hexed, you may place 1 additional hex token on that monster.Each of you attacks with a Magic weapon targeting a hexed monster gains Pierce 2." Question is: "does pierce part work if hex token was placed during this attack?
  2. Vancheng

    Geomancer stone question

    Wow! Thank you once again, Zaltyre! Its finally clear as daylight
  3. Hello, sorry if this was answered before but I couldnt find the answer. Here is the quote that I found on this forum: So when you attack throught stone it counts as hero attack, because in this case Shadow ability is working. But if this is a hero attack then you can use hero abilities, right? And does it mean that attacking throught stone via terracall grants you 1 surge for adjacent stone? I understand that stone is not a hero, and you, for example, cant regain stamina for surge. But according to Justin, attacking throught stone IS a hero attack... Im in doubt. What you guys think?
  4. Vancheng

    Grey Ker possible combinations?

    Thanks for replies, maybe I should try RtL
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    Heirs of Blood campaign report

    sadly campaign was never finished due to IRL problems...
  6. Please share any examples where Grey Ker's ability to divide his turn really shines. I can't imagine much use of it. The one thing I can think of is Grey Ker + Knight Class. Where Grey Ker can give knight possibility to attack twice. Works like this: Grey Ker approaches monster with 1 action, Knight uses oath of honnor and etc. After that Grey Ker continues. But in most cases I fell it has no much use... any ideas?
  7. Vancheng

    Conjurer Channeling Question

    Perhaps for RtL they should separate actual heroes from tokens and familiars. Maybe to add rule like "attack tokens and familiars only if actual hero cannot be targeted"
  8. Vancheng

    Conjurer Channeling Question

    I have feeling that Descent has a second birth because of Road to Legend - loads of new players. And conjurer is awesome class too, not that damaging as runemaster, but fun and powerfull
  9. Vancheng

    Heirs of Blood campaign report

    shop step was a disaster, they draw a Crossbow, and scraped just enough gold to take it. Like Logan TH was not terrible enough =\ so now they have 0 gold. Quellen the Geomancer gained StoneToungue - one more stone, 3 mp and grey defence die for them Ispher the Apothecary gained Concotion - suddenly his damage output is quite formidable Logan the Treausre Hunter gained Survey - cause he likes to know what to excpect in loot deck Plot Deck: I bought Masques and The Dark Mark. Masques give ability to make one hero attack to miss before dice rolled, once per quest, for 1 token. Dark Mark in short give a possibility to cancell damage dealt to one hero in order to make another particullar hero to suffer 2 damage. Deck: summon Raven and Ties That Bound. Last one feature new servant - Scourge. You need to exhaust this card when non servant monster is defeated to place Scourge in its place. Siege of Skytower As open groups were chosed Harpies as invading force and Reanimates as support force. Harpies simply for their fly and flock abilities to move faster across water and to pass throught summon stones in case heroes block the way. Cause now they can have 2 Summon Stones. Reanimates were choosen to make free Raven summon and also I planned to overrrun heroes together with harpies on the second turn. I thought heroes would rush to control room, but no Here is the map after setup: Heroes decided to wipe spiders first and thus placed themselves close to the Spider Nest. Also from the very beginning they agreed that most important for them is to loot as much as possible and to kill Alric Farrow. Logan looted first token and got the Treasure as the very first card! it was a BloodScript ring (+2 health - 1 willpower and terify on surge). Strangely enough High Mage dashed to the left to loot another token. In my opinion that was a huge mistake, they should have rushed to the control room and clear all Reanimates, but alas In my first turn I spawned Raven from master Reanimate. Minion Harpies thanks to Flock reached the central room. I decided to move Reanimates closer to the heroes and dealt some minor damage to Geomancer. So now I blocked control room entirely. Scourge and what left of spiders did some minor harassment to wolf familiar and summon stone. Alric and Belthir took a flight to the right wing. Map after first OL turn: And then heroes made the same mistake once again, they decided to split efforts. Lodan and Ispher used all their stamina to close up with Alric and damage him. Logan even used his ulti and made 3 attacks, one of them missed. In total he dealt 9 damage. OneFist continued to disloge my poor spiderlings, thought quite unsuccessful. High maged summoned another stone and repositioned himself to the Spider Nest and blocked my Reanimates with both of his summon stones. Alric Farrow was in trouble thought he would not admit it, so Belthir decided to rescue him and took another flight to left wing of the map. Leaving heroes alone. At the same moment new arrived goblins rushed to the right wing. My plan was to drag Logan with that Crossbow away from the castle so I decided to bite him with goblins. And it worked - heroes decided that Logan should go and slay newcommers and possibly loot few more tokens. And the closest loot token they left for Ispher wich is weird move to say the least. I guess that happened because it was very late and none of us could think clearly and we play with timer so some hectic moves and mistakes happened all the time that day. Meanwhile with few lucky rolls Spiders KO Geomancer and blocked him from OneFist. Map after OL second turn: Heroes discussed what to do until the timer run out, and after they were forced to stop discussion OneFist suddenly decides that harpies is top priority targets and he have to carve a path to them throught the body of Reanimates. So he leaves space near Master Spider, suffers fatigue and due to Scourge ability Logan Lashley suffers fatifue too. Then OneFist makes attacks and kill one Master Reanimate. I resummon Scourge to its space so that Harpies are still out of LOS. With his second attack OneFist kills minion Reanimate called Boris. As you can guess on the very next turn Reanimates and harpies surrounded him and KO. And he used his heroic Feat wich can lead to a disasterous chain kill of my low hp monsters, so I played Masques and forced him to miss. I also move sir Alric closer so he could leave map next turn. He also blocked OneFist body from Ispher So Harpies and Sir Alrick were one turn away from winning the game with help of Blinding Speed. Heroes focused on killing Sir Alric. Plan was that Ispher revives OneFist and OneFist makes 2 attacks and kills Alric. So Ispher using Cocncotion kills a Reanimate that block his path to the OneFist body and... Scourge once again reapears to block his path. With his last action Ispher tries to kill Alric, but undead knight is too strong. Map after Heroes last turn: Monters lingered just long enough to earn threat tokens for their master and after that they breached the citadel. Scourge was awesome in that particular situation, created a lot of problems for heroes. They only gained 75 gold and were not able to buy anything during shop phase, also I gained 4-1 tokens from this, 2 EXP, and 2 relics - total win. On the other side in afterplay discussion heroes agreed that this was the last time when they split so much. Together they can wipe any monster group in single turn. Damage-wise they are really strong. On my side I really liked this map, so far HoB feels great. Quests are interesting and have multiple conditions wich is nice addition. What quest should I pick next Baron Returns or Arizzon Archive, what do you think (if anyone read this lol =D )? And what deck to build, should I go Soulbinder or maybe invest in other classes?
  10. Vancheng

    Heirs of Blood campaign report

    we played SoN previously and our heroes won every single quest except introduction and ... a finale. OL didnt do anything genious or particulary outstanding and cheesy, just some smart casual play and he won that quest easily, thought we were geared up into space so everything is possible, good luck to you! Come and share with results)))
  11. Finally I got all expansions including Chains that Rust and last sunday we started to play Heirs of Blood campaign me as OL I will try to post here session reports about each encounter we played, including my thoughts on encounter etc. Maybe this will be interesting for someone, any advice about deck building and tactic are welcomed Hero Setup: One Fist - Beastmaster Logan Lashley - TreasureHunter Ispher - Apothecary High Mage Quellen - Geomancer At first I was really troubled about this pick. OneFist Beatmaster form the very start gains BYR attack dice with reach. Latter I decided that he is not this scarry because of his limitation to 1-hand weapon Logan TH and Quellen as Geomancer are classic and promiss great loot and battlefield control Ispher as Apothecary feels ok, I dont sure what to expect of him aside of great healing OL deck: I chose Basic 2 OneFist has 2 Int and 2 Awareness so Blinding speed and Mental Error will work fine. Grease Trap will work great on Quellen with Awareness 2 and Mimic for Treasurehunter. Great As plot deck I chose Cursed by Power without any particular reason, just wanted to try it out, you know, for fun =) Summary of play sessions: Acolytes of Saradyn - OL won. Got 4 threat token + 2 for win. Heroes got 150 gold (3 search tokens). At shop phase they bought Crossbow for Logan (lucky!) Siege of Skytower - OL won. Got 3 threat token + 2 for win. Heroes og 75 gold (3 search token) and treasure Bloodscript ring Nothing at shop phase Acolytes of Saradyn. In starting hand I got Mimic, Grease trap, Blinding Speed, Sign of Weakness. I placed goblins far enough from heroes Heroes idea was to place summon stone on 21A tile to block nonwater passage (circle on the picture), so that my goblins should destroy stone in order to reach 9A tile. On the picture green arrow is stamina movement and red arrow is Grease Trap movement. High mage removed stun and placed summon stone, his stone attack missed. After this failed turn his fate was sealed, and he never left that space. Ispher rushed torwards the wounded clergy. Logan looted first token and rushed to the next token on 11A tile. One fist spawned his wolf and went to 21A to help Quellen kill the goblins. On my first turn Qullen was KO by goblins, stone was destroyed, and I blocked him with my 2 barghestrs so that OneFist couldnt res him with one action. One of my goblins rushed to the 9A but pesky wolf killed him next turn. My another two bargestrs closed to logan a little bit and used howl in order to drain some stamina from him. I positioned them to block entrance to 4A tile. So that my future Mimic could hide from Logan behind them. After that OneFist killed minion barghest with 2 attacks but couldnt reach Quellen, and Quellen made stand up action. Logan Spawned mimic on 11A, instead of attacking mimic used his 3 move points to run behind barghests, after that Logan moved closer to barghest for some reason (he wanted to die perhaps ). Ispher gave logan a poiton but generally he was useless because he tried to stay close to wounded clergy and all his attacks were miss due to range. After they divided each of them became easy prey. In next several turns I killed each of them and gained 4 trheat tokens. Summary: I think this Quest is great because it plays on heroes greed. They wanted to loot as much wounded clergy as they could, but because of this Ispher was useless for several turns. And they decided to loot everything at once and thats why Lohan run to another part of the map. So they fell one by one Grease Trap play was game winning, High Mage was knocked out several turns in a row after that, so as OneFist on his next turn. And Mimic survived through whole encounter and cause serious damage to Logan. Achievement unclocked! =D Maybe they should have run together at once, killing everything and leaving clergy for the later part. I dont think I could have stopped them if they moved together. OL Deck: I got Raven and Scourge (Chains that Rust new class) familiars for my 2 XP. Raven because its my favorite card in game and Scourge because I wanted to try it out. (and oh yes he is AWESOME, more later)
  12. Can it be that FFG simply overlooked that combination? Elder Mok Watchman outshines every other healer_class+hero combination, it doesnt feel right. As OL I see ways to counter him, but why on earth he has to be so good compared to other heroes? It would be great to hear some ffg thoughts on this one, maybe they know what they are doing, it would be just good to know, that they are aware of this
  13. Vancheng

    Sorastro's Painting

    Great work, Sorastro! I regret that already painted base game minis and can't follow your guide
  14. Vancheng

    Pack of questions (not basic)

    EDIT: added answers to the topic Thanks everyone for taking part in discussion, at last I feel really confident about way we play this game =D