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  1. I know nothing about this game. But the OP clearly didn't like the SW LCG either. Let me put it this way: the SW LCG is one of the best card games I played ... ever. Fabulous game, so I can't trust anyone who doesn't see through a brilliant design.
  2. Listen, apart from the fact we all look through nostalgic glasses to our 10 year old games... It is pretty obvious that games are better developped, have better graphics, better rules or support etc... Of course not every change is always considered "better", but it is pretty obvious we will have a newer version of AH one day. And of course there will be people that will be displeased, just like they were with Descent2, Mansions of Madness2, Battle Lore2 etc, but mostly these products are/were successes. I think this game industry is ALWAYS on the move, despite of all the treasures we had in the past. Who could have thought that Descent2 the Road to Legend App would have ... TRIPPLED the sales of a 4 year old game? Who imagined a year ago Mansions of Madness2 would be one of the hottest games of the last 6 months according to a few retailers I know? I also see that 2 new trends contribute to recent successes. Solo playable and App supported games. Of course both mechanics reinforce each other (along with a co op trend which already happened a few years ago). AH - NO doubt - has lived this long thanks to its co op status AND solo capability. These mechanics were pretty NEW back then. So any new version should include these mechanics as well. Also I don't consider AH or EH or ANY other Lovecraft FFG a replacement for one or the other. They are quite different games, from dice roll to LCG to world or city and mansion mechanics. So there WILL be a new AH boardgame. My hope is that it will be App based - like the recent success rates show. And NO, sotware supported board games live as long as ANY other boardgame. My old Avalon Hill hybrid games can be played as good or even better than they were in 1981 on Apple2 or Atari400's ...It is called Emulation mode on systems that are 10000 times faster and the endless resources called the internet. The Road to Legendary and MoM2 are PERFECT illustrations how a new AH could get better and have MORE involvement and simply put out better game play (and thusMORE sessions)...
  3. Like someone said above: it even runs in a web browser, so it can be run on a 2002 PC ...
  4. Oh boy, ... after MoM2, now this. FFG knows how to lure me in these times... Well, I am in for sure.
  5. I wish people that have NO clue about software compatibilty stop spreading complete and utter NONSENSE. EVERY commercial game on the Commodore's, Atari's, Apple2's, PC's and dozens of other 30 year old OS WORK these days on emulators. That includes 35+ year old boardgames that had assisted software back in 1981. It is enough to type in a title in Google to find the appropriate emulator for these exotic machines and OS. The JOKE is that the MoM2 software is on 4 different OS of which one is the universal Win platform, while I made examples of the 20 year long defunct Avalon Hill with games of 1981 that ran on .... cassette tape .... and YOU CAN FIND THE SOFTWARE for present day computers to run it .... in 10 seconds on the internet. Stop these ridiculous FALSE claims that software will be obsolete please.
  6. I would go seek for these boxes on the second hand market as soon as possible. There are still many copies flying around, even in stores.
  7. Since I have all premium pre painted figures of the Arkham Collection I am not worried . I only see one problem: playability for a group. Sorting things out and wading through all these miniatures is a mess when other players wait for them to be set up. That's why I only use the tokens in EH for example. I wonder if I will bother to use all the unpainted monsters from the first edition + expansions when there is a token available ... So all these "problems" are trivial really. At last ! ... I can play MoM more than once a year ... with all this money invested. Finding a group with an equally mind of interest was more difficult than finding a Charizard in Pokemon.
  8. MoM2 to me is the MOST exciting launch of a boardgame of the last decade really. At last I can play MoM more than once a year (when I could find 5 people who wanted to invest time in it with a clear and excited set of minds...).
  9. Bottom line: People who are interested will be able to play XCom the boardgame or MoM2 in the next 50 years without a problem. Just like I play Close Assault the hybrid Avalon Hill boardgame of 1982 ... today... If typing one search line on Google is too much for those who bought that game in 1982 with a ... tape for an Atari 800 that was no longer available in ... 1986, than that person completely ignored the last 30 years of technical evolution. ... /... end of discussion really.
  10. Incredible that this negative view of old software is STILL supported by some gamers. Listen, I play ALL games from the 80's, 90's or a decade ago without any problems as this software is emulated by present day computers. Tanktics, Dniepr River Line and the very good Close Assault are just EXAMPLES of early 1980 HYBRID boardgames from Avalon Hill that are played by me on a regular basis... on my Surface tablet/portable. Actually: My original TAPE was for the Atari 400/800 system and Apple 2 ... both devices were no longer produced almost 30 years ago ... and the old Avalon Hill went out of business in 1996... 20 years ago... For God's sake the above game's software can now even be played from a web browser through a PC... As the MoM2 software is already available on 4(!) different OS, one of which is the open Windows system, I bet you a 1000 dollars this software will be available through your entire life time, just like ALL software from Apple2's, Commodore 64, Ataris. Just to mention: the above 3 examples had ... a print run of 2000 ... boardgame copies, so I would like FOR ONCE these arguments of old software stops (end remark: that Apple does not support old Apps is just that: it is the closed box mentality of this company, ... but I run ALL older apple software on .... the open Windows machines btw ...). In fact, these 35 year old boardgames with software supported AI, are as xpensive as other rare boardgames from that period. Their value depends on the state of the board and playing pieces, not on the software you can find with Google in a blink of an eye...
  11. I just discovered this game over Christmas. I found a Dutch (translated) version which was on sale because apparently the real fans over here prefer the Original English cards. What a pleasant surprise. I never thought this game was that good. The game play, theme and flow of this game is surprisingly fast, fresh and exciting. No doubt I will buy a few expansion packs and since I found an excellent solo variant on BGG, the game will age very well as you can play it with these solo rules or just needs 2 players. To me it is one of the best games I purchased over the last 18 months. A great addition to my collection of Death Angel, Lord of the Ring LCG and Warhammer Quest Card game.
  12. I would order the Unseen forces first and let the game grow on you with lots of playing sessions. The basic game + Unseen forces expansion is a great game experience. As I read about the Arkham expansion, some of the mechanics change drastically with the replacement of many components. Enjoy the first experience before ordering Arkham to the fullest.
  13. At Dan ... I played - on draw - the Elder where all costs were doubled. A few turns after start I could not get rid of a certain Adventure that kept spawning Monsters at midnight, then I drew the 3 Monster Mythos, followed by ... the shop closes forever... I ended up with 6 normal adentures and 2 Worlds, all stuck with monsters. At that stage you simply want to survive and pray for the last fight. I lost that of course with 8 Dooms remaining (2 dead investigators before that fight, so my points were rather low to survive many rounds). To both .... This is a ... card draw AND dice game btw. Ayone proclaiming he can't loose is like stating he manages to roll sixes ... all the time. You see your problem is NOT the ratio of Doom or Elder tokens, the difficulty lays with the monster spawns mostly. As the Omen version clearly proves. ---- You didnt even try what I asked for ----- Now do the challenge: download Elder Sign the Omen, the most apparent change there is that the placements of monsters is random. Play with 4 investigaters even to migitate the replacement of dead ones somewhat I am quite convinced you will loose several out of 10 played games. It is called: computers don't make rules mistakes. 11 people made up 62% of your "representative" stats. That's silly in view of the fact NO ONE can even control the statements made by these people. Several players though posted far more credible scores, like 60% wins etc... I bet you 10.000 dollars many players will "not post a massive number of losses" in ANY GAME btw. That is simply a human factor to be considered in ANY game. I remember someone on BGG stating he never lost the Lotr Carrock scenario in 20 runs ... ... Yeah right. People lie on the internet... all the time. But THIS game simply has too few samples to be credible: it is a pure bandwagon effect, protected by the "hardcore I play better than the masses dudes". Good for them. As for the better player: why could this forum NOT answer a very simple rule question in another thread for ... 8 months ? While all is indicated in the clear cut rules AND confirmed by the ES iPad version ... I had to stumble over it and .... answered it correctly, even referring to the computer version to prove it... So humble me, the "bad player" with a mere 40-50% wins ... answered a rather simple rules question that kept unsolved for 8 months by the usual invincable champs...winning 99% of their games. Yeah ... right. I doubt very much you play any better. You simply post more victories in a self controlled board game. That was very clear with that ongoing rule question. Now play the Omen version and you will do a lot worse than losing 1 or 2 games out of 40 matches. My record there is around 1 in 3 wins... Lets see where you arrive in that game. If your stats are worth anything you should win 8/10 Omen games (excluding the expansions). If not ... well it is the SAME mechanics and draw your own conclusions...how much better you really are. It is a challenge, take it ... I have no problem who is the superior player, I have a problem with inventing stats by an elite uncontrolled dozen posters that make up stats and spread it as a reference. Apparently the other Lovecraft games have more individual posters, but I am quite convinced that the real average of wins is mostly overrated in these games too. People don't post their failures in general.
  14. Your player experience is a reflection of your playing skills, and this is true for everyone here. If you want to calculate the odds to lose at this game, you can analyze the following parameters: - the lenght of the doom track - the number of doom increases due to Mythos effects - the number of doom increases due to Adventure cards effects - the average length of the game, which is linked to the ratio between Elder Sign awarded by adventures and the number of adventure cards in the deck I don't want to enter in specific details (the thread would become extremely long and boring) but for instance core set and UF OWs grant a reward of 16 Elder Signs over 10 cards, which means that each OW card on average rewards you with 1.6 ES + its trophy value. On the other hand, failing an OW never results in a doomer being added (unless you're suicidal and attempt to go in a place whose penalty will kill you, but that's a +1 doom due to bad tactics, not due to the card). We could go on and on forever, but the point is (and it's mathematically provable, so, please it's not an opinion) that the ES reward vs doom penalty in the game is totally skewed in favour of the investigators. Then: surf the BGG or other online communities and you'll notice how many complain about the non-existant difficulty of the game per se; possibly these guys do not post their results on Tibs' statistics, but they do represent an interesting part of the community. Additionally: statistics are a reflection of reality. They could be skewed by each player experience, but they are certainly more reliable than a stranger passing by and saying "hey, I know the truth, divide the number by 2 and then subtract something for Mr and Mrs Casual". First of all, there is no proof your opinion is a fact (and that's again, it's a fact and not my opinion) and then people playing a game once or twice per year are as representative of how difficult a game is as a casual painter is representative of the art of the last two centuries. If the actual difficulty of the game is ok for you, then, glad it is, it means that you'll be enjoying it on and on. But please don't come here insulting people saying they cheat or they lie about their scores. A lot of talk, but you seem to forget 2 things.The number and quality of monster spawns in Unseen Forces is much harder, which makes sometimes for unsolvable locations. Like that mythos card that added 3 monsters in one turn (I didn't have a rare item) or the cursed state that makes a character almost unplayable for some time. Add the Mythos card that closed the shop ... and you see where the alarm bells rang just in my last game. Being confronted with Monsters all over the place, not really much could be done. Just like the iPad version adds this all the time. ------> It is quite clear that the non cheatable iPad version has a rather high killing ground for players just by adding monsters randomly... So forget the arguments already, the problem lays in the added monsters, not so much in added Doom counters, altough all adds up of course once you are in that downward spiral. -------- The famous stats ---- Stats like you gather here are MEANINGLESS when 11 people constitute for ... 62% of the stats. That's not valid because the sample is ridiculously low. Stats of 11 players are only a reflexion by those 11 players. It is ridiculous to think they have ANY meaning outside of your circle of inner protection in these forums. It would be enough that my brother and I would add 30 losses EACH in game and you would see a drop of 5-10%. That's just a too limited and elitist sample to have any credibility how this game is played by the ... masses of say 100k casual players. Furthermore ... on the bandwagon effect: Did you notice that of the last 50 sessions, you arrive at a 90% win rate in here ? LOL. Of course ... which idiot will still publish a row of losses in here . That right there is your bandwagon effect, spreading all over. The fact you referred to boardgame forums simply confirms it. It "is true because I read it in a hardcore forum" ...Right ...And there they stated: I saw the stats: 80% win rate, but they didn't see the 11 dudes making up 62% of the stats .... ------> Now before coming back here and discuss about things I didn't say nor implied. You 11 players may be the upper core of the upper hardcore players: grz ! Really true ! grtz ! Now ... Give me your results of 10 Elder Sign Omen plays on a medium Elder: first it will show you that the random placement of monsters is crucial there. Once you start in a downward spiral of not being able to solve adventures, no one is going to roll loaded dice on the computer. Simple as that. Looking at my plays, I think I am quite spot on with my 50% LOSS rates for us - mere mortals. On the iPad version it is more close to 70-80% LOSSES without even counting the expansions. And I still bet that a LOT of casual players make serious errors in their board play sessions too. So ES is not the first game that is melted down by some hardcore opinions, and it will not be the last, but I refuse to accept the opinion of 11 hardcore players (even bragging about their beta status) as they represent less than 0.0001% of the total player numbers of a game in which the vast majority have great fun. The normal players will never ever solve the Rubic's Cube in 5.55 seconds either. Or even 10 times more. But apparently on the internet most pretend they can. So while the game is not a cube to solve, it is even more fun.
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