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  1. I actually really like that idea Cookie. Play both endings... Hmm...
  2. Good point 0beron. I'm brain storming ways to make the dragon expansion mesh well with the others. Obviously the ended would have to change. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. We will probably play with just the dragon expansion and not the nether realm tomorrow. Shame! So far we've used all the other expansions together and it has been great. I'm still open to other ideas of anyone has any.
  4. I'm just curious how do you guys typically handle this? (Also sorry if this is in the wrong area on the forum). I don't want to use the tower, I've read a few variants on the forums but I didn't see a post dedicated to this specific combination. So yeah, big talisman game tomorrow and I'm curious how you guys are handling these two! :-) -Kame
  5. Thanks for all of the replies guys. I didn't think to check Etsy... Could be a goldmine since there are so many individual sellers. We found some D&D and path Finder models at a nearby store that might work for some too. Good idea for toys for dragons Doma!
  6. Hello my Talisman friends! I have a quick question about the iOS version of digital edition. I have yet to play a a match online becayse it seems like I can never find anyone to join my games and when I click join next available it never adds me to a game ... but can you minimize the talisman app and send a text message or something while a game is happening? I know that it mentions you may be disconnected if you tab out, but I have yet to be able to find a game to truly test how long you can tab out for before you are disconnected... Thanks, -Kame
  7. Hey guys, So we're sculpting 3d foam scenery for our boards (and all the expansions) and I would like to have miniatures for all of the notable enemies. This goes for the sentinel as well as any other "bosses" from the expansions. Sorry if I am phrasing this badly lol. Any links to minis I can purchase that you know of would be awesome! Thanks,
  8. "Greetings from Fantasy Flight Games. Your order numbered XXXXX has now been shipped." Soon...... soon.
  9. I am going to be purchasing this expansion soon. I've heard mix reviews so I am trying to keep an open mind and def. don't want to get my hopes up. I'll report back once my group plays with it.
  10. Kamehameornah ... Same name on Game Center and Steam.
  11. On another note.... at least the Jinx doesn't activate with dark fate lol.
  12. I just ordered mine! Does anyone have a photo of how this fits in the board? Also, does anyone know if there will eventually be something like this connecting the other regions? (Woodlands+Highlands or anything else).
  13. Thanks! I will add you guys. I still don't have the steam version, I think I missed a sale lol.
  14. Hello! Does anyone else here play online with he digital version on iPhone? I can't seem to find a game. Is everyone playing on Steam instead? Lol Game Center: Kamehameornah -Kame
  15. Thanks guys, yes I meant alignment cards. We've been passing them out at the start of the game but I guess thay isn't needed eh? Thanks for pointing that out! I've been thinking about doing the dice idea, I'm seeing that a lot of other people are doing it too. Thanks for the help!!
  16. Hey all, Do you know of any places I could find additional Gold Pieces, Fate & Alliance Cards without rebuying the entire talisman board? It seems when we have long games with many people we need more of these (typically just gold and alliance cards... we've never run out of fate actually). Thanks,
  17. Great thanks for the info, that's what I thought but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing out on some epic adventure! 'Prologue' made me think there was a pre-story to Talisman I may have been missing only available in this version of the game lol.
  18. Hey guys! I've been searching for an answer all morning but I haven't been able to find one. Is there any reason to purchase Talisman: Prologue now that there is a 'Digital Version' released? What are the differences between the two games? Is the story and gameplay the same? Are they bot still getting updated? Just looking for clarification as both versions are on iOS and steam. Thanks! -Kame
  19. I have yet to play it on Steam. My wife and I will probably look into steam soon. I have it on my iPhone mostly to solo play while I'm at work when I'm not too busy or when I have extra time. We play the physical board game every Saturday though with friends/ family! Feel free to add me on Steam and once I grab a copy we can play: Kamehameornah I also do some Twitch streaming (Not Talisman yet) but maybe I can look into streaming Talisman soon :-) KameHouse.tv <--- Shameless Twitch plug hahaha -Kame
  20. Haha! You and me both. Oh nice, thanks for the PDFs. I think maybe we got confused with something that was said in the woodlands (which was actually our first expansion lol). -Kame
  21. Wow fast reply, thanks for the help! We were playing that you could only move forward once you entered a corner piece but then I played the digital version today and noticed it gave me an option to move either way. Thanks for the input! -Kame
  22. Hello! This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while. We recently just gathered all 4 corner piece expansions and we were wondering if you are allowed to move both ways on the corner expansions? (Both forwards toward the last spot on the corner piece as well as backwards towards the main board). Any clarification is appreciated! Sorry if this was asked somewhere else... Thanks -Kame
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