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  1. Haha! I wish, the more the merrier! Here are some of the pics I took and the full rules we used. 




    It was an Absolut blast (pun intended)! The birthday boy became the target, his drink count went up.... very quickly. 6 people, 20 out of the 24 drinks were completed. Every glass had 2 shots of vodka, 6oz sprite and 8oz Hawaiian punch. It was a good time! The wife and I will just have to finish those last 4 drinks on our own ;)


    Oh, and we have a Talisman Hall of Fame... we keep track of the winners every time we play. Someone who has never won a game won this one, which is always great!



  2. Greetings all!


    So last week was my brother-in-laws 21st birthday and he LOVES Talisman. We have a solid group of 5-6 people who really enjoy playing and are almost always down to come play a game. My wife and I setup a game for this coming weekend, so far nobody knows we've turned it into a drinking game with only the base game and the dragon expansion. This is going to be double the fun because my best friend and his wife have not yet played the Dragon Expansion and they've been dying to try it (they have played every other expansion to date)!


    We mixed 24 mason jars of Vodka/ Juice/ Sprite... Green, Red, Yellow... We are going to make everyone draw a random token at the start of the game, depending on which dragon they draw, they will have to drink when things happen. I'm at work so I can't type out all of the fun rules we have setup but I'm excited to play this weekend! 


    I'll try to take some pics of everything this weekend!




  3. New update for the PC/Mac/Android/Kindle versions is available today, which includes - 

    Highland expansion

    Cross-platform multiplayer

    New achievements

    Shape Shifter character

    Loads of bug fixes


    Get alchemising!



    No iOS/ iPhone? :( 


    Also - My iPhone Talisman icon is just blank color black. Is this normal?

  4. Haha! True.

    Fyi - My best friend contacted me and asked which edition we were playing (4th revised of course). Looks like him and his fiancée enjoyed the game so much they are going to pick up the base set so they have a copy at their place.

  5. So this weekend my wife and brother in law brought in two new comers to join us on our Talisman Saturday's... My best friend of 17 years and his fiancée.

    Now, we own all the expansions, but we decided to play with just the base board (but we still allowed all of the characters). It was a fierce game, my wife got into the inner region and died one step away from the crown. Everyone had a talisman but me, but I defeated the sentinel and crossed the bridge. The mighty troll broke through the door and eventually I made it to where my wife died, and picked up her talisman. I than began to cast the command spell on my next few turns. Luck was on my side, because I rolled 6, 6, 6, 5, 4, 5. One by one, everyone was killed. Keep in mind I was the only person still in the outter region when my wife dropped the talisman, somehow, they all ended up in the outter region with the exception of my brother in law who was hot on my trail.

    Even though both of the new comers lost, they had a GREAT TIME! My best friend (new guy) died twice and was turned into a toad twice, he still enjoyed himself. His fiancée did too. Later that night we went out to eat and wrap up the hanging out, during dinner my friends were still talking about the game, and then it happened! Those 6 magic words...

    "When are we playing Talisman again?"

    Muhahaha! I guess we have new recruits to play with! We are going to play in two weeks with them again, next time were going to introduce a few corner boards since they were able to follow the base game so easily. Awesome stuff!

  6. Hey guys!


    Has anyone ever tried playing Talisman through Skype with a webcam? Or other apps similar to Skype. I have a few friends who would love to play but they live across the states. I know that we have a beautiful digital edition that we can play but we really want to get our moneys worth from the hundreds of dollars we spent on all the expansions. Any pointers? I'm thinking just pointing my laptop camera towards the game board or something.



  7. Oh wow. I didn't know that was possible... I wonder how long it takes to do that? We play every weekend so they only stay rubber banded for about 6 days at a time. Maybe I'll go home tonight and take those out, and split the Warlock Quest & Reward Quest cards up again just to fill the void...

  8. I'm not sure Utile! My wife said some department stores should have them near the tools or maybe craft section, but I can't sacrornsurebhecsuse we got ours from the thrift store for $5.00. Sorry XD

  9. My wife and I picked this up at a local thrift store a few months ago... We found that it is literally perfect for Talisman storage. The smaller drawers fit the cards perfectly (1 card wide and 2 cards deep) and the larger drawers fit the width and length of one large card. We also put the minis in here and separate them by alignment! By the way, this is with all the 4th edition revised expansions and the base game. :-)


  10. Well, I'll keep it short. Last night we played a 9 hour game with all the expansions (excluding the deep realms, it's not here yet) and we loved it. The dragon as pretty cool... Though it did make things tough. We ended up with 15+ dragon cards on the top of the adventure deck and with all the corner expansions it was a long time before normal adventure cards were drawn again lol.




  11. For anyone interested, The app will close during multitasking only if the iPhone's own internal memory limits forces it to close.

    If you close the all it begins to be removed from your iPhone or iPads memory. Only once it's removed from the memory will to be disconnected. This is an iOS limitation.


    - Kame

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