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  1. So after a winner is determined what MOV does the winner and loser get?
  2. This is becoming more grey because the word 'immediately'' is on the HLC card also so does that means it only has a meaning on this card. So for example is it in step 3.2 is when the dice should be changed to hits from crits or is it ímmediately after rolling them. And if it is immediately after the dice then why is gunner interpreted differently. Even if it is at step 3.2 it is still in the same step so why would gunner be allowed to wait (instead of immediately) a whole other attack timing chart before it immediately happens. It does look like (from a letter on the internet) that it is being allowed but if I was a TO I think I would wait for a FAQ on this.
  3. This does seem a bit grey. So gunner says 'immediately'' how are we defining this. If you attack with IGB's ability before using this would it still be immediate? And I don't think a letter on the internet is sufficient enough proof. Another FAQ please.
  4. Boosk Crack Shot Homing Missle Mangler Cannon Guidance Chips K4 Security Droid 4 Lom Boba Fett Glitterstim Latts Razzi Counter Measures Weapons Engineer K4 Security Droid Dengar Glitterstim So this list is optimized so Boosks first homing missile shot will destroy most aces. For example against Fel with stealth device he would have 4 agility -1 from Latts, On average homing missiles will hit for 5 including 1 crit so 6 hits(Boosk). No evade tokens can be used and crack shot will reduce max evades to 2 so 4 damage. That's one dead Fel even Vader is close to being dead. However if any survive and get behind you that's the game. But if you can turtle so they cant get behind there is potential. This list is not set in stone but the basic principle is there.
  5. Lothal Rebel with FCS, Hera and Zeb. 39 Points for one of the best blocker/jousters. But Im still trying to find out what else to fly beside it maybe an ace and stress hog? The only problem is often the ghost will be at least half points or destroyed.
  6. Would have to be Bots. The best fun ships to fly are for me easily the IG's they can end up anywhere with AS.
  7. We need a poll for this topic and my vote has to go to Soontir he has rekt me so many times.
  8. I meant the choices were from the posts above.
  9. Actually I believe it should be a NO now. Otherwise any pilot with EI could use any other upgrade card with an action header even ones on enemy ships. But I can see an argument for this being OK. But this is clearly not meant to be the case.
  10. So we have 3 choices 3 stress, 2 stress and only 1 stress. I am guessing based on how people played at worlds its only 2.
  11. Yes it is allowed because we should follow the specific wording not our interpretation of how it should apply.
  12. Im still not convinced, probably wont be until I see a few in the top 10 of worlds. But I cant see it and its is like Poe if he could only do it once a game for attacking. There are a lot more secondary weapons that ignore range and stay until the end(unless critted). Compare TLT to one shot ordnance, I know what was in the worlds. And although LRS do have a donut they seem quite good, but like I said just for normal shooting (does mean I wont see any more of those games where a bomber list doesn't even get to TL before they are shot). Tracers are cheap and help swarm lists get the initial TL but they don't improve the effectiveness of ordnance. Maybe peeps on Vassal have results in their tournaments that can shoot me down and ordnance is good now.
  13. I don't see any ordnance fix? The two new cards that are supposed to fix it are OK but not a fix. One changes one dice to make it a hit(or crit for stronger attackers which I don't understand thematically anyway). I do not calculate the math but guidance chips seem average at best. Maybe someone has run the maths and can show me they are worth it. Long range scanners are OK but mainly for normal shooting.
  14. Well played 3 games 2 wins and 1 Loss against 3 Australian National players. And I have found that it does have some potentially large flaws. The main one is if my Y's are targeted first they will go down easy and then it is hard for Bossk alone to win, that is basically how I lost. But a few other things I have learnt is everyone is right Merc copilot is probably a waste but I will try a few more games and see how it goes. As for things that seem to work well K4, EH and Tactician are brilliant. I would like the argomechs and I might get rid of the projector it doesn't seem to do much.
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