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  1. Orchestrating an entire scenario where the Rogue Trader wanting to give the hurt sets up seemingly innocuous situations where one can attribute to bad luck (i.e. false payment account, bogus quests, fudging what the request actually is) and all these events lead up to where the Rogue Trader getting the hurt eventually loses his warrant of trade and the other Rogue Trader is there to watch it, smiling the whole time while flaunting his new wealth/prestige.
  2. Good afternoon! Just wanted to stop by and drop a quick note that from all the comments I've read, it seems like your tool is wonderful. I'm about to run my 1st game of RT and was wondering do I follow your original link for the product or do I go to GitHub to get the usable kind? Don't have much in coding experience so looking for the most current version... Thanks! ~Caz
  3. Solidscarlet, This one is coming from an airman in the weather career field...was wondering how you, as an NCO, handle leadership situations? Basically my group I'm GM-ing for currently has a Sgt however he runs the squad as an almost open forum, hears everyone's ideas then makes a decision and the squad follows. I was wondering if you do anything similar or radically different? I've heard of some characters playing a Sgt just make the decision themselves and has the group run with it and most see it as lording over everyone. However, I can see merit in the idea because most infantry (from the few I've had the pleasure of meeting) need just a clear cut idea or order to run with and then go. They leave the tactical thinking to those who are in the position to come up with tactics. Those they've been told to have faith in because of experience, training, etc. Also, I've never heard much info on weather for marines and was wondering what was your experience with those who do your briefs, especially if its USAF. -TheMightiestCaz
  4. When's the next one coming out mate?
  5. What about converting the citizens that are left on the planet to chaos worshipers? If I remember correctly, the dark heresy books talk about how the word bearers would stay many months after compliance to ensure the populace was correctly taught and venerated the Emperor as a god. Maybe the Dark Apostle was from the heresy time or was instructed by one from that time and the mantle has passed to him?
  6. This stuff is awesome guys! I only just started my campaign (previously annotated on another thread) and the guys just got through the beginning parts after running them through boot. However, I will definitely love to run with these ideas!
  7. For those that wrote about running the group through a basic training-esque first session...how would you exactly run that? Just create some random small encounters to use their skills and such. Build some camaraderie among the group since they were all stuck together miraculously? Maybe run them in one large group and start weeding out the non competent ones, i.e. the NPC's, and whoever is left is what are used for the mission 'The Brass" has in mind for them?
  8. Hey no worries Sgt, work for myself seems to occupy much of my time along with a wife and baby on the way. I'll happily wait until the next adventure comes out!
  9. Looking forward to the next post! I'm really intrigued on what the troopers will do next!
  10. Everyone I really appreciate the comments/concerns/criticism/and above all the help. This is going to make my job a little easier..seems like I have a bit of a guiding light now when it comes to the campaign creation. If there are any further comments or advice please do not hesitate to add to the discussion!
  11. I gotta say, this is some of the best reading I have done when it comes to narrating 40k RPG's! Definitely made the time pass on swing shift at work a hell of a lot faster lol. It especially helped when I had some of my fellow teammates read your stories. I'm starting a new campaign soon in the 'Only War' setting and a lot of them don't know much about the 40k universe. They asked how to perform as guardsman...funny part is most of us are military ourselves but do to the nature of our jobs we can't really associate with the guardsman lifestyle. After reading a few of your stories they all agreed you did a great job narrating and it gave them a lot better understanding. Bravo mate! Much appreciated!
  12. Well to be honest they usually concoct some stupid, hair-brained scheme that the GM didn't think of and either sheer luck of rolls and/or good oratory skills are able to get themselves out. The GM was more than often fair and usually left it to the dice and the set of skills or weapons they chose.
  13. Hrmm, that shouldn't be too much of an issue for lore seeing as I've been playing 40k the tabletop miniature and reading a lot of the novels associated with it for the past 6 years now. Another question would be that I have a very destructive group, or rather they tend to throw themselves into idiotic situations and somehow can make the best of it but I could tell it put quite the strain on the previous GM a handful of times. Is there any advice on how to either curb those tendencies or should I just run with it and keep an ace in my back pocket in case they get a little to intense? I try not to do that because it tends to lead them down the path you want them to and leaves little room for deviation sometimes or the PC's feel like they're being pulled on a leash. I've decided to leave the creation of regiments out of the game for now since only 1 of the players has a general knowledge of the 40k universe as well as they more than likely won't want to take the time to create their own. I figured just to let them choose from the pre-written ones.
  14. I guess anything for a brand new GM for this system. Most of my experience is with D20 systems, not D10. That any idea's or suggestions for the campaign idea I posted earlier.
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