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  1. Is it tho? Its not on the website where it can be easily found. So unless you are digging in the forums like this post, people may not know it even exists. As far as im concerned, its not been released to the public yet, thus isn't official. That said, All the changes made seem to be addressing debates and questions, plus explaining how Fuses work, so on a personal level, i dont see an issue with using it. Especially since TO's will have likely seen the leak anyway by now. I just dont get why they are delaying it OR delaying the Wave 4 release. Wave 4 release seems to be a huge mess.
  2. Negative. "Cannot perform another action" is pretty full stop on further actions, no matter where they come from, during your activation. That's the cost of performing your action before you move.
  3. Functionally, Leia puts white-out over the red maneuvers on Hera's dial in the PHASE she is active. She doesn't last the entire round.
  4. Correct. In fact, Each instance of the "Action:" header is its own action. From Rule Reference pg 3
  5. How about i just quote the relevant Rules Reference from pg 3 R4-P17 is effectively 'instructing you' to perform an action. And since Full throttle isn't a standard action, or ability with the "Action:" header, it cannot be used in conjunction with the droid.
  6. You always could, yes. Though it has not effect currently, its possible that could change in the future. This is why its actually kind of difficult to flat out Fail a lock action (even more so when devices are about). Its possible some kind of bomber ability could come out that says you ignore the effects of devices you are locking (unlikely, but possible). I think they (FFG) just wanted to do that to keep their options open. Um.. they are always around during activation. Bombs don't detonate until the end of activation.
  7. haha, Thematically, thats a contradiction tho. Ships using a turret pointed anywhere but their front aren't outmaneuvering the other ship to get in firing position.. they are simply rotating their turret to aim it at them. I think, at least spiritually, (which i know carries little weight mechanically) the intent of Outmaneuver is to gain an advantage when you.. you know.. outmaneuver your target. If staying out of their firing arc was all that was needed for that, it wouldn't have the front arc requirement for you. That said, I wouldn't necessarily be upset if it worked with Krassis' ability. Its not even the combo itself that bothers me.. only the interpretation of what his ability means, mechanically that would affect other similar abilities that sets a precedent for them to add confusion (if that makes sense). Honestly, i really think this is just another victim of poor wording and mixing of terms. They seem to be in a bad habit of using multiple terms to mean the same thing or using the same term to mean multiple things. Its like they still dont realize how differently the community can interpret or read their own rules and abilities. I mean i get it, when you make something, its in your head what it should mean, and you dont see how it could be read differently.
  8. It actually does… Rules Reference pg 17 Special weapons have a combination of arc requirements, range requirements, attack value, and possibly other requirements. The arc icon indicates where the target needs to be in order to use this attack. · Arc restrictions appear as arc icons listed to the left of the attack value. The arc restriction requires that the defender be in that arc of the attacker. So really, that icon on special weapons is representing an arc requirement. So Krassis is effectively saying "You can perform [front arc requirement] special attacks from your [rear arc]. So the real question lies with the ability's like Outmaneuver. Does the front arc icon translate to Front Arc Requirement, or Front Attack arc? I usually interpreted it as attack arc, but there can be an argument made that its front arc requirement.
  9. Your icon to text translation isn't correct i'm afraid. The Force icon represents a Force charge, not a token (see last sentence). Also, its important to know what spending a token means. RR pg 19 Charges, Standard or Force, are never returned to the supply, so they are not spent in this manner. And as stated above, its not a token in the mechanical sense. So it does appear that Fenn cannot prevent charges being spent to modify dice.
  10. Ehh. I get what you actually mean here, but lets make it clear. You can perform as many actions as you have active Force Charges, not total force points. I know that sounds obvious so most of us, but clear things have been confused before.
  11. I get what the argument is, but i don't agree that ability's like Outmaneuver work that way. As i interpret it, Krassis' ability changes which arc its performed in. I dont agree that its performing a 'front arc' attack from the rear arc. Its simply allowing attacks normally reserved to the front arc, to use the rear arc. Basically for him, hes adding a rear arc attack icon to special weapons. To me, that is the simplest, easiest explanation.
  12. For reference. Rules Reference, pg 3. Wounded Pilot : After you perform an action, roll 1 attack die. On a hit or critical hit result, gain 1 stress token. Linked Action : After a ship performs an action with an attached linked action, if the player wants to resolve the linked action, it is added to the ability queue. Both have same timing window.
  13. But, again, the rule for adjusting the maneuver is only referencing ships, not objects in general. Touching and "Range 0" are the same thing and is defined in the rules. Now, in typical FFG fashion, their wording sucks. "A ship is at range 0 of another ship if it is physically touching another ship." is just saying "A ship is physically touching another ship if it is physically touching another ship." I mean, i *get* what they are trying to say, but they worded it in such a way that its the same as their definition of "physically touching". I'm not really sure how to properly word that so its not confusing..maybe this? "A ship is at range 0 of another ship if it is in physically contact, another ship without being physically on top of it." But that really doesnt seem that much clearer. The point being, ships cannot be on top of one another, but a ship can be on top of another non-ship object. Otherwise, when ships move during activation, they wouldnt be allowed to move on top of bombs, and would have to back track their movement to where they are not on top of it. Which of course, is not the case.
  14. Feels that way. So basically, its whatever the final maneuver selected on the dial is as it lays on your ship card, no matter what it was originally set to. You change the maneuver, what ever it was previously no longer matters for any game effects, as i suspected would be the case.
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