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  1. Eh yes and no. I get they have to be careful tho. If they are too cheap they can really ruin the dynamic of the game. The 2400 is for sure overpriced though. But some of them are cheaper than some small ship aces.
  2. Yeah, except the turn around is part of the maneuver itself. And you only check for overlap once the maneuver is completed (fully or partially), which is why if you bump a ship before you overlap a rock, you never actually overlap the rock, even if the template or the final position did, because the ship overlap prevented it. So for a K-turn, overlap isn't checked until the ship is in its final position, turned around. This isn't quite the same as a tractor rotation given the tractor movement, and the optional rotation by the other player are separate triggers.
  3. Page 31. The attack value, range requirement, if its eligible for range bonus or not, if it adds an action to the ship action bar, number of charges it has... none of these are "abilities".
  4. Same can be said when someone is 'stunned'.
  5. For the rules reference.. RR pg 20 and...
  6. They also add an ion turret to a U-wing, which normally cannot support it. Quickbuilds are by design, rule breaking and by no means a way to gauge if something in standard builds should work or not.
  7. Haha i was thinking this too. Oh i know. What i posted was pretty good stretch of the rules, It was arguing semantics mainly. I do agree it needs clerification though. or more over. It needs a section in the reference. Right now, Rotate only talks about turret arc rotation.
  8. Isn't that a bit like saying 'the option to lock is granted by your action bar or ability, but the actually process of performing a lock comes from the rules reference'? If you are talking about triggers specifically (ie, the cards are not controlling the timing of it) then Decloaking would be the same way, unless a card ability specifically told you to do it (Cloaking Device).
  9. i kinda agree with you on that. Personal preference for me, is if the abilities were more structured mechanically, rather than a sentence/paragraph explaining how it works. Old Teroch: Paragraph : At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 enemy ship at range 1. If you do and you are in its , it removes all of its green tokens. Mechanical : Timing : Start of Engagement Phase Ability (Optional) : Choose 1 enemy ship at Range 1 while in its Effect : Chosen ship removes all its green tokens. Anakin Skywalker: Paragraph: After you fully execute a maneuver, if there is an enemy ship in your at range 0-1 or in your , you may spend 1 to remove 1 stress token. Mechanical : Timing : After full execution of a maneuver Requirement : Enemy ship in your at range 0-1 Alternate Requirement: Enemy ship in your , Cost: Spend 1 Effect : Remove 1 stress token Or you know.. something to that effect. Something thats a step by step, hit each point and check it kind of a thing. That said, the "You can't add it to the queue if you can't do the whole thing right now." as the issue of gaining information before the ability trips off. Dont know if that will matter much, but it could. Of course, im also of the opinion that, once you add abilities to the queue, you have to try to resolve them if at all possible.
  10. There is also something else to consider. "..using a template" A position marker is a marker, not a template. RR pg 14 Clearly, theses are treated a separate items. While you *can* use a template to mark and rotate a ship, its not required and in fact, the position marker was partly designed for this purpose. Thus, you could say that since rotating a ship doesn't use a template, it falls out of the definition of 'move', as a movement requires a template. Just throwing that out there.
  11. You could also say that docking in some cases is an ability as its written on title cards. You cannot dock an escape craft without this card soo....
  12. I was asking this question myself as i was going though this thread. I was pretty sure you have to put into (ie an declare) all of the abilities you are putting into the queue at the time they trigger. I'm also not sure if the question of "if an ability is put into the queue, does it have to be resolved, or can you 'cancel' it", ever got answered (or if its in the rule, i cant recall where).
  13. I'm not finding anything that restricts that. There is a restriction that you cannot place a device during the same phase that you Decloaked, but it doesn't mention the same for deploying. Someone else can correct me if they do find a ruling.
  14. text in question. Q: When attacking with a weapon with the ordnance icon (such as Proton Rockets) or defending against an attack with the ordnance icon, can Grand Inquisitor [TIE/Advanced v1] apply the range bonus? A: No.
  15. It just tested it and yes, the app does appear to allow it, but this is clearly an error as legally, this isn't allowed as they share the same name and are limited to one one per squad.
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