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  1. I don't want more boards as the set up is big enough but would like to see new threat decks (especially necrons). If there was a necron scenario then it could start to populate the board with necron threat icons, replacing the other threat icons. Other board features could also be taken over characters and nemesis would be fighting against them.
  2. I just submitted my first game result and I did not keep track of some of the details of the game. Is there a printable form that I can fill in during the game ready to submit the stats?
  3. When I first read this I was thinking that it said it was worth 8 trophy points instead of 4 on the Ultramar Emissary space (so could be traded in for 8 influence as you swap trophy points for influence) but having just checked the card it does say at St. Antias which is used for healing lives so I don't know what the idea behind the card is.
  4. I still play 2nd edition which I have had since its release and have the adventure and the dungeon expansions (as well as the white dwarf cards) I have started playing again with my son and some of his friends and we have printed some of the unofficial expansions as well as creating our own. I have bought Relic which I think is awesome but I dont intend to buy the new talisman and just to keep expanding what I have. I am planing on making a solo version as I have done for relic.
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    Card holder

    Here is a card holder I made of lego. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/2371649/therdfamily I could not post the picture, there was no option other than for a URL and pasting it in responded with incorrect file even though its a jpeg.
  6. chiefdungeoneer

    House rules

    Just tested an idea to speed the game up, instead of skipping levels at the beginning change the trophy number required to progress up a level and make it the same as the level required. E.G. at the start you need just 1 trophy point (the first victory!) to get to level 1 then 2 trophy points for level 2. By level 11 the average value would be 6. It makes it easy when you are weak and harder when you are strong. If your character starts with 1 high attribute (like Ogryn) he can win battles but loses out on trophy points as they will be wasted. The start of the game was a lot more fun. Let me know what you think. Dungeoneer
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