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  1. Why can't you engage bombers? There's no law that says you can't break cloak early.Also, that cloak action means that if your opponent has few fighters than you, you basically have a free black die battery you get to fly around the board and ships can't scare it off with their antisquadron armaments, or lock them down with fighters. In oherwords the cloak action takes the current rules for fighters and breaks them in half.
  2. Unless you play magic, where black is B and blue is U.
  3. It, uh, looks like a dong in the top view.
  4. I'm having a successful strategy where I take the generics and keep them turned to their named pilot so that I don't use the generics. That or leaving them in the box.
  5. ISD-I or ISD-II? And of course Demolisher got demolished, don't you know the odds of surviving a frontal assault against an imperial star destroyer?
  7. Oh wait, there's also that cyanide and happiness short with the barber shop quartet when the crash into a tree. OOoooooOOOoooo s**t.
  8. Solja boi, but instead of "u" go "zoooooooooooooom"
  9. You can only activate 1 squadron maybe 2.The Raiders get Expanded Hanger Bay or Boosted Comms and Tarkin Everyone gets Tarkin
  10. Except the raider. Have some evades! But no long range duce. Oh, you're dedicated anti-ship? Well, here's some black dice. You now have the shortest anti-fighter range, and a title that says squadrons MUST attack you if you get close. Oh and two dice is enough to stop the following squadrons:
  11. Ugh, am I going to have to buy four raiders?
  12. I'm just going to use my X wing raider. It looks close enough for now.
  13. What did he say? I've got nothing but static since he took off the antenna.
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