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  1. Hmm, we play that the Ghoul is allowed to suffer rads it just doesn't hurt them the way it hurts others. If the Ghoul wasn't allowed to complete quests that required the taking of rads wouldn't that severely limit their ability to win the game otherwise?
  2. Thanks for the replies Iuchi and Fnoffen. So to be clear are you all voting for option 1 or 2? 1) The non faction agenda cards have a max influence of 3. This means the second condition which awards 2 influence is the most that can be gained with the default +1. 2) The non faction agenda cards have a max influence of 4. You would add both the +1 and the +2 scores when both options are met in addition to the default +1.
  3. I'm sorry you cannot see my argument but we can see it clearly. What about the drugs and well rested card? You get +1 for each and yes it makes sense because both additional items are different from each other and not incremental. But no where in the rule books does it say you treat the +2 as the end all additional points. Its very hard to get from the 6 letters of special to all 7. In all four of my games I haven't done it and one game I was trying very hard to. So I can understand the bonus point. Caps is not that easy to accumulate because there are quests and the like to spend them on. The armor is also not that easy to reach +3(except for the vault hunter) so why wouldn't get that that extra influence point. In the end, our group will refer to the rule books and if they are not clear we try to use the literal text shown on cards. No where in the game does it say to treat the icons/text on the agenda cards different from one card to the other. If it just said somewhere that the non-faction agenda cards have a max of 3 points it would make this issue null but it doesn't. Since FFG probably wont reply to any of these posts I am hoping to hear more replies on what others are doing. If more folks are doing it your way Hobbit then I would surely change to that until we get an official FAQ or reply from FFG. I am truly fine with playing it either way but this is a huge issue for us as someone only won last night because we allowed them to have +4 on the payday card.
  4. Are you sure about that Hedgehobbit? Our group argued that getting 16 caps is not that easy so why not have it be +4 instead of +3. The SPECIAL card is similar in that mindset. Though I do see what you are saying. I am really on the fence here on how to handle these. I would love to hear more o pinons on this. I cannot find a solid rule on this anywhere.
  5. Hi all, Quick question and I am pretty sure we played it correctly but my group still wants to be sure. On the agenda cards that say an extra +1 for one task and then +2 for the last task, if you complete that second task the card would now be worth 4 points and not 3 correct. For example, the card that says +1 for 10 caps and then +2 for 16 caps if you had the higher cap total that would now be +4 for that agenda card, not +3 which would only be the default point and then +2 more for reaching the bottom cap goal. We all went with +4 because there are other agenda cards that have two conditions on the bottom but both only have a +1 next to them which makes it seem clear that each extra task on an agenda card can add to the score as a total.
  6. Well there can be a coop element. You can tell pretty quickly if the agenda card someone has will favor one faction or the other. So if you and that player seem to be trying to help a certain faction you are kind of playing coop because if that one faction is doing well, you are both doing well. Now, you can get more cards which can make you wish you were the other faction as the game goes along which is interesting to me. But that is also neat in a sense that if the other faction, which is not on the agenda card I have, starts running away with the game I may get an agenda card later for that winning faction and in essence I will switch sides. But the agenda cards are not always just for one faction or the other. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't played it but there are other things on the agenda cards you can work towards to get influence to win that has nothing to do with which faction is winning.
  7. As for the last player now going first, that seems very logical to me. They had a disadvantage of going last each turn. In all my games the last player has felt a bit behind early, even with the first players opening the tiles to explore. The first players ahead of them just seem to get to the beginning quests first. But as the game goes on, that agenda deck empties usually a couple times depending on how many players there are so it all evens out. This is a long game with different ebbs and flows along the way. Manchu, quests/encounters give agenda cards as rewards and you want them badly. That is how it empties during a players turn instead of the agenda deck turn.
  8. Manchu I disagree. Objectives move and the tiles change the placement of areas each game outside of the few main ones for the story line. I love Talisman but to me this is very different. One minute I am trying to go north then because of what someone else just did I have to refocus and decide to go another way. You have complete control of where to go and the last game we played the last tile was unexplored until only the last two turns. I definitely didn't feel like the game area was too small. I will saw that moving to the outside tiles is only going to happen if there is a quest out there or a high level encounter area that you really want to do. So most of the action is happening in 80% of the game board in my experience.
  9. Manchu once you play you should feel assured that interaction is there. Just because you aren't attacking the other players doesn't mean we are all not involved. The stories are great to listen to and be a part of when its your turn to read. Also, if someone does a quest that I wanted to do before me rest assured I am going to give them a nice ..i.. . The game objectives move all over the board as the quests complete and sometimes someone can be standing right where the next quest objective appears. That happened to me and I was thanking my buddy for rushing to finish the quest and choose that particular option that brought the next one to me. I have definitely played games where during a players turn, whatever they do, doesn't affect me at all and I just sit there and its relatively quiet. This isn't the case so far in my opinion with fallout. We have been laughing and commenting on what the other players are doing and for me that is enough interaction. In the end, its all about having fun within the dynamics of the game and my group is definitely having that.
  10. Immediately discard this card then gain 3 caps. I realize that is point blank but the rulebook doesnt make it clear when the rule states, "If a survivor is instructed to draw loot cards in excess of his or her inventory, he or she draws the cards, and then discards down to his or her inventory size (usually three). I really do think you get the caps instantly and then decide on the left over loot cards to come to your max inventory total of 3. But that last rule does throw a bit of a curve ball into the mix.
  11. Hi all, I haven't seen a clear answer for this. Lets say I have 2 items in my inventory. I win a quest that gives me 3 more cards. Now, if all these cards were items I would have to basically have 3 of the 5 once I am done and discard two. Now, what if I have 2 in the inventory and 2 of the 3 new loot cards are those instant cap cards? Can you get the caps for each card and still keep 1 of the new loot cards thus bringing you to the max of three? OR do you have to decide to select those two instant cap cards to hypothetically place in your inventory which means once you used them you would only have 1 item left in your inventory because you have to discard 2 of the 3 items. Was that clear as mud? I hope it made sense.
  12. I never thought of this while playing the BoS guy. I am looking forward to hearing the formal answers but I agree it seems logical that you could take it off at the start of your turn and run the risk of getting into a fight.
  13. Hi all, Even though I have had this game since release, and have played it about 15 times, I still cannot get enough. This is a huge thank you thread to FF for making what has become my favorite board game I have ever owned!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about this game down to the smallest details. I always leave each game with interesting scenarios to talk about. Now if I could only convince my wife to play more. She gets upset at times when I make really sneaky moves that screw her over! Whats an Imperial to do??? Thanks again FF for producing this MASTERPIECE!!!!
  14. Hi all, I have searched and cannot find an answer to this question. What does the little number in the lower right hand corner symbolize on complex encounter cards?
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