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  1. I think it is a fun game, and I'm glad they are making these changes to steer it away from a freemium game with microtransactions. It will definitely make more sense this way to call it a Living Card Game similar to the physical editions. With it coming out on Switch it seems like they could easily just sell it for $30 or $40 and people would buy it based on the license alone.
  2. Leadership Denethor is probably my 2nd most used hero after Spirit Arwen. Everything about him is great! Relatively low threat, 2 extra resources, resource smoothing, Gondor is a strong trait, he gives you a thematic Steward of Gondor usage, and and you can always use another dedicated defender.
  3. That's a pretty stacked defender! I don't think 4 Restricted attachments is strictly legal though ?
  4. Basically what Authraw said. You are definitely not guaranteed to explore an active location every round as you can just ignore travelling and even putting progress on the quest altogether. This gives you some fun deck construction choices before the quest even starts. Do you build a deck with lots of cards that let you explore locations in the staging area? Do you Build a deck with one super defender that can just take a dragon attack every round if you are exploring locations the normal way? Do you build a deck that just has massive willpower that ignores the threat of those locations in the staging area? You probably should be able to do it all just to be safe . This seems like a quest that wants you to build a specific deck for it, especially with the beneficial effects on Lost Armory and Dragon Hoard that require you have specific type cards to work.
  5. The rules about "then" is stated pretty clearly in the FAQ: (1.15) The word “then” If a card effect uses the word “then,” then the preceding effect must resolve successfully for the subsequent dependent effect to resolve. I feel like this pretty clearly indicates that in the absence of a "then" you have to resolve the 2nd effect even if the 1st effect doesn't resolve.
  6. I heard back from Caleb! His response is below: So, not what I expected, but I think it makes total sense. That makes this card really good for certain quests that have nasty enemies that can't have player attachments like Ships, Mumak, Nazgul, Huorns etc.
  7. I also asked a followup question about Valour of the North and if that works on enemies that are guarding the necklace card since it is attached and an attachment.
  8. I went ahead and submitted a question to FFG just to be sure. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious since this seems like it would be a fairly common interaction between cards included in the same set.
  9. I was sitting down to build a deck for the first Rhovanian quest when I immediately ran into a question. What happens if I play Necklace of Girion and it finds a Goblin Troop for its guarded effect? Is there a distinction between a card being an attachment vs being attached? Granted Necklace of Girion is also an "attachment" card, but it is not being attached in a conventional way. I feel like the intent is that the necklace attaches to the goblins, but I am not sure. The word "Cannot" is always supposed to be absolute. Have I missed a clarification in the Guarded keyword player card rules?
  10. I am wondering why Valour of the North is in this pack since it seems like something for a Trap deck. I am guessing maybe because it works with Necklace of Girion when it is guarded?
  11. Hold on, let me update my most anticipated card for the cycle: Thranduil New Dain Ironfoot Spirit Aragorn Woodman Pipe
  12. Deckbuilding is my favorite part of the game, so getting to build every card in the encounter deck too sounds neat. I'm not sure I would ever play the competitive version though.
  13. I was going to make a joke about FFG jumping the shark with this nightmare expansion, but then I remembered they already made this card back in HoN.
  14. The distance between Poros and Esgaorth is about as far as The Shire is from Minas Tirith, so it might take a while for our heroes to get there.
  15. I would love a Dwarf hero that actually supports the other dwarven themed deck milling cards. Maybe also tie it in to the craftsman trait.
  16. To me the only irksome thing about the errata is how Asmodee/FFG seems to have slapped the hands of a lot of online print services that used to print custom cards, and now they won't do it. I would have gladly paid them for some custom card reprints with the new text and some alt art. It makes me just want to play on OCTGN and not have to buy physical cards at all which seems like the opposite of what they would want.
  17. In the past two cycles we got both a Corsair and a Harad hero. That definitely means an Easterling hero this cycle, right?
  18. I am all for cards that do things that simply would not be feasible in the physical version, even if they are random. However if they are changing the ability on it, they ought to at least change it so the title is an accurate description of what it's doing. Like it still doesn't make any sense thematically that a "Sneak Attack" could involve a questing character. The app seems like a good opportunity to change some of these things.
  19. Maybe like A Journey To Rhosgobel but where you have to nurse a very sick dragon back to health with gold.
  20. Long Lake Trader + Spare Hood and Cloak basically lets you exhaust any of your characters to ready any other character every round. Pretty good!
  21. Either make a deck with odd heroes or heroes that you could easily swap out. Bring a couple decks including sideboard cards. Try to include Ranged/Sentinel cards. Campfire Tales is great too.
  22. One of the stores in my area that bought kits is saying that FFG haven't given them an official date of when they can host this yet. Anyone have a local store doing this on a definitive date?
  23. Play the Saga but with Fellowship Aragorn and he has the Ringbearer trait. Also, your other 3 heroes must be the Lore/Tactics/Leadership Aragorns and your deck cannot have allies. The "Aragorn just does it himself Challenge".
  24. Wowee, if that translation is accurate, Tough Defense is probably one of the most powerful cards we've seen in a while. There are so many non unique Troll, Mumak, and Nazgul enemies that can just be erased now with very little fuss.
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