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  1. I know everyone likes being scared of the boogeyman but advanced sensors ptl Kylo ends up tokenless if he gets super squirrelly. Not going to pretend it's going to be bad but 45ish points riding on no tokens and no regen seems risky. Strong? Probably. Dominating like some other things? Meh
  2. Can't speak for anywhere else but here in the US you always(?) have to pay for access to a convention to get into nationals. This year it was the nova open, and in the past it has been gencon. At least you get a free board game.
  3. The only logical explanation is something which doesn't match good business sense, design sense, or historical behavior, and instead reads like it was written with a tin foil hat firmly attached?
  4. I'm not sure I understand why the goal would be to bring things back up instead of simply pulling things down into line. Nerfing powerful cards is in general better for the longevity of the game than buffing weaker cards. Also Palpatine and x7 are pretty alright as they are, they fit the flow of the game better overall than their prenerf effects.
  5. People keep dooming and glooming but xwing night has never been so busy around here. 12+ people playing simultaneously is great for us.
  6. The key is everyone is a nerd about something unless they're more boring than sandpaper. People who play fantasy football and wear jerseys and have big game day parties? Big nerds. It's no different than people who dress up as storm troopers and have big watch parties for star wars movies. Sure sometimes different types of nerds get different societal treatment but in a grown up work place with adults who aren't ***** there shouldn't be any judgement based on if you spend your free time golfing, larping, or vigorously exterminating religious terrorists with your sleek grey imperial might.
  7. As in the other ffg star wars game... Imperial assault?
  8. I'm curious why you think this will be the case? From what I'm remembering isn't x-wing the current king of miniature games displacing even 40k?
  9. I don't think it would. Typically "unsolicited ideas" pertain to private suggestions rather than public, at least from what I can tell. We're on ffg's forums so everything here they own automatically. It's also public information at this point so I don't think it's particularly easy to claim litigious ownership. I'm certainly not an expert on this subject but from the reading I've done the only time these policies should be necessary would be for private or confidential communication.
  10. Sure. As an example let's assume Apple doesn't have any policy at all relating to unsolicited ideas (they do but pretend). If I email them my killer idea for the next iPhone commercial and they use it they open themselves up to me sueing them for using my idea without my permission (even though I sent it to them myself). Basically, avoiding user suggested ideas or having strict and public policies about user generated content protects companies from annoying or damaging lawsuits. You can sue anyone for anything and copyright law is somewhat confusing and weird so it's just safest for companies to have strict policies to avoid litigation. Even if they win the case outright it's annoying to tie up their legal team.
  11. If a company has a policy about unsolicited ideas they will say so but (at least in the US) there is no law against it. They often avoid unsolicited ideas because of copyright but again, nothing illegal here.
  12. Well they also are just following their standard design. Currently there is no ship with a primary firing arc larger than ~90°. This means they can safely use primary arc as a rules mechanism with consistent results across all ships. It's a good idea for them to keep as much design consistency as possible since it means there should be fewer design accidents later.
  13. It's almost as though FFG has a bad habit of using sloppy language when writing rules text or clarification.
  14. Yea I know. My statement was mostly that dropping a reveal bomb after you move that you let detonate next turn is hardly different than dropping a reveal bomb before you move next turn which will detonate next turn. They function largely identically though there are cases which make it useful, I suppose.
  15. They are almost the only modifications which occur outside of the designated steps. The only other thing I can think of is heavy laser cannon (which is obviously an offense related modification).
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