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  1. Only one flight this year with a cut to top 4 on Friday.
  2. Last year there were two flights...one Thursday and one Friday. Both had around 40ish and they played 3 games and cut to top 16 from both days and then on Saturday the top 32 played 2 games for a total of 5 games and then the top two played from the 5 games.
  3. What makes me laugh at all of this is the RAI vs RAW argument. I personally feel you CANNOT quote RAW on a card that inherently breaks the basic concepts of the game. How can you argue about RAW when the card itself breaks RAW. Other cards that break the rules are Rhymer, Gunnery Teams, Demolisher, Rieekan, etc. When you start ******* about RAW referencing a card like Sloane I feel like your argument has no foundation. At that point only an official FAQ or a Dev chiming in can ratify rulings on those cards. In this case the Marshal decided that until he was contradicted he would do his best to rule how he thought the card should be interpreted. What many of you dont know is that the Marshal who initially was going to TO the tournament had stated that he was going to rule that when Sloane spent a defenders token the defender could benefit from the effects of the token without the need to spend it again. Those of us who knew about that railed against it because it made Sloane useless. The other side of the table was what Q had initially stated on his post ended up being a compromise between what he thought it should be and what the the original TO had stated he would rule. Q was simply trying to take a middle ground until he heard otherwise.
  4. I in fact do find it likely. Especially if on their test forums they have discussed how they feel the card should be played and all agree and test it that way but they dont see that the text is not clear enough. I can see this happening a lot. You are probably the same person who watches a televised worlds Armada game and back seat drives describing how you would have won a game when in fact if you were there and not sitting comfortably at home you would make the same mistakes.
  5. In any testing environment the thing you are testing is fluid and changes constantly due to QA feedback and you cannot anticipate everything. Its easy to sit back and cast stones when you dont know the process. I work in software development and I can tell you we never can see all the scenarios that our customers put our software through. I guarantee the environment is the same when testing waves in Armada.
  6. In hindsight I think it would have been best to keep his response short and sweet and not divulge his thought process behind the decision but that was his call and what is done is done. In the end moral justification has nothing to do with it...he is the Marshall. Outside of FFG disputing his rulings what he says stands like it or not. You are welcome to argue his thought process and interpretation but in the end its his decision and there is not much anyone outside of FFG can do about it.
  7. One thing you need to understand about the NDA is that its not FFG he has to answer to its Disney and as anyone who has worked with them can attest they are beyond serious about NDA's and litigation. His "wink wink, I know" is not breaking any NDA guidelines because if you want to know who is a play-tester you can simply look at the published supporting material that comes in the releases to see all the names there.
  8. We may disagree on his interpretation but I respect your opinion and the fact that you did it respectfully.
  9. You are 100% wrong...read the tournament regulations on Marshals. "Providing final determinations when they answer game rules and event regulation questions themselves or when they personally resolve disputes between players regarding the game state" There are many cards that break the basic concepts of the game and Sloane is another one. Without an FAQ the Marshal decided to provide an up front decision on a controversial issue so people could prepare and not be surprised at the event. Read the tournament rules before making inflammatory accusations.
  10. In fact all the play-testers names are on any product they have tested. That is no secret but I think some people here want to keep anonymity for their own reasons. Either way I agree play-testers are just players but they have one distinct difference that non play-testers dont have. They had the ears of the developers directly during testing so they will absolutely have inside information about the intend of new ships and upgrades that no one else will and it is those comments they cannot speak about because of the NDAm and what be driving these decisions. No game or software can be tested to anticipate every scenario which is why you always see FAQs and software patches. In the absence of an FAQ the TOs/Marshals need to make the best interpretation they can and they will never make everyone happy. **** even the official FAQs get torn apart. Just chill and play the game.
  11. @Darthain I made the same assumption but if you read the very last sentence of that item you will realize that he is saying that the Scatter Ace cannot spend the token. "(In normal language, this means if hit by Sloane - you don't get the effect of the token for defense.)"
  12. Typically there is a large presence of FFG staff including some of the Developers there and I am confident they will make similar rulings.
  13. Thanks for the clarifications and for what it is worth I agree with your rulings. Looking forward to NOVA Open.
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