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  1. I hope you're right, because if the base game isn't even available for 3+ months I'll probably be a lot less excited to buy it. I certainly won't pick up the 'new' expansion then either, not for a while anyway. It seems like a huge oversight to release an expansion when the base game is completely sold out from everywhere.
  2. I feel a 3rd faction for Armada would be: 1) Factions like Hapes who maintained standing armies during this time. Although they were still pretty small. 2) Hutts (being a little liberal here since most of the Hutts fleets no longer exist after the Empire takes over) 3) Some faction from unknown space (Chiss, Srii-ruk, some random new faction the new cannon introduces). Long before it was a general 'Scum and Villany' faction. Hutts come close, but aren't quite the same and are very unlikely in any event. Most likely scenario: No official 3rd faction (beyond Resistance and First Order of course).
  3. I assume you're saying in the second to last paragraph, that by dealing 2 damage you are saying the dice show 1 hit icon and 1 critical icon, not 2 hit icons and 1 critical icon, correct? Correct.
  4. I think it is important to separate Critical Effects and Damage. Damage is solely based on the number of hits and crits rolled. If you roll 3 Hits and 2 Crits you deal 5 Damage (minus defense tokens, abilities, etc). It doesn't matter that 2 of them are crits, that doesn't change anything. If you have at least one dice showing a crit facing by the deal damage phase you can activate a critical effect, the default is that the first damage card dealt is done so face up. THIS DOES NOT ADD A DAMAGE, it only means that if one or more damage cards would be dealt to the defender then the first one is dealt face up. If you deal 2 damage and have a critical showing, but the defender has 2 shields on the facing being attacked, then the default critical effect will have no effect on the resolution of damage. Critical Effects and damage are two very separate things, thinking of criticals as adding a damage is dangerous and can lead to mistakes.
  5. Screed will also be popular because he is Cheap. Tarkin is great, but he is super expensive. Screed is pretty good, and relatively cheap (the difference between him and Motti is just a few points).
  6. Another way is to spray paint your stands (Black, Red and Blue seem to fit best with the setting, but any color works). Just make sure your cardboard is off the stand, get a newspaper, go outside, spray, wait 1/2 an hour, flip and spray again, boom. For squadrons this is a little trickier, but totally doable.
  7. My biggest dislike about Scum is that for some reason Imperials never get their own ships, they have to rely on bounty hunters. It is nonsense. Why would I want Bobba Fett when I could have a fleet of Missile Boats? This is the Imperial Navy, not the run and hide behind your paid mercs navy. The smugglers work well for the Rebels because they actually are rebels in quite a few cases. I just want some Decimators, Lambdas, Missile Boats, or other real Imp fighters.
  8. Ok, it is almost impossible to ram with more than 3 ships against a single target, on a single turn. If you have 6 CR90s all lined up ready to ram, guess what? They have to move one at a time. Suddenly 1/2 the front of the Vic is covered by a CR90 after just the first ram. The second ram will make it impossible for another ship to maneuver from in front of the Vic to a side and the third will block the other side. If you somehow manage to form a perfect circle around a Vic then yes, you can manage about 6 rams before you run out of space and are instead just ramming your own ships. But 7 CR90s vs 1 Vic are gonna win without a single ram. Thrown in 2 GSDs and suddenly being at point blank range from the Imps is looking like a god awful idea. 7 CR90s is 21 Dice from forward arcs alone, why would you focus on doing a single (admittedly though shields) point of damage when you can throw so many dice that their defense tokens will be exhausted (at best) or discarded completely and still die? Plus with 7 CR90s you have 0 fighters and a Corrupter build with Rhymer and bombers is going to tear it to shreds from Long Range, before any rams are even possible.
  9. Card boosters could be pretty cool, but it is highly unlikely that FFG will ever do them. Sadly it doesn't appear to be in their business practices to release card only expansions for miniatures games. X-Wing would love them too, but oh well. If they were to do it I would want a 'Thrawn Era' type expansion, with Thrawn himself as an Admiral, Pallaeon as an Officer/Crew. Chimaera as a Title. Nogi Bodyguard as a crew. Mara Jade as a rebel crew (since this is more or less when she turned). Bel Ibis we already got. Bork Fey'la as an Admiral for the Reb's. Stuff like that.
  10. I'll agree with a few other posters, just sit in your own deployment zone, force a draw and show your opponent what a jackass he is by playing his game. That'll end the game in 10 min and you can get onto game 2 where he won't be so gamey.
  11. Honestly I love Black Dice, 2 sides with Hit + Crit. The Vic I has all the potential to be as good as the Vic II, especially given the very small range band that is Medium. On the other hand the Accuracy from Blue Dice has the potential to be very helpful as well. It really depends on your personal preferences and play styles.
  12. Personally I think an A heavy build would excel, sure they lack bomber, but they have Black dice which makes them get the same # of hits against ships as X's, but with no Critical Effect. They are 3 points cheaper, faster, and better at anti-squad duty (Counter just destroys enemies). I actually hadn't thought of using B-Wings as escorts into close range, but that is an incredibly useful tactic for Assault Frigates (who want to bisect the enemy fleet, allowing them to fire from both their side arcs), add in Gallant Haven and your enemy has some serious choices to make about targets. Plus in Wave 2 all that Black Dice the rebels get will just love to be escorted by B's (Both Mon Cal ships have black dice I seem to recall, with the frigate having tons and the Cruiser [home one] having a few).
  13. Honestly I think TIE Fighters would serve better as escorts. TIE Bombers already have tons of health and are only 9 points, whereas the Advance is 13 (I think). Defending cheaper ships with a more expensive ship isn't necessarily the smartest thing to do. Fighters are cheap and provide the best anti-squad dice to points ratio in the game, if the enemy intercepts your bombers and targets them they are giving your cheap Fighters a free run at returning fire. Honestly though, the best tactic is TIE Interceptors keeping pace with the bombers initially then zooming forward and deliberately engaging as many enemy squads as possible, leaving the enemy with nothing to counter-engage your bombers when they shoot forward after that.
  14. A VSD doesn't have the appropriate upgrade slot to use Engine Techs, so it isn't valid at the moment. A GSD does and can do the following: Spend a Navigate Command and/or Token for any of the available uses, make a normal movement at it's current speed, then make an additional movement using speed 1 on their movement chart. So a GSD can effectively move speed 4, but even more maneuverable.
  15. The only reason X-Wing went x-faction is because otherwise they would have had to release 5-6 new ships all in Wave 6 to make S&V at all comparable to Rebs and Imps. Since Armada doesn't have this flaw we don't need any dilution of faction identity.
  16. Rhymer specifically allows all dice colors to be used at medium range by squadrons.
  17. Crits by default do 0 Damage when a squadron is involved (either targeting or defending). Bomber makes them count as a normal result (do 1 damage) and allows squadrons to resolve critical effects, just like ships.
  18. CR90 is probably the smallest FFG is going to go with Armada, plus what does the Transport bring? It has 0 guns, 0 anti-ship and 0 anti-squadron. There are is no 'action bar' like in X-Wing to give the Transport some support abilities. It would have to be all upgrades and titles. It would have maybe 2 shields forward, 1 elsewhere, and 2-3 hull. It doesn't do much more than provide a target for a SD. I'd rather see bigger ships, and more combat oriented at that, than smaller 'transports'. Thats why wave 2 looks awesome.
  19. Besides, its only an abuse if only one player can do it, you can do it to.
  20. If putting the Template Ruler 1mm away from the ship was an abuse the rules wouldn't specify 'locking in to the template' as the cut-off point. The rules quite clearly allow you to do any type of premeasuring you want, this isn't X-wing and you need to stop thinking of it like X-Wing. If you call a TO over to whine about someone doing something clearly allowed in the rules then at that point you are the one wasting time, as any TO should clearly see premeasuring is allowed. There is a reason the rules specifically call out attaching the template as being the cut-off point.
  21. If a squadron was locked in combat, put it down so it remains in combat. That is pretty much the only thing we need to watch out for when moving squadrons out of the way during movement (assuming the squadrons haven't been overlapped).
  22. So what the OP wants is a Squadron that takes 8 turns of perfect shooting for a capital ship to destroy? Sounds legit.
  23. Exactly this. Each turn isn't a minute of 'game' time, like it is in X-Wing. Capital Ship battles last for hours according to the EU, each turn is probably a fairly decent duration. The ships aren't making snap decisions, they have time to calculate their trajectories. Watch Empire or Jedi and you'll see dozens if not hundreds of computers on the bridge of an SD, they have to be of some use.
  24. Honestly I don't see much of a use for B-Wings. It will take 3-4 turns to just into range of a slow moving enemy. X-Wings and Y-Wings make much better anti-ship squadrons to my mind. X-Wings being multirole while Y's are more dedicated anti-ship. A fleet with perhaps a pair of A's and a few X's escorting mostly Y's seems best to me. The A-Wings use a squadron command to alpha strike and do as much damage with their Counter ability as possible. The X's mop up whats left then focus on ships while the Ys just go straight into it. B-Wings speed of 2 is just too slow to be useful no matter how many anti-ship dice they have. It is also possible that FF realizes this and will bump them up to speed 3 with a points increase (2 pts more maybe).
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