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  1. Are they printed in English?
  2. there is no record of a grey knight serving with the deathwatch. but I suppose it's poissable that a black shield could be a Grey Knight planted with the death watch "for reasons known only to the inqusition" Yes. This is covered in the Daemon Hunter Sourcebook. There have been joint actions between the Deathwatch and Grey Knights, which have led to Justicar Maligante occasionally attaching one of his Grey Knights to a Deathwatch Kill-Team at the request of Watch Captain Brand. (Daemon Hunter, page 106)
  3. He would have been instantly killed had that been the case, especially within the Crimson Fists whose heritage lies with one of if not the most stubborn and conservative First Founding Legion. That's the lore answer anyway, your game your rules. Maybe they would, but the "Gene-Seed Anomaly" Deed is there for a reason.
  4. There is another possibility. Mutated gene-seed causes his Sus-An Membrane to actually work properly. After all, the organs are still implanted.
  5. Just use a derelict ship that has emerged from the Warp. If it's an Imperial ship the team will have an advantage in roughly knowing where they're going, and then use the Space Hulk Mission Generator.
  6. I figure that if the PCs are making intelligent use of Camo Cloaks, but the enemies know roughly where they are, the Suppressive Fire action is the right choice. It forces Pinning Tests with an outside chance of a lucky shot hitting.
  7. Also, a Battle-Brother can spend a Fate Point for the specific purpose of restoring one point of Cohesion.
  8. There was a similar issue with iBooks until recently, but now the sidebars are perfectly legible.
  9. I talked to one of the FFG guys via Facebook, and they can't say when the books will actually be reprinted. I'm personally after a copy of the GM's kit for that screen and having the tables readily available.
  10. For Dark Angels and their Successors, there is the Deathwing, which works very well for a Devastator.
  11. I'd say that the Hesh should be awarded, not obtainable through normal means. Maybe if someone who has a Godwyn bolter as part of their standard kit receives a certain number of Marksman's Honours, he can spend an Elite Advance to replace his Godwyn Bolter with a Hesh.
  12. The Armour of the Remorseless Crusader, the Black Templar Relic from the main book, also lists hexagrammic wards in its description. I imagine that there is some knowledge of them among the Astartes, but much less extensive than the Ordo Malleus and Grey Knights.
  13. But how the leader can use Chapter squad mode if he receives only the Codex abilites depending on the specialty? As I previously quoted from the Oath-taking section, the team has access to the leader's Chapter Attack and Defense abilities. This has never been removed.
  14. It was changed in Errata: "Gaining Squad Mode Abilities (page 219): The sentence “Depending on the squad leader’s Speciality and Chapter, he will have access to a different selection of abilities which his Kill-team may then use during the course of the Mission” should change to “Depending on the squad leader’s Speciality, he will have access to a different selection of Codex abilities which his Kill-team may then use during the course of the mission.” Yes, they changed a section in 219, not 228. Here's another section from the Errata you omitted. "Gaining Chapter Specific Abilities (page 219): Add the following sentence to this section, "Battle-Brothers may activate the Chapter abilities of their own Chapter even if the squad leader is not of the same Chapter, but these abilities will only affect the Battle-Brother and any members of his Kill-team that belong to the same Chapter."
  15. Wow, I completely forgot that - thanks! It doesn't bother me too much (proper suppressing fire needs dakka, after all - bring a Heavy Bolter if you want to do it)*, but still, I might houserule to allow it on Semi-Auto for weapons with the Storm quality, because this is sort of the point of Storm weapons besides being able to hit Genestealers on a narrow corridor. Suppressive Fire also hits on every second DoS after all, so this wouldn't threaten game balance, real or imagined * I do understand the wrongness of removing Full Auto from Bolters and I wouldn't mind keeping DW as a whole more in line with the TT rules. Then again, I also GM'd a few games with pre-errata stats, and it was such an utter mess, that I'm willing to bear with any fluff violations to avoid it ever happening again. There are also Squad Mode abilities from the Jericho Reach sourcebook which allow the entire Kill-team to take an out of turn Suppressive Fire action, or otherwise rely on Full-Auto Attacks.
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