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  1. I love the tractor mechanic, but he needs to do more, or he risks being useless if your opponent doesn't bring tractor tokens. Something like this would let him be built around: Obi Wan Kenobi 3 force, non regenerating. Setup: Equip this side faceup. At the begining of the engagement phase, you may spend 1 force to remove one tractor token from a ship at range 0-2. If you have one or fewer force tokens, you may flip this card. Obi Wan Kenobi (Force Ghost) When friendly ships at Range 0-2 perform a special attack, they may treat the Attack (Target Lock) restriction as Attack (Focus) Maybe 10-12 points, a little cheaper than Chancellor Palpatine?
  2. The first trailer shows an Imperial 1, the second gave us a better look and showed that those same Imperial 1s were modified with big underslung guns. This is probably them.
  3. MacchuWA

    Figuring out Ric

    It is. I've found it very useful - you dial in that three speed manoeuvre which may or may not fit, wait for the lower initiative pilots to move, then decide: if you fit, great. If not, you can choose whether the extra dice are more useful than getting your action/evade (assuming your opponent moved slowly). Cost is the only major issue I have: my list is bang on 200 points, but that's largely because I insist on flying 4 N1s. šŸ™‚
  4. I'm quite disappointed with the First Order designs that actually look to be making it into the movies vs the concept art. It feels like everything that they have actually put on screen has either been ugly (Dagger, Xi, Echelon) or incredibly derivative (TIE f/o, s/f, both those interceptor designs etc.). The only really interesting, unique design they can claim is the Upsilon, and maybe the Silencer. Resistance is hardly any better, with only the bombers being anything close to unique. Just generally feels like a massive missed opportunity.
  5. As a resident of neither of those countries, I'm happy enough having them manufactured wherever the price/quality equation is optimised. If that's China, so be it.
  6. Thanks everyone, sounds like there's nothing super dominant or cancerous to watch out for, oruch of anything to completely avoid (bar rebel A Wings). Looking forward to some pew pew again in the near future. šŸ˜€
  7. So, just before 2nd edition launched, me and my wife had our first kid, which meant I went from being a fairly active player and consumer of X Wing content (videos, podcasts etc.) to essentially zero time to play, and a corresponding decrease in other X Wing content. I'm planning on buying into 2.0 this week, and was hoping for a bit of a primer On what's been going on. What's good, what should I be looking out for, what's changed the most and, maybe critically, what should I buy? I have a decent but not exhaustive list of 1.0 ships, and tended to play mainly rebels in 1.0. my favourite 1.0 ships were X Wings (T-65 and T-70), Y wings, Z-95 Headhunters and K Wings. My current shopping list is a core set, resistance and rebel conversions - will probably pick up scum and imp later. Any cards I need from other packs? And is the Resistance A Wing worth getting?
  8. Not a TV series, but the Freespace series of games. It nearly happened via Kickstarter, but they didn't have the money in the end, which suggest a it probably wouldn't be popular enough to be viable as an actual game. But it'd be great - three species, plenty of fighters for each one, different missiles and primary weapons for upgrade cards, plenty of ways to differentiate ships (stats and dials like X Wing, but also weapons compatibility, arc width and secondary capacity). I'd do it on a sliding scale, so you could put fighters on small bases, bombers on a medium bases, cruisers and corvettes on large bases and bigger capships on epic bases. Add in mechanisms for ETS, countermeasures, afterburners, better secondary integration, and capships with a full weapons suite, and you'd have a potentially complicated, but awesome, game. One downside would be a lack of characters for put cards, but if it were built with that in mind, it would be fine. You could use squadrons instead - on the right kind of ship, you assign a squadron card that gives it special abilities. So, you could have your first ship, and as long as it's a Hercules, Hercules Mk 2 or Ares class, you could assign it the 107th Ravens squadron. And the more Ravens you have in your squad, the better their abilities. One thing that would be better even than Star Wars would be the potential for time (and tech) to meaningfully move forward, rather than be essentially stagnant as it is in the SW universe. Power creep would happen, but that would be thematic as tech got better, and if it was designed properly from day 1, you could release ships in order and make the creep systematic. Maybe this was a bad idea. I'm finding myself pining for a game that'll never get made.
  9. I mean, not to drag this thread too deep into the political mud, but the droid was played by a very white, very British woman. I think you might have been seeing things that weren't neccesarily there from the creators' side.
  10. No idea about smoking before or after. If you mean runtime, we were in the cinema until about 2:40 AM, but that included ads and trailers for about 20 minutes. Much less jokey than TLJ, they don't do the thing where they undercut dramatic moments with a joke. Phoebe Waller Bridge's L3 gets a few comedic lines, but they kind of work in context. Han and Chewie have a couple of funny moments too. Never over the top though.
  11. It's 3:30 AM, so this will be quick. But: It doesn't suck! As someone who truly disliked TLJ and really liked Rogue One, Solo is solid. 7/10 for me. Good Star Wars feel, bit of a weak first act, Donald Glover is great, Alden Erenreich grows on you. Chewie is cool. There are some very nice nods to the old movies, the old EU (though one of these in particular felt a little shoehorned in) and the Filoni TV series' (first one it's a little bit of fun, and I'll say nothing beyond that). If you're on the fence, go see it. It's un, and you'll leave happy. For X Wing though, there's basically nothing more than what we see in the trailers. The AT Hauler can deifnitely go into space. Neither the Falcon's pod nor the new TIE plays a substantial role, and if there were any other new ships they weren't prominent. Now, bedtime.
  12. It's Samuel L Jackson, surely? How is this even a discussion?
  13. It's a semantic point. People can, and frequently do, feel upset on the basis of incorrect understanding or unreasonable expectations; I'm sure we can all point to examples from the political discourses of our various countries. In this case, the people complaining about the cost of the upgrade are labouring under false assumptions or misguided comparisons. X Wing had reached a point competitively where it needed major surgery, which required the devs to build and test a whole new game system, as well as the upgrades and pilots for dozens of existing ships. That time and effort cost money which has to be recouped. The only other options were do nothing (i.e. incur no new costs, requiring no new revenue), and watch the game spiral further and further out of control, or keep releasing new fix packs, which players would have bought at an eventually comparable cost to the conversion kits. You can be upset. But that doesnt mean you're not demonstrably wrong.
  14. But what if they actually are stupid and/or wrong?
  15. E wing has a handful of fundamental problems: It's way too expensive for what it offers. 2 hull is super vulnerable to abilities that drop damage under shields, particularly crits. It was designed before fancy dial tricks (Sloops/Trolls were in the game). So, I would like to see it have a pair of upgrades. First, a title that deals with the fundamental problems. Let's say the E Wing had some kind of advanced chassis design that let it handle crits and some crazy handling Advanced Chassis Title, 0 points. E Wing only. When dealt a face up damage card, you may immediately flip it face down without resolving the effect. After performing a 3 bank, you may rotate your ship 90 degrees. That covers the manoeuvrability and goes some way to helping the tiny hull value. The lack of a stress limitation effectively gives the E Wing a manoeuvre with some of the effectiveness of the Defender's K turn and part of the justification for it being as expensive as it is. It's also a reason to take an E Wing over a T-70. Second, let's use that Astromech slot. The E Wing has native reposition which it can afford to use if it's also got FCS for dice mods, so FAA is slightly less attractive (though still a good choice), and it's really R2D2 that makes Corran so good, so a mech won't benefit him too much (he's already gaining from the title after all). Advanced R7 Astromech Astromech, 1pt At the end of the combat phase, you may place one evade token from your ship on this card. At the beginning of the combat phase, you may assign one of those tokens to your ship. So basically a Rey crew for evade tokens. It really only buffs E wings since evades are hard to get for any other mech carrier, it puts a fraction of Corran's regen ability onto other E Wings, and it gives E Wings with an EPT (basically Etahn at this point, since Corran is likely still taking R2D2) the chance to use Juke much more reliably. Best of all, not being E Wing specific, it could be packaged with a different rebel ship as a backdoor fix, potentially.
  16. I think that a well flown TIE Swarm is still within cooee of competitiveness, with a few notable exceptions (I'm looking at Ghost/Fenn, but probably also triple Wookiee). If you assume FFG maybe eventually does something with those two, you're left with one super hard counter - AoE bombs and harpoons. In all honesty, I'm okay with hard counters in the game - every now and then, you are going to lose at the match up stage. But the counter should be firm, rather than cast-iron hard. Hence my suggestion: Commandant Goran PS8, TIE Fighter, 18 points, EPT. At the end of the setup phase, assign the "Imperial Training" condition to each friendly Galactic Empire TIE Fighter at Range 1-3. Imperial Training When defending, you may cancel up to 1 critical result before hit results. After rolling dice, you may discard this card to reroll any number of those dice. This condition serves two purposes. First, letting you cancel up to one crit first substantially improves your odds of preventing Harpoons from triggering. Second, because of the way the second part is worded, you can use it to reroll anything that goes badly for you. So if you get caught by an errant bomblet and roll two hits with Sabine waiting in the wings? Reroll those. Forced over a debris and rolled a crit? That die's getting rerolled. Rolled four blanks at range three and you're about to pop to three hits? Reroll those bad boys. Need one hit on a VCX to kill it before it gets its end of round TLT off,but rolled double eyeballs? Reroll time, baby! It's like a shittier single use Palp. Won't make the TIEs unkillable, but it will smooth out bad luck and give them options vs bombs (while being far from useless vs non bombing lists). He's PS8 to fly with Howlrunner, and to have value other than purely for his setup ability. The only things I'm uncertain about are point cost, and the exact wording of the restrictions. I limited it to Galactic Empire only so that neither Quickdraw nor Omega Leader could benefit, but that means none of the low PS TIE/fo's can benefit either. I'm okay with that thematically, but I feel like it restricts things a bit from a list building perspective. I considered a PS based restriction, but there's no way to do it where you can keep both QD and OL out without also excluding Howlrunner. So there's definitely room to tweak there.
  17. Seems unlikely TBH - it might be artistic license, but it looks like it has a single central engine as opposed to two split engines.
  18. As much as the SW fanboy in me can't help but imagine the possibilities, the realist in me suggests that nothing behind the scenes would have changed if Snoke had been Thrawn. TFA would have played out broadly similarly, Rian Johnson would still have been picked for Episode VII, where he would have found some way to meaninglessly kill him off. I'm not sure Filoni's usage of the character was vastly better, but at least he's theoretically on ice somewhere as opposed to dead.
  19. I would really strongly encourage people to give BTL-A4 TLT Y Wings with Flight Assist Astromech a try. It's not quite like anything, but it's got a lot in common with something like a HLC gunboat - same price, similarly kind of manoeuvrable, but in a weird way, and a super effective jouster. Pop bomb load out, Extra Munitions and a Proximity mine on there and you have a really, really fun little ship with a lot of tricks for 30 points. Vulnerable to stress, yes, and there's very little in the way of defence, so focus fire is an issue. But it's a **** of a lot of fun and actually pretty competitive. I've run two of them paired with a TLT Miranda with Sabine, LRS and Bomblet and had some pretty good results - not quite world beating, but good enough that I'd be a little worried about going too far adding boosts to the Y Wing. A generic with an EPT, maybe some way to shed stress, and you're probably golden. One thing I've noticed on a related topic: I don't think pumping up torpedoes to Harpoon level silliness will be good for the Y Wing. Not only would there inevitably be unintended consequences somewhere (probably on Miranda or Corran or Poe or something), but I doubt the Y Would take it under too many circumstances. A BTL TLT has the offence of a torp in most cases, and you get to fire it every shot. Consider the super torpedo scenario, keeping in mind that: No reload action, EMs is 2 extra points, so your points are going to go up there. No Flight Assist Astromech assuming you want to fire out of Arc (otherwise, just take BTL and TLT) You're still a Y Wing. Being as generous as possible, let's assume you want to fly a standard Y Wing with ABT, EMs, a 3 point supertorpedo, Guidance Chips and R2 Astromech. That's 26 points for a low PS Y Wing that can't take LRS to get those torpedoes off in the first place. Depending on how the torp works, yeah, you might hit harder than a TLT BTL, but you're definitely going to struggle to fire them as easily or as often. And you can't have four of them without sacrificing at least the mech, at which point your manoeuvrability is in the tank compared with the FAA Y Wing. The ABT out of arc is certainly nice, but I'm not sure it'd be nice enough, unless the torp was so amazing that it damaged the game.
  20. It's self evidently not true that X Wing is dead. But I do think it's a legitimate question as to whether X Wing has peaked. Obviously there's no single answer - it's going to depend on the metric you use, and we lack the data for the big ones (sales, new players joining etc.), so we have to rely on anecdotal evidence. Purely anecdotally, I feel like at the very least growth has peaked in my local area, and maybe player numbers are even on the way down. There seems to be more people selling collections than buying on the local FB page, our regional was pretty much the same size as last year (having grown every previous year, and despite expectations that it would grow again this year). My best metric is probably league night participation, where we could previously reliably get a dozen or more people, now 4-8 is a standard night (a small change, but a fairly consistent one). I doubt there's much we can do about it to be honest. Everything has a life cycle, and FFG games tend not to have enormously long life cycles. The transition to a downward slope of participation is inevitable until or unless it stabilises at some level. The only real question is where that level will be.
  21. Honestly, most of the Rebels voice cast could play their characters fairly well. Ashley Eckstein, Tiya Sircar and Taylor Gray (Ahsoka, Sabine and Ezra) are all roughly the right age, and the characters were pretty clearly modelled on them (particularly Ezra). Freddie Prinze Jr is a little old for Kanan, but not vastly - a bit of hair dye and Hollywood makeup and he could pull it off (and given his fate he's unlikely to be an issue for future live action). Vanessa Marshall is probably a bit further past where Hera should be age wise, and Steven Blum is the wrong side of 6 feet for Zeb (but if he was a prosthetic or CG character that wouldn't matter). There are a few definite recasts required (Kallus' voice actor is black, for one), but the core cast could mostly manage it. It would obviously depend on the era, but if the rumours are true and the next TV series is set in the resistance era, and it happens to be the rumoured live action series, any or all of them might be on the table for a live action cameo (much easier to age the younger actors up than the older actors down).
  22. At 40 points, take Miranda, TLT, Sabine, Bomblet. Long Range Scanners probably wont hurt either. Drop a few bomblets early on in the furball to catch a bunch of free AoE damage points, use SLAMmimg and bumping to stay out of killboxes, and regen to stay alive long enough for the field to thin itself out a bit. Once it's down to you and a couple of others, start picking away at them with TLT. One on one you should be the last man standing fairly easily. Only question is whether regen removes points your opponents have scored. If not, Miranda's probably a bad call, as you'll bleed points. In that case, high PS x7 defender with Expertise. Super hard to kill, does enough damage to earn a few points of it's own. Good middle ground ship.
  23. They could, but it's a poorer way to fix the ship than fixing it's underlying fundamentals in some fashion. If you add a couple of great pilots, great, you've added a couple of pilots, but if you fix the chassis, you also get to revive the old ones. Cassian and Heff are both great in the right squad, just costly for their offence, and I'm sure there're evil geniuses who can come up with great lists for Bodhi and the generic. But right now they just don't do enough for their points. Besides, think about other ships which are held up by a single pilot: Does the E Wing not need fixing because Corran is good? Was the T-65 fine when Biggs or occasionally Wes were the only ships being flown? A great new pilot will get some table time for a ship, but a proper fix is, IMO, more than just a new pilot.
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