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  1. I run greyjoy banner Martel the none loyal Martel cards are phenomenal at helping get unapposed challenges
  2. Im going to try a 2v2 next time I play however our idea was to play the exact same as 1v1 except two pairs need a combined total of 30 power be it one has 10 the there has 20 doesn't matter. We're not going to change any other rules like being able to defend for each other or anything like that. Possible give everyone the power to kneel there house card to redirect a challenge to themselves
  3. Agot 2.0 I play net runner on occasion have bought 3 expansions don't plan on buying more so don't know wether to count it
  4. No it was the second printing I got with 3x everything It must've been the greyjoy box though it added 6 new cards like title cards that made a new 6 player variant called kingsmoot we got 3 of each of those 6 cards and we could only ever need 1
  5. Well the Martel deluxe box in first edition gave us 3 of each of 6 cards introduced for the new game mode kings moot. We only needed one of those,
  6. You could sell the first edition for funds for second edition. Since you play only casually and occasionally the second edition would be good you get 8 house decks which you merge two together giving 28 possible combinations. So you'll not need to worry about variation for a while. However equally viable option is buying the Martel and greyjoy deluxe boxes for the first edition to add two new house decks giving you a total of 6. However the issue with this is comparing to the 4 core set houses the new two would be more powerful and consistant decks. There is a great guide on 6 balanced decks for the first edition but you need 2 core sets and the two delux boxes I mentioned. For the first edition that was all I bought and it was far far better than playing with just the core set. Tldr: I'm beginning to rant, new edition will add a lot of variation. Or buy the Martel / greyjoy delux boxes for first edition
  7. The bards class skill forgot name says When he places a song token on a skill he may move 1 space. It doesn't say gain 1 movement point therefore can the bard move into a water space with this "move one space" skill? Also does the bard only pay the fatigue cost when placing the song token? And then until removed the ability happens everytime without he fatigue cost?
  8. Can he use this ability to travel through a portcullis? They don't block line of sight or adjacency of squars.
  9. I recently got manor of Ravens and I like the quest designs in it so maybe I'd pick that over trollfens which I don't have yet. Trolfens however adds green dice which manor does not, (green dice are used by certain items and enemies which are weaker than yellow dice but have 4/6 chance to give a surge. Trolfens also expands upon the secret rooms by adding a new room and different cards. Which if you are a fan of secret room may be something that interests you. For me though even not playing the big box campaigns i still pick them over a small box. At max you can add 1 rumour quest which then become and advance quest so 2 new quests. So just the lair of the wyrm satisfies me. SoN adds 4 heroes and 4 classes and 3 new monsters. Green dice, Loads of shop items, extra universal OL cards. Overall I really like it. However it does cost a lot more than a small box but I'd say offers more than double the stuff
  10. I am also hooked i havnt even finished 1 playthrough yet but have already got most expansions. I went for SoN over labarynth firs because the new thematic board design, the enemies and heroes interested me more. And the whole new campaign im currently storing info for 3 campaign groups so for my sake I wanted the next one to be different. But LoR is next on my list
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