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  1. Thank you very much for your help. I have one more question. What are possible NPC reactions when "inquisitor" can't prove his identity? Or if they take their word back and will claim they are not the inquisitor at all?
  2. Thank you for these answers. What about the authorities? At some point, somebody will ask for Inquisitorial Rosette, or anything that can confirm their words. What then? Can these be forged? Who can request (demand?) to show him the rosette?
  3. Hello, I need advice on how NPCs could/should react to my PCs action. Players don't know much about the lore, but understand who are acolytes, and why they should be stealthy. In the most recent adventure they have decided to try something different: to announce themselves as the Holy Inquisition. I guess their plan is as good as any other, but they don't have any official documents (nor permission) from their Inquisitor. They are on the planet Sepheris Secundus described in the core book (brief summary: medieval monarchy + advanced weaponry in the capital, low Adept presence). How would you play this out? How would react a simple trooper or citizen, officer or the queen herself?
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