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  1. I think the biggest issue is that regionals are too sparse in our area. Last season Poland had 5 easily drivable regionals and that's not even including going out of the country in an area about the size of NY state. I don't think adding another 25-50% would make the events less prestigious or affect attendance as many people would go to multiple events.
  2. If we get one thing out of this, it should be official guidelines on proper punishment for different infractions so that TOs can make a fair and quick determination. FFG should be setting an example for TOs at lower level tournaments.
  3. That crit killed it. Manaroo as a blocked gave me no good options. The rest of it was mercifully ending it quickly. Still, a great match.
  4. Should have been a dual card where you choose either out of arc or range 3 as the effect.
  5. The problem is that in my area if I bring Feedback Array it's a waste of points against a Super Dash or Ghost. It's only not a waste of points when you face Acewings. Well yes, this approach won't win tournaments. The goal is to troll Ace wings and have fun.
  6. I'm in the 3 out of 4 mirror match area where 26% of squads were Palpaces. I couldn't go to regionals because of other commitments thereby making the problem worse I guess. I am exactly one of these people that you are talking about and I am about to take a break from organized play. This isn't because I can't compete in this meta with other stuff because I can. Went top4 in store champ with Howlie, 3 obsidians and a patrol leader w/Vader. (lost in top4 cut to another original squad) Won another store champ with Imperial crackswarm and I've beat our Regional champion in the last two matches we played. Almost beat Palpaces at store champs with 5 naked scyks and a starviper (2 interceptors left at 1 hp at time after rolling 3 evades on two blocks) What I don't like is facing so many Palpaces at the top and the excruciating task of list building squads that can beat Aces(have tons of these tested) but can also win against other stuff. It's just not fun. Three of our store champs were won by original squads with Rebel Aces, bombs, and crackswarm but everybody still plays the meta squads at tournaments, casuals, and newly created league. I know some players would like to use other stuff but they just don't feel competitive using other stuff. The reality is that playing other lists is often a handicap and yes, the really good players can still win but for many meta lists are the way to go if they want to win. I think it's on FFG to balance the game better and not add additional counters to stuff that's already hurting. At one of the store champs my son played brobots and he faces Palpaces in the first two rounds for quick loses followed by a bye. Fortunately he won his last game vs Rebel swarm but that's still a pretty sh*tty tournament expirience. I think my approach going forward will be to bring Palpaces hard counters. Kill them with fire and if someone is playing anything else, great! They need to be encouraged.
  7. The problem with scouts is not that they are dominating the meta but, like TLTs before that, that they counter a lot of stuff while still not putting a dent in PalpAces. This allows PalpAces to be even more of a dominating force. Maybe it's time for FFG to do some nerfs instead of releasing counters that counter everything but the dominating squad. I used to fly firesprays but TLTs are like a countdown of doom for them and scouts now made bounty hunters completely unusable. Palpaces made up 26% of NY regionals and that's worse than the Whisper/FatHan dominance. Imperial Aces did not need the Emperor but it is a $100 card that's making FFG tons of money. Unfortunately FFG fixes lately have been to release another money maker.
  8. Not sure about Regionals in the winter. Snow could be a major problem for travel.
  9. Came in 4th out of 40 with Howlrunner 3x Obsidian Patrol Leader w/Vader Suprisingly not a single Palp Aces on the way up.
  10. But he did. He got the satisfaction of having his friend go on to the finals. Wold he do the same for ANY opponent?
  11. So collusion only happens if a person gets a physical reward in exchange for participating in score fixing? What a bogus ruling. So I can cheat as long as I'm not the one benefitting. Got it!
  12. I believe the only way for that to clearly be true is if this happened during the final round of eliminations. The one player may have had an easier time making the elimination rounds but he still had to win those to get his bye. Or perhaps you'd rather see them both lose byes and be banned from X-Wing play forever? That's a rather large jump to 'banned from x-wing forever' but yes, both players should forfeit their regional byes at the least. There are clear rules and breaking them at the competitive level events should be punished.
  13. This is a clear case of collusion and the winner should give up his regional bye.
  14. I would say that the iOS app is automatically disqualified because it doesn't follow tournament rules. There's a reason that the pairings were changed to random. Last year, you'd have 2 ship builds fight other 2 ship builds with perfect MoV and the swarms that they fear get filtered out after round 1.
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