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  1. Ok, thanks. (Wish they would Bold “after”)
  2. Not saying your logic is wrong, but since Snap Shot doesn’t say “immediately” then the actual attack would not happen until the next aftermath step. That would typically be after the ship attacks in that phase. So, Snap Shot triggers the Bonus Attack. But that subsequent Bonus attack won’t be resolved until the Aftermath step of his normal attack for the round
  3. Does this bonus attack happen immediately once triggered or during the aftermath step of the normal attack phase? per the rules reference: “If a card instructs a ship to perform a bonus attack, it performs an additional attack during the Aftermath step.”
  4. You are correct, but if you are already stressed and reveal a red maneuver then I still don’t see how this card prevents you from having to go 2 straight white.
  5. Fair enough. What I thought it would do is allow you to start unstressed, reveal red maneuver, get stress token from contraband, execute red maneuver, perform action, gain second stress token. Basically I thought it allowed you to perform a red maneuver and action at the cost of 2 stress. (Which seems pretty crappy but logical)
  6. It overrides the rule that you can’t execute red maneuvers or perform actions while stressed, but how does it override the rule that says “if a stressed ship reveals a red maneuver...”? These seem like two different rules to me.
  7. Sorry if this has been answered but I couldn’t find one. If I am stressed then reveal a red maneuver I don’t see how this card overrides forcing me to move s 2 white. What am I missing?
  8. So…if you take Saturation Salvo, Cruise Missile and Munitions Failsafe… Cruise Missile says: Attack (Target Lock): Discard this card to perform this attack. You may roll additional attack dice equal to the speed of the maneuver you executed this round, to a max of 5 add dice. I don’t have to actually Spend the target lock. I don’t have to actually roll additional dice (the Cruise Missile starts at 1 attack dice) So I can fire at a locked target, pretty much auto miss due to only having 1 attack dice and then saturation salvo kicks in on everything that is only defense dice 2 or less near the defender. Munitions failsafe saves the missile for the next turn; and since I still have an unspent lock I can repeat. I could take four Black Sun Aces with Vaksai, Saturation Salvo, Cruise Missile, Munitions Failsafe, Guidance Chip (when you actually do want to hit), Inertial dampners all for 100pts. Hmm…
  9. 2xWarden Squadron Pilot, Advanced SLAM, Conner Net, Proximity Mines, Extra Munitions, Intelligence Agent (or Bombardier) Blue Squadron Pilot, B-Wing/E2, Sabine Wren, Ion Bomb, Extra Munitions, Trajectory Simulator thoughts?
  10. 4 ships all at PS 5 with Attanni Minlink. Sarco races around dropping bombs and focusing (hopefully keeping at 3 Defence dice). 100 pts Sarco Plank (18), Cad Bane (2), Bomblet Generator (3), Attanni Mindlink (1) 2 x Black Sun Ace (23), Vaskai Title (0), XX-23 Thread Tracers (0), Munitions Failsafe (0), Guidance Chips (0), Vectored Thrusters (1), Gliterstim (1), Attanni Mindlink (0) Black Sun Assasin (28), Star Viper Mk II title (-3), Attanni Mindlink (1) thoughts?
  11. How has this build been working for you? I want to try this but swap the RecSpec with Andrasta title and bomblet generator.
  12. Is there any merit to Sabine Wren in attack shuttle, captain Rex crew, Intensity EPT? 25 pts.
  13. You thinking (100pts): Trandishan Slaver, Jabba the Hutt 3X Cartel Marauders, Vaksai, Hot shot Blaster, Munitions Failsafe
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