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  1. Hello, I own the basic game, Lair of the Wyrm, a hero and monster collection (Visions of Dawn), and now i bought Labyrinth of Ruin and Heirs of Blood. As i see at the Shop Item Cards of Labyrinth of Ruin, I think that is better than them in the basic game and the fisrt expansion (LotW). I have not read the campaign of LoR yet. I think that as the game progresses through expansions, the heroes have more options to get better and have precedence over OL. And I don't think that the new deck will help him.
  2. I think that all depends on luck. I played about ten times and never win. The furthest ran was with Nara the Fang as a champion and Jain as a thief.
  3. I am a new player in descent2 and i bought as my first expansion lair of thw wyrm. I think it s better to buy a smaller expansion because it s easier for new players to learn better and consistently the game. Then, i am planning to buy some monster and hero collection and liutenant packs. After that, i am going to buy a bigger expansion, probably labyrinth of ruin.
  4. In the rulebook mentioned (page 13) that : Since monsters do not have a Stamina value , if a monster suffers any amount of fatigue , it suffers that amount of damage instead.
  5. Can a hero or a monster suffer damage to move further such as he suffering fatigue?
  6. In the base game rulebook, is mentioned that every time a hero performs a stand up action, that action is the only action he can perform (page 10) . But in case that a hero revives a hero who is knocked out, is mentioned that <<Unless revived by another hero, a knocked out hero may only perform one action on his next turn, and that action must be to stand back up>> (page 15) . 1) a) What stand back up action is? b)What is the difference between stand up and stand back up action? 2) Which and how many actions a revived hero can perform?
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