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  1. No-one is going to mention the fact that this guy HAS HIS OWN SATELLITE?!? And that he is selling parts of his collection to fund the launch? now that is one **** of a hobby.
  2. Ah yes, you are correct. I had assumed they would also be offering the deck to preorders of conversion kits. My bad.
  3. The thing is, RuneWars has a 99$ base game. The essential kit presumably serves the function of roping in new players. We have no data on the ratio of essential packs to base games sold and if the pack has been successful in roping in large numbers of new players. If not, that could be a reason for FFG to decide against it. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m all for a pack like this but looking at its function and the cost difference, I could understand FFG deciding that it is not worthwhile. I’ll say it again, if a scum player does not want to shell out for a core set, there is the option of preordering a conversion kit to get the damage deck and buying third party acrylics.
  4. We have never met but I still feel inclined to respond.. let me start off by saying that I have enjoyed your contributions to the game and the community. Reading through these posts I get the feeling that you are pursuing monetary compensation for your mathematical contributions towards the meta, which is fine. FFG on the other hand looks to own your works for the princely sum of 0$. I would step away. That gap will not be closed. Respectfully, FE
  5. I’m gonna be that guy: the day they announced v2.0 ? On a more serious note: Going 5-0 in Swiss with an arced list at the last regionals I played in this meta.
  6. Then don’t? Talk to your local retailer about getting a preorder damage deck and do some research regarding 3rd party acrylics? Come September you’ll be set to go?
  7. So maybe there is a reason they’re not doing this for X-Wing, as they are surely aware of this possibility? Also, dropping 100$ for a core set with stuff you’re not going to use is much harder to stomach than 40$, so they probably included that option to expand the player base of an unproven miniatures game.
  8. Have you given thought to the logistics involved in this? To offer an additional SKU with basically the same components minus the miniatures? At what price point are you going to sell this? In what ratio do you think distributors buy this off of you as compared to the normal core set? How will people feel if they impulse buy a set like this and find that they can’t play it out of the box? Are retailers going to allot shelf space to this stuff? Are you expecting FFG to devote time and resources to sort through ‘countless’ proofs of purchase? What about shipping costs and dispatch wait times? Are you prepared to pay those? Do you know what miniatures games rule books generally go for? Don’t you think that a sizable amount of people will skip the core set and just go for a conversion preorder with a new damage deck and a set of 3rd party acrylics? I’m as much game for upgrading with as little bloat as possible but I just don’t think it’s viable from a business standpoint. Answer me those questions and I’ll have a couple more for you
  9. Then people would probably complain about the fact that they are paying extra for unneeded extra tokens, damage decks and templates.
  10. Seeing that people are going through every perceivable variant of leaving components out of the core set, might I suggest FFG just sell us an empty box? You can mix and match components as needed and can choose to print out the rules on cheap printer paper or the high gloss fancy stuff as required. Scum players can choose their own 3 ships to put in, they just have to preorder a conversion set and then sell the unneeded extra components via eBay and the like. Also, preordering nets you a damage deck which you can put in there as well. And, 3rd parties will likely come out with fancy acrylic templates sooner rather than later, so get a set of those and you’re set to go! We all have heaps of extra dice lying around so this shouldn’t be a problem. Come on FFG, you know what we want, even though we don’t! Sell us an empty box! -disclaimer- this post may or may not contain sarcasm.
  11. 3rd parties will surely come out with acrylic templates and you could try to acquire a pre-order damage deck. So that’s sorted, right?
  12. I believe the TIE dials haven’t actually changed at all so.. use the old ones? And photocopy the ship cards as needed? Crazy idea, I know!
  13. I have a fairly large collection and am excited to be able to switch to version 2.0 with a small to moderate investment. I love to fly different ships and am not OCD about needing a dial for every ship I own. I will be starting small by buying a core set and one or two conversion packs (yeah right, I’ll probably end up with at least one of everything, even the wave I ships...) and will enjoy exploring the intricacies of X-Wing anew. ..but reading these forums I seem to get the impression that I’m in the minority...
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