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  1. Mine is out for delivery today from Magic Madhouse in the UK.
  2. Game worth is relative. Without minis my reaction is along the lines of "That much for a bit of cardboard!" But then I can't really talk I played MTG for a long while :D. To be honest I loved the idea of Fireborn but the rules were nearly incomprehensible. I am looking at running a similar background under Genesys, and it is not the only RPG to suffer from this. Sometimes I like simple and fun, what you are refering to as superficial I think here. I have more than enough more complex games, TI2, Starcraft and Decent to name a few. being able to grab a simple take that dice chucker (AQ) or easy non campaign dungeon crawler (Massive Darkness) also has its uses. I havent tried WizWar, but am really enjoying the new L5R LCG and AH LCG at the moment. And i cannot wait to get my TI4!!!!!!!!
  3. I never really played with more than 6 but i know 4th is just a refinement of 3rd. As such I would follow that principle and streamline the way you did it in 3rd. You would probably need to construct a new tec deck, use the 3rd ships and maybe a few other things but should not be a problem. edit: typo
  4. I think it might be FFG are planing the following. Release core book. (Every one making there own setting grabs it) At the same time show Android book to wet appetites. Release Android. (Sells with wave 2 of core) next book is announced. Release next setting with core wave 3...........and so on. this would smooth demand for the core book, something FFG have had trouble with for SWFFG.
  5. Hmmmm. Shapeshifter in a Cyber or steampunk setting..... Rigger, rather than turning into your creature you pilot it from afar.
  6. Really hoping i got my order in for the pre-order version. 1. I was quite late (only a couple of weeks ago) 2. Ordered from a UK website. Still even the normal version has me hyped. I had 2nd & Skipped 3rd, was considering finally biting the bullet and they announce 4th
  7. Fireborn would indeed be cool. Loved the idea but never quite worked for me. As for what I am planning though..... Sky Ships. Guns of Icarus, Weatherlight, that bit from stardust. Fly the skys, defend the homeland, stop the pirates OR become them, grab the loot, get the fame & affection @ a reasonable price. Edit to correct autocorrect.
  8. Was overly complex in its mechanics where skills let you swap around stats. Also the story requirement of flashbacks made writing for the system incredibly awkward. The setting was indeed a great idea, and something I have considered redoing with a WoD type rule set. I really like Arcadia Quest. I like the competing guilds aspect of it. A friend has SDE and it has never seen the table. She and a couple of others have looked at it and cannot fathom the game. I do wanna try it but probably would give buying it a miss partially because of that. As a side note i am part of a facebook boardgame sales group and i only saw AQ kickstarters on there (buy 2 sell 1 etc), where as SDE comes up quite often.
  9. Really?? I enjoy Zombiecide, Arcadia Quest, The Others and Massive Darkness. I am really looking forward to receiving Rising Sun (a game arguably this one's direct competitor). A lot of my CMoN games are simple I would say, but poor mechanics? Only thing I think is poorly done from the above games was targeting in the Origional Zombiecide. That was fixed in Black Plague. Oh and FFG has some poor mechanics too. Don't believe me take a look @ Fireborn.
  10. No it's more like. I spent time looking for these 10 sided dice, they are the colour I like and feel nice to roll. I already paid for these. I also paid for 3 sets of star wars dice that I have to use for when we play star wars RPG, and 2 sets of x-wing dice....... and so on (mainly board games with this trend). My ascetic is important to me and I spend time on it surely a player of a game that works hard gets it's feel right can understand that. I don't wish to have to buy a new set of dice that I cannot match to that look every time I start a new RPG or miniature game.
  11. My problem is selling this to my group. We have a history of getting into a new game and it disappearing fast when 1 or 2 people dump ALL the cash in. So far I have 1 core and have managed to demo the game to 2 people. they do follow ffg though and know the news. I can hear them now with the price gouging complaints. This game won't grow now in my group because of the announcement. It's like the RPG. We like and have played 1st to 4th edition. However another specialised dice game!!!!! turns us right of because we have to buy more dice (the app is a no go for us) and we cannot get them in any style bar the official one. I doubt we will play 5th and that will be sad. Now I can understand the need for a good competitive environment and so understand the way they have done this. I think it would have been more palatable to casuals though if they had released this cycle as 7 Clan packs to enlarge the pool. That way you don't feel the need to buy it all @ £35 per core and £20~ a booster (for 6 Clan cards and neutrals) for us non torniment players.
  12. Minis bring table presence and wow factor to a game. They are a good way to get players invested at an early stage, and give a more visceral connection. Lose a token so what but lose a guy and OMG I'll get you for that! Even if those minis represent whole forces. Now I'm not just saying finely sculpted figures like CMoN does, but even the little guys like in risk can make a big difference in the feel of a game. I admit I prefer factions to have their own flavour (again helps buy in). But for me any mini helps.
  13. My first thought was Rising Sun too. To be honest if RS did not exist then this would have been a buy. However I have Kickstartered RS and this seems to lack high quality minis that would give me a good draw into the game. When I saw Rising Sun I started thinking on Rokagunising it and I may well grab the board and clan boards from this and use with the RS rules to fit. OFC if we get an L5R minis game then the minis will come from Rokugun too.
  14. Currently running it @time it is set. main things I would watch for.
  15. One thing I will point out is that 2 of the F&D books (savage spirits and endless vigil) have a nice chapter on wilderness (spirits) and urban (vigil). Both of these include a table that gives extra ideas on spending Advantage & Disadvantage in those locations.
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