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  1. great example of how f... up the roles are. ffg will release a lion card not even playable by the lion clan... and yeah, i love the new game, but for me having to respect the roles is plain stupid, everybody knows scorps were the underhand of the emperor, but still you didnt have to chose to play the underhand in the old version. and seeing the lion card is enough proof for me to chose my role freely.
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Acrylic-L5R-Honor-Counter-Dial-/282614223145?hash=item41cd1ed129:g:R58AAOSw4MNZlV~A they do dials with numbers 0-25
  3. wtf... the game has not even been released and they already impose players what role they have to chose for a tournament. biggest joke ever. deck construction rules is in the rules btw. and if i remember right players at gencon decided, were was my vote there?
  4. why do i have to play a role someone else picked? as far as i remember we still have free will...
  5. alternate timeline sounds good, plz bring back naga or nezumi
  6. great, now that i caught up buying the deluxe expansions and the missing warpacks...
  7. 2nd base? think thats simply to much to get some more command cards, especially with those f... rebels i will get double
  8. so what expansions do i need to get to build the imperial search block list? if i read the list right none as all the minis are in the base set. but no idea about those command cards. thx
  9. not working for any of my browsers (chrome, firefox or safari)
  10. who cares if its a sneak or not. what about the size difference for those bomb and mine tokens? which tokens will be legal now?
  11. not touching rebels unless my buddy needs to playtest a list vs rebels, all imp and scum
  12. gunboat for imps and rebels would be nice, although i dont play rebels
  13. it would be nice if ffg could update the regionals locations etc. munich on april 2nd, not even on the list of ffg... maybe someone has the regionals for france and germany??? thx
  14. is there a chance my beloved rats will come back? probably the only reason for me to get back into the game
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