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  1. But wasn't he a senator from Naboo, representing the whole planet, not just his species?
  2. I'm all for supporting the local game store, but when I need something quick, I'll take it wherever I can get it.
  3. The Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide by Pablo Hidalgo has pictures of a race they call the "Mimbanese" or "Mimabanians". They are red-skinned aliens, which means they are not the "greenies" from the Splinter of the Mind's Eye. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mimbanese http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Iasento
  4. The mud planet that Han was fighting on was Mimban (from Splinter of the Mind's Eye fame). According to Star Wars Legends, two species, the Mimbanites and the Coway, are native to Mimban.
  5. 20+ in stock at Miniature Market. I just got one two weeks ago. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswr10.html
  6. I think Ganks were first mention in the Dark Empire comics by Dark Horse (as "Gank Killers").
  7. How many official species are there for EotE and AoR? It seems to be about three new races for every sourcebook. I don't have all of them (or most of them) yet, so I was wondering what is out there.
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