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  1. Thanks. I'm glad it's being looked after. Otherwise, I have no complaints. It's a great resource!
  2. I didn't read all 11 pages of comment, so I don't know if this is dealt with here, SO ... I have saved squads (after discovering the app just yesterday), and there are some on the saved list that I don't want because I either created them inadvertantly, or they're duplicates, or whatever. How do I delete a squad from my list? Thanks, pilots!
  3. I'm quoting myself, here. The slide presentation was no good. This I learned when some kids showed up late and I felt I had to truncate the instructions to catch them up. Turned out, they were faster up to speed than the ones that were subjected to the slides. Just getting them playing was the most helpful, and the most fun -- grab an empty seat, pick up a dial, choose a maneuver, use the template, roll the dice. There was very little instruction necessary beyond that. Most importantly, the students who showed had fun, even the ones who didn't really like the flying and sat and competed just with the dice. The feedback I got says they can't wait for next month's session. Thanks for all your suggestions and support!
  4. I like all these ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I'm definitely going to refer back.
  5. We're all set. I think I'll have about 16 students, so that means 4 games of 4 ships each, two students per team, with a variety of matchups -- two Rebel vs. Imperial tables, then 1 each Rebel vs. Scum, and Imperial vs. Scum -- and eleven different ships represented. (Han Solo vs. Scum Boba Fett are the only large-base ships we're using.) Ship/Pilot cards I enlarged and printed on 8.5x11 sheets of paper, with all the information clearly labeled. We are not using Upgrade cards. Some of the Pilots are of a high enough PS level to have special abilities, so I tried to balance the teams as closely as possible. I made 4 "play mats" out of 1/8" plywood covered with Plasti-Dip spray rubber and edged with duct tape, which will lay over 4 student desks pushed together. They'll see a Google Slides presentation that walks them through the basics of the four phases of play, and what the important icons mean. We'll practice movement with the templates. Fingers crossed! Fly Casual!
  6. I've seen the MarioKart version. I even tried to set it up on my own mat and gave it a run with my son. While we still believe it to be a fun and interesting variation on the game, we're going to have to call "user error," because we gave up in the 5th round with only one of us having successfully made the first turn without exploding. I think there was something wrong in how I duplicated the track map.
  7. Thanks for the reply. It's nice to see something like this has worked in other places. For your MDF sheets, are they covered/coated with anything? I'm still exploring options for additional play surfaces, because most of the time, desks/tables pushed together create seams in a flexible playmat -- wrinkles in space, if you will.
  8. Thank you, wfain, and JSwindy. I think limiting asteroids and upgrades, having smaller squad sizes, and the game mat life hacks are all great ideas. Edit: I have the Aturi Cluster campaign, but have never played it. It's among the great many resources, missions, documents, project plans, and links I have amassed yet never used.
  9. Hi, all. I teach U.S. History to 8th graders (13 - 14 years old). I have the opportunity to hand-pick some of my students for three once-monthly Saturday Academy sessions coming up this Spring. I want to introduce X-Wing to them. The philosophy under which I'm operating, namely that playing X-Wing: Cultivates creativity Helps develop social skills Encourages teamwork and cooperation Teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills Promotes positive communication and oral language skills Develops math skills like mapping, graphing, orienteering, measurement, and computation If you were me, how would you go about introducing the game to a group of teenaged students? Some things that maybe you need to know, and/or questions I'm considering: I will have a minimum 8 kids in my group, for about two hours. Then we'll rotate for the next two-hour slot. What if I have 10 - 12 or more students? What structure would you suggest to give maximum time/fun to everyone who comes? I have three sets of movement templates. I know it's ideal for each player/team to have their own dedicated set, but could it work that two games share a set of templates? That would allow, for example, two 4-player tables to share one template set, allowing up to 24 players at a time. Pros/Cons? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy more dice. I have 43 ships in my fleet, spread across all three factions. (One huge ship, the CR90.) I think I should explain only the rules/procedures that are necessary to get them flying/shooting as quickly as possible. To me, this means that some rules are going to have to fall by the wayside. Which ones can we disregard in the name of beginners having fun and learning the basics? I don't think I should let kids choose their own squadron builds as it would take too much time. How would you go about pre-selecting ship matchups, pilots, upgrades, etc., to keep gameplay simple, yet fun and competitive? For small, 2-ship lists, can I reduce the size of the play field? Would that have an adverse effect on fun/competition? I have enough desks to push them together in ten 4-seat configurations to make tabletops of 3ft between players by 4 ft side-to-side. However, I have only one game mat. Suggestions? What else am I not considering? Thanks in advance. I love this community.
  10. I've been collecting X-Wing Miniatures for a little over a year, but the closest players of the game that I can find are 90 minutes or more away. So I've been collecting A LOT more than I've been playing. I started a Facebook page, too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xwingcoachella/. This is for any players in the Coachella Valley -- Palm Springs to Indio, CA -- otherwise known as the Desert Cities. Just putting out the feelers to see who's in my area, and would want to play without having to drive hours and hours. Thanks, y'all!
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