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  1. Hey, did this index ever happened? I'm going through the Creature Guide and each action has "recommendations" on which creature may use it. On top of these each action used to have a "used by"... it is quite a mess. I'm trying to organize all this but it seems un-ending haha.
  2. Hi guys, Some general questions about the adventure: My players were on a bad track... really bad. The elf PC found the Painting. One servant saw him, and he and the PC talked for a bit about the mysterious thing behind the curtain. The Servant was a cultist so he went right away and let Piersson know. Piersson arranged for later removal of the painting. 3 hours later the PCs gathered and decided to look into the painting further (so far only the elf looked at it). When they went there the painting was not any longer. They stayed in the room for a bit, and the door opened, another servant was there. The Pistolier PC threatened him, and called him inside, but the servant freaked out and run away, also warning Piersson. The wizard decided to follow the aethyr trace of the painting, but when they moved out of the room, Piersson was there. He challenged them and told them to stop doing magic in the house and to report to the guard captain (since they declared they were the guard reinforcements). The high elf took out his sword and threatened to kill him if he touched or interrupted the wizard. So Piersson was allowed to move on, with the impression he was going to talk to Aschaffenberg about all the issue they were causing. The magic trace took them into the kitchen were they again threatened the cook, and had her running upstairs. They moved into the cellar and found the hidden passage, and further along the temple. Now, I'm not sure what to do: Would Piersson had put the painting in the temple? Or somewhere else? If in the temple, is it there now or was just removed (maybe they see a glimpse of someone running on the passages, escaping with the painting, the book and so on). Would the books from the library be in the temple? (One of the PCs talked to the librarian but never checked the books, and the adventure says that Otto then goes and hides the books in the temple). Should I move the cult confrontation forward and have them fight the cult now? Or maybe the cult will lay low, knowing they have no actual proof of any cultist, or any name/cult association are possible. Would Piersson really talk to Rickard about the PCs? Or suspect about the PCs being spies, and Rickard obviously involved since he hired them? What would Rickard do if found about the disturbances of the PCs threatening his servants? What would Rickard do if the PCs ask for any of the servants to be jailed because they "suspect" he's implicated?
  3. Thanks for this. It looks pretty good. How do you feel about this happening BEFORE the Storm of Chaos?
  4. Uhm. The map loads. But I do not see all the little markers and such...? Ah silly me... layers/enable shortcuts. Thanks! this is awesome. I've done the same for middle earth when I played MERP.
  5. I'm getting some errors (incomplete file download) while getting the files from you Gitzman. I'm not sure if it's a problem at my end or something to do with the server where the files are hosted.
  6. Hi all, The player's guide comes with a handy nice table for Random starting career generation (very like the one in WFRP2). Has anyone expanded on this one adding careers from other books and adjusting the numbers?
  7. Nice!!! I have an old version of Fantasy Grounds, I hope it will work.
  8. Thanks. Shame the book is no longer in stores
  9. Where did you get the human region abilities from? And the dwarven ones?
  10. Is there any official source that separates the humans by region and gives them different abilities depending on the region? The human's in the Core are assumed to be from Reikland, what about others? I remember in 2ed there was such a differentiation in a sourcebook.
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