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  1. Xwing will be the game for competitive play, IA will be the game for scenarios and campaigns. Armada will likely be more towards the casual and scenario driven end of the spectrum for me due to low levels of interest locally for competitive play (at least for the near future). IA I think has by merit of being the newer game more room to pull things from the IP while Xwing has already mined most everything within reason. My guess is FFG is fully aware of this and that is a major reason for Armada coming out now vs 2 years ago. They know the market can support both but they will do better when not so heavily competing. I would say its a reasonable bet that FFG will be pushing IA and Armada hard over the next few years while Xwing is likely going to see a significant drop in development. Don't get me wrong I think Xwing is great and I hope to play in tournaments for years to come, but FFG is a business and they can only make do so much within the limitations of Star Wars fighter combat (like I'd bet 2-3 more waves at most).
  2. I just want to say your videos are impressive and I intend to paint my models in a week or two when I got some time. I would love to see you continue putting out videos for Imperial Assault, and branch out to any other games where the models interest you.
  3. I would observe that FFG will likely release additional content for this at a similar rate to what they did for Descent 2nd Edition. Im sure they will add a Force Awakens related expansion, but I hope they get a lot of original trilogy related content out first. Would be nice to go through the expansions in a fairly linear fashion. I think it would be nice to see 1 major hoth related expansion, 1 major Endor related, before Force Awaken related expansion comes out. Ideally I would really love to see them treat this like they do LCGs with major expansion with multiple minor expansions then next major expansion.
  4. I think your spot on for rebels, but would say the Imperial approach is more about zones of control. They got slower ships in general with far less finesse but are much heftier firepower in general. Their squadrons, engineering, and beefiness all support their approach of move where you want and dare the rebels to approach.
  5. The list was: Keyan Farlander + HLC + Opportunist + Fire Control System Jan Ors + Swarm Tactics + Ion Cannon Turret Biggs + R4D6 Range 1: Base 3 + 1 for range + Opportunist + Jan Ors for 6 Range 2-3: HLC 4 + Opportunist + Jan Orcs for 6 Between Farlanders pilot ability and the FCS he quite often gets 4-6 hits on follow up attacks and quite often 3-5 on first attacks. I will honestly say this is the most effective big ship / phantom killer list I've seen in play. PS may not be the best, but Farlanders brute force will crack a cloaked phantom fairly quick and if Biggs survives a few turns the other guy is in serious trouble since that usually means farlander is still full health.
  6. I went 1-3 today with vader + 5 academy pilots today. Don't feel bad only played the list once before this and got maybe 12-14 matches before today. Im sure I would have done better if I had more practice flying. The top player played farlander, biggs, and jan ors for an amazing damage output. Most of the players were running decimators, 2400s, and a few shuttle lists. I saw only 2 players running phantoms but there could have been more. Was really neat to watch a 6 die attack from farlander just remove cloaked phantoms, and pound down large ships in 2-3 turns of shooting.
  7. Those models look great and the size of the models is awesome. I'm going to love seeing the reactions people have when they finally see this in person.
  8. I suspect there will be 3rd party versions of this product pretty quickly AND the 3rd party market will include versions that are much sturdier (metal parts, or a much sturdier plastic). Heck I wouldn't be surprised if some enterprising individual makes a version of this tool that looks different but has the same end effect with less wear on the parts.
  9. I'm going to laugh if that card turns out to be "Admiral's Staff"
  10. I think the best that can be reasonably done is to work up the scenario of a closing engagement where both fronts face each other and then one or both ships will turn their sides to the enemy. I'm not saying that will be incredibly accurate but it will be the most likely scenario which can also be easily have a bit of metrics done to it. Even a ship with excellent side arc firepower like the AFII isn't going to necessarily start the engagement using their side arc b/c a reasonable admiral will want to get the maximum odds of survival by taking at least some of the hits on the front shields. The numbers provided so far feel right and I suspect a bit of the odd stuff can be attributed to things like defense tokens being different for some ships. I suspect that small ships like the corvette are going to basically depend upon using their defense tokens early an often to survive more than a turn of taking fire. If faced with a lot of accuracy that won't work, but when they get lucky and little to accuracy is rolled they will glide through intense amounts of firepower like a champ.
  11. Hey just want to say your collection is miles ahead of mine and I'm also in the similar dilemma of what to bring. I decided to try something different with a vader + 5 academy pilots list. I figured the mini swarm has a decent number of dice for dealing with the big ships and vader would be my phantom fighter. I gave vader cluster missiles + shield upgrade and 3 points left over for your choice of EPT. Not saying its a perfect list, but maybe it will give you an idea where you can make a list that can deal with the meta while still being something fairly close to lists you got a lot of experience. Anyway dont get stressed over it. You will find something you can play and have fun with.
  12. Hmm, here is an alternative version: 24 Roark + ion turret 25 Blue Squadron + ion turret 30 Green Squadron + test pilot + swarm tactics + opportunist + cluster missiles + munition failsafe 21 Rookie pilot Roark gives Green a 12 PS who can pass it to another ship. Green has cluster missiles and opportunist combined with 2nd ps 12 should be a great alpha strike. My version isnt play tested but I just like to see if there is a variant that doesnt require rebel transport or the corvette purchases.
  13. Well I can see where that would be valuable but I simply dont own the engine upgrade or predator cards. I went with the expert handling not for the BR but for the ability to drop target locks. Played the list yesterday and found it worked fairly well. My opponent was not happy how long vader stayed up and we called it a draw after we both got down to one ship (the game had gone quite long at that point). If it had been a 60 minute game i probably would have won by points narrowly.
  14. Wonder how this would work: 47 Kenkirk w/Vader 25 Omicron w/fire control + tactician 28 Omicron w/ fire control + gunner Basically dropping the 2nd gunner so you can up patrol leader to kenkirk so your decimator will live longer. The bonus is you get tactician which might net you a stress token occasionally on an enemy ship. If you want move the tactician to the decimator, but this I was thinking this would balance the points better.
  15. Id suggest a different line of thought. Instead of looking for different classes, how about different races which would have slightly different abilities that match the class? A few examples: Mon Cal commander type Trandoshan berserker Bothan pistol guy Cerean commando I hope FFG adds more archetypes like many others have mentioned, but I also hope they add variants of the existing archetypes.
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