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  1. ZealuxMyr

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    Finally got around to lining up all of my completed Stormies, so happy they are done. It feels really good to see progress progressing progressively...but there is so, so much more to paint...
  2. ZealuxMyr

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    Second Squad of Wookiee Warriors
  3. ZealuxMyr

    Zealux Myr's Workshop

    WOW, thank you for the generous compliment. I started each with a base coat in Citadel's Pallid Wych Flesh (layer paint). Properly thinned, it took at least 5-7 coats per ship to get a uniform, smooth off-white base color. The blaster cannons are a base coat of Citadel's Mechanicus Standard Grey (base paint) with a drybrushing of Citadel's Dawnstone (layer paint). After each ship was painted in their own colors the model was washed with Nuln Oil at a 1:6 part ratio with Windex. The cockpits were then painted in with Tamiya's X-1 Black (gloss paint), I even did this to my otherwise unaltered FFG model. This (above) A-Wing has a red base of Citadel's Wazdakka Red (layer paint) with a drybrushing of Citadel's Evil Sunz Scarlet (layer paint). The blue technical details are Citadel's The Fang (base paint). This (above) A-Wing has a red base of Citadel's Khorne Red (base paint) and the white lines were painted on after coating the sides red, the white is the same as the base colors: Citadel's Pallid Wych Flesh (layer paint). This (above) A-Wing has a green base of Citadel's Loren Forest (base paint) with a drybrushing of Citadel's Elysian Green (layer paint). The green technical details are Citadel's Nurgling Green (layer paint), Orgyn Camo (layer paint), and Moot Green (layer paint). This (above) A-Wing has a blue base of Citadel's Stegadon Scale Green (base paint) with a drybrushing of Citadel's Caledor Sky (base paint). The blue technical details are Citdael's Fenrisian Grey (layer paint) and Lothern Blue (layer paint).
  4. ZealuxMyr

    Showcase: RZ-2 A-Wing

    My contributions:
  5. ZealuxMyr

    Zealux Myr's Workshop

    RZ-2 A-Wing Repaint Time! Naturally I had to do the "obligatory" red A-Wing (still can't believe this wasn't the base-paint scheme chosen for the expansion pack...): Then I went with a little more customized red A-Wing: Then, because it is my favorite, a green squadron variant: And then, last but not least, had to do a blue A-Wing that matched the exterior color/interior white color scheme of the others: The squadron, ready to roll out:
  6. ZealuxMyr

    Are people on eBay insane?

    I agree with @ImhotepMagi, I don't think the prices are insane for fully painted & based miniatures. I've been working on my own set of Legion minis since May; for the time I've put into what I have painted (and looking at all that I still have to paint) I would want some serious cash to commission paint someone else's minis. Some things I would say are worth paying more for-based on the complexity of painting. Royal Guards and Wookiees, for instance, are extremely easy and I could realistically knock out a few sets a day. But well detailed rebel troops, those take time...even my Stormies took a long time to properly finish and they're not even based yet! I guess the big difference would come down to how they are painted: are they painstakingly meticulously painted to include every detail or do they look good at table-distance? As for 3D printing, I have a coworker that has zero interest in Star Wars miniatures gaming but owns a 3D printer. He's getting into the business of printing and selling terrain because the ROI (return on investment) is astronomically high. The biggest thing with 3D printing is waiting and giving the printer the hours it needs to print, and he's at work when it's running getting a paycheck - so it's like double money. Based on everything he's shared with me about the process, if you're going to buy 3D printed terrain (even if it is completely painted) just buy a 3D printer, download Thingiverse designs, and do it yourself-it's thousands of times cheaper in the long run.
  7. ZealuxMyr

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    Ouch, Necroing my own painting thread...all those fracking X-Wing repaints and Armada squadrons I've been painting... I did finish all 6 squads of Stormies finally, buy I have not lined them up for a photo yet. I've since moved on by starting to mod 1 squad of Rebel Troopers (into a squad of Mon Calamari) but got distracted by starting to paint both my squads of Rebel Fleet Troopers...I've since been distracted once more, so here's one finished Fleet Trooper Commander mini: I got distracted from my fleet troopers by X-Wing repaints and, when returning to Legion painting, I completely disregarded my Fleet Trooper progress and went headlong into painting Chewbacca and a full squad of Wookiee Warriors (by the force, Wookiees are awesomely fun to paint): I've started my second squad of Wookiee Warriors (painting Emperor Palpatine in between - did not take photos of him yet) and we'll see how that goes...
  8. ZealuxMyr

    Zealux Myr's Workshop

    No problem, I figured you meant the mod and not the repaint so I just answered both I have been trying to find someplace to get the hinges 3D printed but no luck yet...cutting them by hand leaves too much variance in their design and causes forward-aft wobble in the wings. Most people could probably be content with this and not complain, I however am way too meticulous about such things...also why it is taking me literally forever to finish painting my Legion minis...
  9. ZealuxMyr

    Zealux Myr's Workshop

    How risky is it to repaint? Not a question I can answer I’m afraid. I have learned that you will always be your harshest critic; so it’s really a measure of how happy you are with your own painting skill and what you aim to create. As far as how risky it is to do the S-Foil mod...if you fail, a skilled hand can fix anything with green stuff and glue (use MEK - Methyl ethyl ketone - apply pressure and patience and you’ll never see the seam). That being said, it is certainly a mod that can be horrendously botched.
  10. ZealuxMyr

    Zealux Myr's Workshop

    Theoretically yes. The mechanics should work the same, I have not attempted it as of yet but I don't see why it would not work. At the current moment I'm attempting to find a more uniform way to produce the S-Foil hinges as the slightest angling of the cuts causes the wings to wobble laterally more than is desirable. Once I sort that out I'll complete my 1st Edition T-65 X-Wing conversions and move on to my T-70 X-Wings.
  11. ZealuxMyr

    Showcase: Upsilon-class Shuttle

    Amazing lighting effect! Bravo. No one will dare oppose the first order now, resistance is futile!
  12. ZealuxMyr

    Showcase: RZ-2 A-Wing

    @SOTL do what must be done.
  13. ZealuxMyr

    Zealux Myr's Workshop

    Having repainted 4 of these and opened up only 1 I can say this with a degree of authority: It is annoying to paint around the open bits, but that is preferable to opening one up to extract the engine.
  14. ZealuxMyr

    Tie Punisher - Tie Heavy Bomber

    The Galactic Empire faction in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds has a tech-tree evolution of it's "Bomber Unit" that goes TIE Bomber, TIE Heavy Bomber, and TIE Enhanced Bomber (Punisher). The order is off in the below (stage 1, stage 3, then stage 2) but here's what I'm talking about:
  15. ZealuxMyr

    Showcase: Y-wing

    Colin Cantrell's Prototype Y-Wing