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  1. ZealuxMyr

    DIY Articulated s-foils for B and X-wing

    I had talked about it to one of the Shapeways shops but they didn't see an easy way to do it without printing the entire back half of the core of the ship. I am no engineer, but I would think they'd be able to print a scissor hinge and leave the installation/drilling/gluing up to us... Here's hoping! (Would be FAR MORE economical than rebuying all my X-Wings just to have moving wings...)
  2. ZealuxMyr

    DIY Articulated s-foils for B and X-wing

    For the B-Wing s-foils there are also some 3D printed hinge kits available here. I bought these and installed them in all my B-Wings, they work great and are really easy to work with/paint. I tried the paperclip method (linked above) before buying these 3D printed hinge kits and I have to say these hinges are a lot safer for your model - less risk of doing accidental damage. Plus the same shop has parts to do the cannon & cockpit conversion for the rebels Blade-Wing Prototype! X-Wings are, in concept, really easy to modify: a simple scissor hinge is all you need. Cut the wings off, drill out the middle, and install a scissor hinge. The problem is the scale, the hinge has to be so tiny it has almost no structural integrity. I've made several attempts on one of my T-65 X-Wings and have since abandoned the project...I will likely revisit the idea to avoid buying the 2.0 models to replace my 1.0 models. [However I must admit the idea of buying 2.0 models and then scrapping the 1.0 models for scenery/terrain pieces is mighty tempting...]
  3. ZealuxMyr

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    Tamiya X-1 Black model paint. It's a gloss paint that I typically use it for X-Wing Miniatures and Armada fighter squadrons cockpits. Been using it for my stormtrooper's helmet lenses and it also works well for certain parts of Lord Vader. His shins, boots, chest and arms have it too - just those got a dulling dry brushing of matte black paint. The helmet stayed glossy, cause that's how he supposed to look
  4. ZealuxMyr

    Bohemian's Terrain and Troops

    Did...did you cut Luke IN HALF?!?
  5. ZealuxMyr

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    I don't know if I'm being too meticulous in all the details I'm trying to paint or if I just don't have as much time to invest as everyone else...but I have more WIP photos, none of these are done yet... Imperial forces: 1 Vader, 3 "normal" stormie platoons (1 orange pauldron commander, 1 grey pauldron commander, and 1 black pauldron commander), two 501st-Vader's Fist platoons (grey pauldron commander w/teal stripe on left shoulder pad-rest of platoon has a matching stripe and the black pauldron commander), and 5/7ths of an Imperial Shock Trooper platoon (orange pauldron commander). For those that are going to notice these things: yes those are 3D printed concept-prototype Y-Wings for X-Wing Miniatures (2.0! OMG SO EXCITED), 3D printed ski-speeders, 3D printed container tokens, and there is a BB-9E cat toy on the floor. All the 3D printed stuff is from Shapeways - a mix of Mel's Miniatures and Alien Luxury Miniatures, both of which are better at taking my money than even A$MODEE games/FFG is... Close-up of the Imperial Shock Troopers, 501st in the background - as you can see (save the back 3, left 501st troops) no one has gotten Nuln Oil detailing/highlights yet... Specialty Commander Units The nails are from painting 1/270th scale 3D printed vulture droids - magnetized. Holy Hot & Steamy Jar Jar Erotica those things are tiny... The Normie Stormies - I think I will be doing a left shoulder stripe to distinguish each platoon, grey (matching grey pauldron commander) and darker grey (to go with the black pauldron commander).
  6. ZealuxMyr

    Name that alien

    Looks like a Clawdite to me...
  7. Wowza, thanks for the shout out!
  8. I was going to get to them, but then Legion...
  9. I've purchased both of these over a year ago, the models are very nice. I still haven't gotten around to painting them... 3D Printed AT-ST on Shapeways 3D Printed AT-AT on Shapeways
  10. ZealuxMyr

    Showcase: U-Wing

    Karthakk Pirate themed U-Wing
  11. ZealuxMyr

    Battle Damaged Darth Vader

    Most Impressive
  12. ZealuxMyr

    Showcase: Scurrg H-6 Bomber

    I used a thinned Nuln Oil Wash, roughly 50% Nuln Oil and 50% windex.
  13. ZealuxMyr

    ZealuxMyr's Workshop

    Darth Vader I needed a break from all the stormtroopers that I am still working on... I still have some highlighting and contrast to add, plus the all-important saber glow. But I've reenergized myself to get back to the horde of stormies...
  14. ZealuxMyr

    Disney Empire

    This makes me uncomfortable. Got to give you props for originality though...
  15. ZealuxMyr

    Shiny Captain Rex

    I help. Try just copy & pasting the direct link URL...not the code... Looks good btw!