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  1. @Hexcessive, yes the tank is primarily air brushed. The Olive Drab (Tamiya XF-62) green was put on as a base coat. Then I airburshed on Citadel's Mournfang Brown and XV-88 (diluted to a sprayable consistency with Windex, of course). This lead to the tank looking like this: I then went back with the Olive Drab to touch up some areas of over browning. Producing this final base-coating product: From there it was just a matter of a lot of detailing and technical work. Mostly done with Tamiya branded paints. Here's a shot of getting the commander/gunner fitted in, he's only base coated so you can really tell he's green: (scout trooper camio is from a WIP squad; still have 2 models to do before it's done)
  2. Thanks, glad you like them! They are not actually deathtroopers; it may surprise you to learn that they are actually green and brown! I must admit they do look pretty similar under the lighting I used to take these pictures. These tank operators are painted in base coat of Tamiya XF-65 (Flat) Field Grey, the armor plates and helmets then received a generous application of Citadel Contrast Colour Cygor Brown, and a light wash of nuln oil (1:8 dilution). The helmet top plate is Citadel Abaddon Black trimmed with Citadel Mephiston Red. By comparison my Death Troopers are based in Citadel Abaddon Black, the armor plates and helmets were painted in Tamiya X-1 (Gloss) Black, and they received no washing. [The second squad received a Tamiya X-7 (Gloss) Red helmet stripe.]
  3. TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank
  4. You could also get some green stuff and fill in the shaggyness a little - this is a lot more work than not dry brushing but it would certainly give them a distinct appearance. I'd advocate for the custom fabrication of a big bushy squirrel tail for them...
  5. @gryffindorhouse, all the 3D prints are from Shapeways (either Mel's Miniatures or Alien Luxury Miniatures). They are always the highest of quality prints: "Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic."
  6. Royal Naboo N-1 Starfighter My backlog of things to paint is too huge (looking at you Legion) to give this ship the attention it deserves, so here's my quick touch-up: engine glow, R2-C4 astromech head, and royal purple markings.
  7. Royal Naboo N-1 Starfighter Just a slight touch-up: added some engine glow, three royal purple markings, and is now equiped with R2-C4. The other two in this frame have been touched up just to fix the astromech heads (R2-M5 and R2-D2). I will get around to the engine glow at a later date, wanted to be sure I really liked it before doing the whole squad. If I were more ambitous I'd repaint the whole ship: the yellow is too deep a color (too mustardy), the chrome is too dull, and the groove wash is way too dark. Otherwise very happy to have this sleek ship in the fleet now. (Yes, that's an Alien Luxury Minitaures R5 Astro Clone Wars Y-Wing standing in for the V-19 Torrent...the torrent is an ugly ship and I refuse to fly the model).
  8. Speckling a few table shots in, for flavor. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Whales!
  9. I now want to see an artist's rendering of a fat, lethargic Han...
  10. The Glassies Glass Cannon This Side of the Rishi Maze
  11. Wolverwing The Incredible, Invulnerable Red Ace My Very Own Black One Golden Glory
  12. Yes, this was back in first edition. Triple auzituks vs. triple auzituks. Inspiring Recruits and Rage vs. Tactical Officers was the essential difference in the lists, if memory serves.
  13. Surprised to find I don't have any direct photos on my phone...but here's a few shots where you can see my Grand Army of the Republic LAAT/i Gunship repaint of the Auzituk:
  14. Looks good! Impressive coverage with Orange! I am assuming you're using Nuln Oil as a dark wash? Judging by how the wash came out, and a lot of personnal experience, I think you just need to thin your wash more to help it cooperate. I, in all seriousness, suggest using Windex as a diluent.
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