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  1. Rebels - No Regen - No Harpoons - No Turrets

    I'm down for Tequila Shooters!
  2. Rebels - No Regen - No Harpoons - No Turrets

    I see turret upgrades... -- Looks fun and it's refreshing to not see a Maulzra VCX w/Fenn
  3. Final Table and players won't play

    Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechnically all ships will resolve their movements during the activation phase. At the end of the round is the only time you check to see if a player has run out of ships, RAW. As no players would have any remaining ships it would then go to final salvo. Which makes for a stronger point to skipping placement and going straight to final salvo, whether or not the players go through the completely legal motions they are going to end up huckin' dice at each other to decide the game... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Final Table and players won't play

    Based on some in this thread, I should DQ your exhausted mush-brain next time -- But in all seriousness, I agree with @Transmogrifier. These players earned their way to the top table. If they've made it through 6+ rounds of X-Wing (especially if done all in one day) they're mentally fried. If they are threatened with being DQ'd if they don't play the final game...well firstly how is that fun for anyone? And secondly, what's to stop either player from just flying off the board edge or, after set up, declaring that s/he concedes the match? Don't be sore losers, just because you didn't make the cut doesn't mean you should force those that did to play if they're mentally exhausted and just want to be done. Once it becomes no longer fun to play another round, it's time to be done - this is a game after all and we should be playing it for fun/enjoyment... Personally, I'm at events to play - if I make it to the final I'm playing if I can but fully understand if the other player is burnt out or has a toddler s/he'd like to get home to after a very long day of X-Wing and thus would rather just be done. Final salvo isn't my personal preference for resolving the final match, but I'd accept it out of compassion for my HUMAN opponent... I'd be appalled if a TO DQ hammered the top 2 because they refused to play... EDIT: Forget the tournament rules and regulations as written...at this stage of the competition just be a reasonable, sensible, compassionate, and understanding human being...or at the very least don't be a d...
  5. Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser

    Learn how I did: grab a soldering gun, some wire, a fistful of LEDs, and wing it! After all, it's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense...
  6. Draw Their Fire

    I have seen the (accidental) attempt to misuse DTF and/or Selflessness enough times to feel this extra bit is warranted: The attack hits the defender, even if the defender suffers zero damage. It is only after the attack has been determined to hit that a player may trigger and resolve DTF/Selflessness. For Example: In the original question, if the defending player has 3 friendly ships at Range 1 all with DTF each one of those ships could cancel a different critical hit result (before revealing the damage card) and thus allow the defender to remain undamaged by the attack. Despite being undamaged, DTF can only resolve after an attack has been determined to hit. Therefore, in this case, should a post-attack-hitting effect need to be resolved against the defender it still is resolved (such as assigning the Harpooned! condition card or resolving the Shadow Caster title). I've found this to be a relatively common point of confusion, likely caused by act of "cancelling" attack dice...
  7. Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser

    Hence my outlet for the Broken Horn configuration, still LEDs for all engines - just the option to run on 5 or 6 engines (counting the center engine, 4 or 5 engine pods otherwise).
  8. Synced Turret... Separate Clauses?

    In theory, I agree - but it would feel really weird...
  9. Imperial Assault Carrier fighters?

    I want you to be wrong...but based on the fact you cannot mix TIE Fighters with TIE/FO Fighters or TIE/SF Fighters...you are indeed correct. FFG has skirted this issue before with the Adv. Targeting Computer and TIE/x1 Title - by specifically saying in the FAQ that Darth Vader can equip either/both. This makes sense as both are restricted to "TIE Advanced only." and Vader's card does contain the keywords "TIE Advanced" - thus consistent with the docking clamp rulings. FFG really should just outright errata his card to say "TIE Advanced" at this point...
  10. Synced Turret... Separate Clauses?

    Every card has a trigger, something that makes its text relevant. In this case the trigger is "Attack [Target Lock]: Attack 1 ship (even a ship outside your firing arc)." Unless this clause is triggered the rest of the card remains inert and irrelevant to gameplay.
  11. Imperial Assault Carrier fighters?

    'd -- Any ship who's name contains: "TIE Fighter," "TIE Interceptors," "TIE Bomber," or "TIE Advanced." TIE Fighter, TIE/FO Fighter, and TIE/SF Fighters are all treated as meeting the requirements of containing the key phrases "TIE Fighter." However, TIE Adv. Prototype does not (per FAQ) meet the requirements of containing the key phrases "TIE Advanced" (which is a shame, because Star Wars: Rebels - a canon reference, specifically shows a TIE Adv. Prototype docked to the Gozanti).
  12. Showcase: Tie Silencer

    This is a family friendly game, that modification may be too erotic and arousing for use at a FLGS...it may also break the internet...
  13. YAY! Finage! Great work!
  14. Swarm Leader

    Swarm Leader adds dice. Rebel Fenn prevents the spending of dice modifying tokens. Omege leader prevents modifying dice. Adding dice set to specific results is modifying, adding dice before rolling (to roll them) is not a dice modification. Good luck at regionals!!