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  1. Genesis Red & Sunny Bounder
  2. Royal Guard Imperial Gray TIE/FO Striker
  3. Kad Solus - Yellow lettering reads "KAD" Old T. Prototyping wing mod:
  4. Base coat --> Wash --> Primary Coat --> Detailing can really allow the model to "pop" in terms of contrast between panel groove wash and body paint. Base coat --> Primary Coat --> Wash --> Detailing can have the same effect if the wash is thin enough, but may dim the primary coat colors and the model wont have the same "pop" as Washing first. Below: my TIE Aggressor is the first time I did Base Coat --> Wash --> Primary Coat --> Detailing and I can really see the difference between Washing before and Washing after applying the primary coat. My Kad Solus Protectorate below was washed (a little too heavily - where "if the wash is thin enough" comes in) and uses the exact same red paints as the TIE Aggressor.
  5. This could get janky, don't know if I'd call it tournament worthy... But you could do some fun with Youngster + Debris Gambit and Quickdraw & Backdraft as a 3 ship list. Lightweight frame plus focus & evade?
  6. "LEEBO" - When you are dealt a faceup Damage card, draw 1 additional Damage card, choose 1 to resolve, and discard the other. I'LL SHOW YOU THE DARK SIDE - When this card is assigned, if it is not already in play, the player who assigned it searches the Damage deck for 1 Damage card with the Pilot trait and may place it faceup on this card. Then shuffle the damage deck. When you suffer critical damage during an attack, you are instead dealt the chose faceup Damage card. When there is no Damage card on this card, remove it. As you've admitted to playing the devils advocate just for the sake of it and WILL CONTINUE TO TROLL this tread, I will say this one final time: You don't need anything else beyond the cards and a basic understanding that "dealt" and "suffer" are two different things in terms of the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game.
  7. Not attacking your character, attacking your statement which clearly says reading the card doesn't back up an interpretation. You literally said this. Most important step in understanding how something works in X-Wing is to start by reading the card. If the card confuses you then you check the rules reference. If you're still confused try looking it up in the FAQ. You certainly shouldn't be looking at the FAQ rather than the card. Oh really? I've repeated myself 10 times now: If you read the card and apply clarifications from the rules reference and FAQ based on similarly worded cards (like @theBitterFig pointed out) the only Rules as Written interpretation is that ISYTDS ONLY cares that the selected Damage card was dealt. If that damage card is discarded during/after/while being dealt ISYTDS DOES NOT CARE. It has one goal, one objective: deal this chosen damage card the next time the ship it is assigned to would suffer a critical damage from an attack. If the card is dealt, and discarded in the process by Leebo, ISYTDS DOES NOT CARE because the card (in fact) was dealt. Leebo works because he only needs a faceup damage card to be dealt, where that card originates from does not impact his ability. ISYTDS contains no card text, no Rules Reference text, no FAQ text, and no clarifications anywhere that changes the dealing of that damage card to mean the damage card must be assigned and suffered by the defender.
  8. So the card text doesn't matter to you, this all makes sense now. What you want to see is every card individually explained in the FAQ rather than read the card and apply the rules as already defined. Got it.
  9. Do you also agree that ISYTDS does not include any actual text saying that the chosen card must be assigned/suffered as well as dealt? Because if you do then I think this conversation is over, as you've agreed to every point made by your opposition while simultaneously refusing to admit you're wrong. -- ISYTDS instructs a specific card to be dealt. When the specific card is dealt Leebo can draw an additional card, chose 1, and discard the other. Even if Leebo chooses the additional card ISYTDS is still satisfied as the specific card was dealt - as evidenced by the fact that Leebo had the opportunity to trigger and resolve his ability.
  10. Please. Read. Leebo's. Card. Leebo's ability requires the Damage card in question to be two things: faceup and dealt. If the card is not dealt, Leebo cannot trigger his ability.
  11. @theBitterFig, thank you! ISYTDS would have to say something like: "When you suffer critical damage during an attack, suffer the chosen Damage card instead of suffering critical damage normally." In order for #5 to even take place.
  12. But, if you read Leebo's pilot ability as written, Leebo cannot trigger his ability unless he is "dealt a faceup Damage card" Leebo: "When you are dealt a faceup Damage card, draw 1 additional Damage card, choose 1 to resolve, and discard the other." ISYTDS: "When you suffer critical damage during an attack, you are instead dealt the chosen faceup Damage card." Again, all ISYTDS does is deal the faceup Damage card. Leebo cannot trigger his pilot ability unless he has been "dealt" a Damage card. In order for your interpretation to work Leebo's ability would have to say: "When you would be dealt a faceup Damage card, instead draw 1 additional Damage card, choose 1 to be dealt, and discard the other." If Leebo was worded in this way, then you'd be forced to take the ISYTDS Damage card rather than resolve Leebo's ability. But, as I hope I've made clear by now, Leebo's ability cannot be triggered until a faceup damage card is dealt (past tense) to him - which satisfies the only requirements of ISYTDS, the appropriate Damage card is dealt. It doesn't have to be assigned. It doesn't have to be resolved. It doesn't have to be suffered. It only has to be dealt.