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  1. Step 6 IV on the flow chart is where you determine if the attack hits. At that point you would then interrupt the process to deal with the "when hit by an attack"/"this attack hits" before proceeding to step 7. Unless FFG specifically defines the timing window for either card in an upcoming FAQ initiative will decide which card triggers first. The attacker has to resolve the TLT process and the defender has to resolve the Harpooned! condition, if you're running a TLT + Harpoon missile list best to have an initiative bid so you can force Harpooned! to be dealt with first... +1 fake internet point for posting the actual cards.
  2. Again, the lights look cool but I, personally, do not like being able to see the wiring - if it can't fit 100% in the model I will never be satisfied with it.
  3. Hahaha...No. My soldering skills are far too crude for such delicate/tiny LEDs and, even if I was more skilled, I personally do not like being able to see the wiring - if it can't fit 100% in the model I wont even try it. But that's just my personal preference, not saying LED small based ships don't look awesome on other people's ships - just saying I wouldn't be able to tolerate seeing the wires.
  4. Black Two I could not resist, seen a few of these E-Wing repaints out in the world...now if only the E-Wing was viable enough for competitive play... For the Hawk Eyes out there: yes that is a 3D printed LAAT/I Republic Gunship ("Larty") from Shapeways, Mel's Miniatures in the background...and two Partisan X-Wings (one has been previously posted above). And no, I have not yet finished my mining guild TIE fighters...
  5. Adding the word "Immediately" to the card would not have any game effect. From the FAQ: "Immediately is used as emphasis on some cards, it is purely reminder text and has no distinct game effect." V4.3.3 pg5
  6. An ionized ship can still perform a SLAM action after executing the white 1 forward assigned by the state of being ionized. Mirax would execute a white 1 forward, clear all ion tokens, and then enter the perform action step. She may then choose the SLAM action and execute any 1 speed maneuver on her dial. Edit: The only way she can become ionized after completing her revealed maneuver and before performing a SLAM action is if she runs over a debris field during the revealed maneuver. Due to action nesting and timing windows for stress tokens from PTL and EI she'll always complete the SALM action first and then be assigned the stress/ion. However, if she does run over a debris field and takes on a second ion (assuming she already had one token) she would SLAM normally as the rules for ionization specifically state that, during the planning phase, you do not assign a maneuver dial to your ship and you are to execute a 1 forward white maneuver during the following activation phase. Meaning reaching the state of being ionized does not affect additional maneuvers performed/assigned/executed between getting ionized and the start of the next planning phase.
  7. Based on the cards I can see both arguments. I would chalk this up to how confusing/muddled the English language is more than anything else. The issue is there is an extremely fine line between correcting an interpretation on RAW for the flaws of the English language and correcting an interpretation on RAW to represent RAI. I understand the National's Marshal ruled you can TS and then ATC however I have to side with the principal that, if I am using ATC I "cannot spend target locks during this attack" and, as I have just spent a target lock from TS, I am now no longer eligible to receive the benefits of ATC's ability.
  8. LRS is range 3+, for clarity.
  9. Yes. I meant it should look like the successor to the X-Wing and meant to imply that it looks more like a predecessor...but my brain jumbled it all into one incorrect sentence
  10. I wish they'd picked a more streamlined appearance from the get-go. Like the ones you can find on Shapeways... The variant FFG printed doesn't make it look like the predecessor successor to the X-Wing, especially now that we have the more streamlined T-70 X-Wing. As such: Love the mod though! Can't wait to see it painted.
  11. Only issue we had with the event was one attempt to equip a Recon Specialist - but it was caught before the first round and otherwise we were all set. No DQ's - besides, fly casual! This was a casual event.
  12. I did a similar thing to what you're describing for my Shaddowcaster that I converted to look like a federation starship (red bassard collectors and blue engine nacelles). In that case I cut the parts off that I wanted to make casts of, hot glued them into a cardstock paper box I made, poured in a liquid-rubber to cure into a mold, and then cut open the paper box to take the mold out. [Hot gluing the plastic parts down kept them in place so the liquid-rubber wouldn't move them around.] Afterwards I just poured in a clear mold resin (sold at most craft stores for jewelry purposes) and mounted the clear casts onto the ship model. Having done the above process for this ship I am somewhat appalled with myself for having, months later, done my VCX-100 the hard way: drilling out the space around the fins as opposed to thinking of making clear casts of the engine bits... Just goes to show that none of us are as smart as all of us.
  13. About those molds...are those molds-are they made of hot glue?
  14. After checking the Epic tournament rules from FFG, which are disgustingly outdated - last updated 9/4/2015*, you are quite correct. It has been a custom ("assumed") rule, not very epic without an epic ship on the table...and all participants are there to get some $$ worth out of their epic ship(s). *hint hint, nudge nudge FFG
  15. Plasma torpedoes are only available in the K-Wing, TIE Punisher, and Punishing One Expansion packs which are all banned, thus no plasma torpedoes are allowed in squadron lists for this event.