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  1. For 38 points this becomes legal: Inaldra w/Wingman & Light Syck escorting the Constable with cluster mines. I will continue to ASSUME that his Ability should include the text: "If the bomb upgrade card normally would instruct you to discard the upgrade card, do so."
  2. On a philosophical level, maybe. Within the definitions of X-Wing rules, no.
  3. All your dice show 1 "nothing" so you will add one matching result: 1 additional nothing is added to your roll. You have rolled a lot of nothing.
  4. You look at the "Using Bombs Reference Card" which makes no mention or statement about discarding any upgrade cards at all. This is exactly why we have reference cards, to tell us how to do things. Dropping a bomb is not explained on the upgrade card itself, it just says that you can/may "drop 1 [name of bomb] token [/token set]." For the keyword "drop" you need to refer to the applicable reference card(s). Specifically (on the above posted Reference Card) "To drop a bomb, follow these steps:" - do the things, and only the things, listed there. Any other things you're instructed to do are part of other game effects and are not part of "dropping a bomb." I do believe it is implied that you must have the bomb upgrade card equipped, though I will agree this is not explicitly stated. Argument here is that you cannot "drop a bomb" if you have no bomb upgrade cards equipped. I do believe, as worded - and perhaps this was even the intent, you can in fact "drop a bomb" without discarding the upgrade card with the Constable. The only thing keeping Bomblet Generator equipped is the fact that it does not say on the upgrade card to discard the card in order to (as a cost to) drop 1 [name of bomb] token/token set and the only reason the other bomb upgrade cards are discarded is the fact that, after their game effect trigger, the text you follow explicitly states you need to discard the card as part of the cost to drop the token/token set.
  5. Peculiar argument. The bomb upgrade cards do say "[...] you may discard this card to drop 1 [name of bomb] token." or "ACTION: Discard this card to drop 1 [name of bomb] token [/token set]." Which would indicate discarding the card is the cost for dropping the token(s), which would suggest the principle that the good Constable does not actually discard the card - much like Extra Munitions discards the token instead of the actual card (thereby dropping a bomb without discarding the upgrade card). I see the argument, I'm just not quite sure what to make of it. Furthermore the "Using Bombs Reference Card" makes no mention of discarding the associated upgrade card in order to drop a bomb. But then again it never needed to before as we didn't have a method of dropping a bomb that didn't trigger all the text on the upgrade card...
  6. I see your point and, after a review of each FFG document rules document/clarification document, I must concede you are correct on this point. If you cancel before the defender rolls wouldn't Kestal's ability interrupt the attack step, resolve completely, and then have the defender roll? In such a manner you'd resolve your ability with the defender having zero blank and zero focus results and thus cancel zero dice. I'm no longer arguing that you can't do it in this timing window, clearly you can, but why would I feel like doing so?
  7. Just for reference: X-Wing FAQ Version 4.3.3 Effective 06.09.2017, Page 7
  8. Hence the problem, as Kestal's ability is not a dice modification but rather a dice cancellation it should resolve during the Compare Results step as it is lacking any text that specifically states it occurs during an earlier step. RAW she triggers during the Compare Results step, clearly - as it would be an entirely useless ability - she is meant to trigger earlier in the combat step. I just TO'd a Store Championship Sunday (The Complex-Scarborough, ME) and released a pre-event local FAQ on our Facebook group page, I ruled she triggers during the "Attacker Modifies Defense Dice Step" citing that she would otherwise be 100% useless. No one flew her anyway...
  9. I love how we got two TIE Aggressors with pilot abilities and we need a Day 1 FAQ for both of them...
  10. This is the single best explanation I have seen so far for why we need a FAQ for when Kestal's ability triggers. Bravo my good sir! I was sitting here rolling my eyes thinking "Of course it is during the 'Attacker Modifies Defense Dice' sub-step, why is this even a question?" and then BLAMO: "Cancellation isn't a modification."
  11. I would say no because it says different and cards like the Royal Guard title and the (to be released) Vaksai title both say "different modifications" and if it wasn't using the name of the card to identify whether it was different or not then you'd be seeing people on the forum arguing you can have 3 sets of guidance chips on a Vaksai Kihraxz because it is physically three different cards. I would say yes because you can have multiple Inspiring Recruits and resolve them at various times when their triggers come up so long as you keep track of which ones you've used thus far. Thought here being I have a trigger and inspiring recruit triggers but I have two different inspiring recruits so I can use both. I'm not sure one way or the other, I think the stronger argument is no - however neither of these two rationales share the exact same functionality/mechanisms as Double Edge. Additionally, if yes because "different" in X-Wing only relates to the physical card that would mean Royal Guard and Vaksai titles allow multiple upgrade cards with the same name so long as you pay the squad point cost for each copy...which means everyone will fly Vaksai Kihraxz with mindlink, 3 guidance chips, and cruise missiles to guarantee 3x critical hit results...
  12. Scurrg H-6 Bomber arrived at FLGS today and, well, I did a thing... The unboxing, new ship smell So a friend saw it, looked at it, and said "there might be enough room in there for you to light it up" (or something to that effect). Well that got the wheels turning and, force be damned, there is PLENTY of room... And now she is all back together, with a full LED engine kit installed As you can see (above) there is some leakage of light around the LEDs where either the plastic was too thin due to over-dremeling or, *whistles innocently*, someone may have been overzealous with he dremel and poked a hole straight through... So, with some CAREFUL post-market install repainting I arrive at the nearly-finished product (below) with less unwanted seepage. And from the front (love the profile of this ship):
  13. Yup - as silly as that sounds, welcome to Epic.
  14. Was it a cloaked Shadowcaster? Cause if its a cloaked Shadowcaster, this is an impressive paint job...
  15. Know the feeling. I am often reminded that I'm walking around with my respirator on by my cats. For some reason they are terrified of it on my face...