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  1. No matter which Bodhi Rook you're using Long-Range Scanners prevents the acquisition of a target lock on a ship at Range 1-2 of your ship (please note Bodhi Rook [pilot] himself cannot equip LRS due to the lack of a missile upgrade slot). Generally speaking if Bodhi [pilot] is in the squad there's not a huge need for LRS in the list except for picking up that turn 1 TL. Most importantly: if you're using the Bodhi [crew] ability to pick up a TL because your ship is not within R3 of the enemy then you could've gotten the TL anyway with LRS and have thus wasted both 1 squad point and a crew slot...
  2. Maul + Expertise is spending 7 points to both modify your attack dice and trigger Ezra's pilot ability. Rage + Inspiring Recruit is 2 points and also lets you modify your attack dice fully and trigger Ezra's pilot ability. Maul's ability is cool. Ezra's pilot ability is cool. I think you're trying too hard to make them work together. With Ezra at Pilot Skill 4, you really want to start the combat round stressed in order to get the best utility out of his pilot ability. Any PS5 or higher list has a good chance of taking Ezra out before he gets the chance to attack, trigger Maul, and get stressed to activate his ability. Solely based on his pilot ability any combination of cards that require him to be unstressed to trigger them would be an unfitting choice. Ultimately, at 7 squad points, being forced into triggering Expertise and then Maul is not going to always be beneficial. If you reroll with Maul and get focus results you're stuck with them, and that kills the effectiveness of the squad points being spent in this situation...especially when you can do a much more beneficial combo for the aforementioned 2 squad points.
  3. Y-Wings Turret Weapon Upgrade (WIP) So I've always been displeased with how shoddy the turret gun on the Y-Wing looks on the base model, so I was in a great hobby shop in Tyngsboro, MA (Hobby Emporium) and was poking around their WWII ships section and an employee showed be the scale of the 1:700 weapons emplacement kits. Now am I working on installing 40mm cannons for turrets on my Y-Wings, perfect scale. Pictures have the turret just sitting on top of the prepped ship - going to do some shaving of the wedge mount under the gun to get a less boxy fit. I would like to make them swivel but I think I'm going to just glue them in-place as (likely) rotating them without the use of tweezers will likely break/damage the cannons... The kit I purchased: Also extremely excited to mount so 5" dual barrel and 6" triple barrel gun emplacements on one of my VT-49 Decimators to really emphasize the Decimator part. (Plus the Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk fighter planes-comes with 2-are perfect scale to squeeze onto Armada squadron pegs.)
  4. Best argument so far. If zero tokens isn't an option then a ship that bumps, overlaps an obstacle, is stressed (and not Tycho), chooses to reposition, or chooses another action in general is punished with automatic damage which, frankly, we have enough things that cause automatic damage in the game (bombs, feedback array, hit results with the autoblaster weapons, and Darth Vader crew). We don't need a pilot that can fly around handing out damage just for having shot.
  5. Or you would get one use out of the illicit you will end up discarding for the new illicit. That way you get, for example, one use out of your Hot Shot Blaster before swapping the faceup card for a Cloaking Device - without Jabba you wouldn't be able to use the Hot Shot Blaster before discarding it with Vizago. EDIT: However, from an opinionated standpoint, I think 8 squad points and three crew slots is not worth the effect in a standard 100pnt match - in a 300pnt epic or 400pnt team epic match, yeah sure. But it seems highly point and upgrade slot wasteful for a competitive list.
  6. Well poodoo. You would be most correct...so then Hel would stress a TLT attacker as, when we get to Step 8, you have rolled exactly two dice twice while defending and 2x2=4? EDIT: Or, more importantly, rolling exactly 2 defense dice twice is not equal to rolling exactly 2 defense dice.
  7. It's not a particularly great idea: but Intensity with EU, AT, & SD would at least let you Intensity boost for an Evade...but then you have no Focus token... Overall, based on the timing chart, any ship attacking with a TLT would receive a stress - I can see them FAQing this for "reasons" so it doesn't, however TLT vs. a 2 defense die ship with 5 total health is good enough to deserve getting stressed for the effort... EDIT: So very, very wrong. Hel's ability triggers in step 8. TLT second shot triggers in step 9. So no. No no no. Sadly, though totally deserved, the TLT attacker DOES NOT get stressed.
  8. FFG FAQ, Page 7 under "Spending Tokens" reads: "Focus, evade, and target lock tokens cannot be spent for their normal effect more than once during the 'Modify Attack Dice' and 'Modify Defense Dice' steps. For example, a ship cannot spend 2 evade tokens to add 2 evade results. However, a ship can spend more than 1 of each token on different effects, such as spending 1 focus token as the cost for Calculation and another focus token focus token for its inherent effect."
  9. Or run EI instead of Adv. SLAM. Sure Miranda get's a stress but with no red maneuvers on her dial...does she care? The Adv. SLAM nerf needed to happen a year ago - when triple and double K-Wing bombers where an issue. With the release of the Scurrg and the fact that Miranda can run EI instead of Adv. SLAM to still SLAM and Drop an action bomb this was a fix that took too long to come out. As a result it has fixed a problem that had fallen to the wayside in favor of Nym & Miranda builds... FFG needs to get on the ball and either respond to imbalances immediately or leave well enough alone...
  10. As many have said: The mechanics are clear. After you perform a SLAM maneuver that was red you will satisfy the conditions necessary to trigger "After Executing a Maneuver" and "After Performing an Action" abilities. That being said, unless you are flying Tycho (who, as of yet, has no way to perform a SLAM Action), you cannot perform actions while stressed. Experimental Interface triggers off of the completion of the SLAM action [which was the execution of a red maneuver] however it allows you to perform a free action and, as you are now stressed and still cannot perform actions while stressed, the ability never resolves.
  11. In a standard format game flying Tycho Celchu with Rage, PTL, A-Wing Test Pilot, Cruise Missiles, and Autothrusters our FLGS local record is 94 stress tokens. Though arguably it could've been higher if EI was used, autothrusters while flying Tycho as a flanker made the difference between surviving the match and dying early. An additional help was my intentional choices to avoid green maneuvers whenever possible (while racking up 3 stress a turn and not giving a flying mynocks about debris fields).
  12. The Complex - 717 US Rt 1, Scarborough, Maine - October 29, 2017 Belated Q3 Event Prize support from the Q3 FFG Kit plus two full art custom pilot cards: Jess Pava and Epsilon Ace (1 each for top 16, find X-Wing Miniatures Maine on Facebook for a preview of the cards!). 1hr 55min from Boston, MA 1hr 19min from Danvers, MA 2hr 58min from Rehoboth, MA 1hr 38min from Nashua, NH 1hr 34min from Concord, NH 1hr 23min from North Conway, NH 1hr 8min from Augusta, ME 23min from Kennebunk, ME 50min from Lewiston-Auburn, ME THE NEW FAQ IS IN EFFECT FOR THIS EVENT - We have fixes, errata, and clarifications that I see no point in ignoring until 11/6/17. This event wouldn't help you prepare for regionals season otherwise!
  13. With that card text as written: you reveal a red 4 straight, throw out Adrenaline Rush and treat "that maneuver" (the red 4 straight maneuver) as white until the end of the Activation phase. This means if you can do a second red 4 straight maneuver in the same activation phase, such as with a SLAM action, you will also treat it as a white maneuver. They would have to errata Adrenaline Rush to replace the text "until the end of the Activation phase" with "until you complete your maneuver this activation." If they just completely delete the "until the end of the Activation phase" text then it opens the arena up for the argument that, because I threw out Adrenaline Rush to treat "that maneuver" (the red 4 straight maneuver) as a white maneuver, I get to treat "that maneuver" as white for the remainder of the game - which I suspect is the whole reason this phrase even appears on the card in the first place. As this is a one-shot-wonder and, unless your whole squadron could pull it off in the same round, will leave your ship alone and exposed to your enemy's squadron I highly doubt FFG will care enough to errata Adrenaline Rush. At best you can do this with 1 ship at PS7 and the current meta affords for that ship to get wrecked before it even gets a chance to attack - trying to do it with a squad of Rho Squadron Pilots at PS4 (you'd be able to squeeze 3 in for turn 1 cruise missiles) you're not likely to have all 3 still alive when PS4 activates during the combat phase. In short: hilarious gimmick but entirely tactically unsound - this combination of cards is a trap. All it takes to defeat this Round 1 Alpha of Alpha strikes is for your opponent's NymDoni, Denym, or NymRey PS8+ squad to not set up directly across the table from you and, if they do, Miranda and/or Nym are closing to Range 1/moving behind you to bomb your ships instead of you getting 3 sets of 5 dice Cruise Missiles off. (In general I consider this entire ship a trap: FFG desperately trying to give the fans what they want, but making it so niche practically zero top tier lists will feature it.)
  14. The only reason I'd say that Adrenaline Rush would treat the second 4 straight as white is because the upgrade card includes the text: "until the end of the Activation phase." If this portion of the text was not there then I would say it is particular to "that" maneuver revealed and selecting a second maneuver to perform in addition to "that" maneuver would not carry over. However Adrenaline Rush does indeed say "until the end of the Activation phase" which should mean that you can do as many 4 forwards as you legally can perform during this round and they would all be white. Having played STAW where it is possible to cross the table and plaster an opponent with ordinance round 1, this could be unpleasant/unfun. Though, it would appear, completely legal. Thank you for posting an image of the upgrade card in question.
  15. And, presumably, Kestal's ability triggers between the "Declare Target" step and before the end of the "Modify Defense Dice" step. Granted we don't yet have a Kestal FAQ entry but, if his ability triggered after the "Modify Defense Dice" step, we can all agree that timing would make his ability 100% useless. So, assuming Kestal's ability triggers during the "Modify Defense Dice" step wouldn't he be completing the conditions of the HSC card text and FAQ entry by spending a focus token before the end of the "Modify Defense Dice" step?