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  1. Looking for a weekly X-Wing 2.0 group. Respomd to this thread or PM me. Im not terribly interested in traveling to Spokane each week. Might be willing to drive to Yakima every other week (roughly).
  2. Sephlar

    U-Wings in 2.0

    At my FLGS I've perfected a 4 uwing list: Bodhi - Swarm Tactics, Saw Gerrera, Pivot Wing Magva - Pivot Wing Blue Sq - Tact Officer, Pivot Wing Blue Sq - Zeb, Pivot Wing 199 points
  3. I don't know if I'll have my stuff and even if I do, I'll be in Olympia until after 8pm. Next week though I'll be in full 2.0 mode and I have a few lists ready to try.
  4. App is available on iTunes app store for all iOS devices. I'll be checking on my Kindle tablet later today.
  5. I pre-ordered a new core set, two Rebel Alliance conversions and two Galactic Empire conversions at Terra Crux. The "App" is available online so far (Squad Builder).
  6. If there is enough interest here to do heroes then maybe. But with 2.0 now out and my showing up to run heroes with all the gear and only 1 or 2 other willing to play... not worth it. I'm guessing by end of next week we'll all be focused on Xwing 2.0 matches for a while.
  7. That was the plan, but I can't make it. Sorry everyone. Hanging out with family on Friday before we take my wife to airport Saturday morning for a business trip.
  8. @Wedge1126 Heros of the Aturi Cluster was scheduled this week. But it was going to be difficult and stressful for me to even make it so I'm good with postponing that until next week (8/17).
  9. I will be there to play XWING 1.0 (fanfare). But may not be until 8pm. I'll get there eventually.
  10. Epic still gets played and we'll hopefully hear from FFG how 2.0 gets integrated into that.
  11. Yeah. I think for the final 6 months of Xwing prior to the 2.0 announcement... we all played, but I don't think we were having as much fun as we used to. It seemed like many were just bearing it. Once 2.0 was announced, I think we all were simply looking forward to it's arrival. For the most part, other than HotAC... we've basically given up on 1.0. As much as I'd like to throw some old school Dash w/ Outrider Hvy Laser Turret down against @Wedge1126 or some Kwings with TLT... it all seriousness, I can't see us using the 1.0 platform anymore after this last store championship. I'm certainly not going to be lugging around all the cards and cardboard for both 1.0 and 2.0.
  12. @Fuzzywookie Besides... FFG just announced not one but TWO expansions for Legion that feature WOOKIES. Time to sell your Armada junk and start playing Legion!