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  1. Sure... and cost a poop ton.
  2. I preordered (3) Y wings and (2) v1's. The ghost is tempting for the new peg and model quality, but I already have two converted 1.0 ghosts and my wallet says no way.
  3. Firstly... I mistyped. I definitely know that after a red boost or barrel roll fails, the stress is still taken. Obviously the phrasing of fine tuned (you may spend 1 "force"...) is a bit different than a red action that can fail. Mostly I only ask this question because the streamer in question is very prominent in the xwing scene. It may have simply been a mistake at the time. I tend to agree that in the spirit of how the rules are played, when a card reads that "you may spend 'this' to perform an action." And that action fails... the timing of when such things occur would suggest that the force was already spent and you don't "get it back." I'm just looking for clarification. Whether its me doing it or my opponent... I can't stand when an interaction on a major ship type in the meta has something that is not 100% clear. Every once in a while we run into these things and it seems so simple to just call it out specifically in the rules reference.
  4. I remember seeing on a stream in the last 2-3 weeks that a Delta-7 moved, attempted to boost but failed. The player then claimed that since the action failed they were not required to spend the force for said action. I know that if you fail a red boost or red barrel roll action... it's a failed action but you don't gain the stress (per rules reference under "fail" . page 11). So I'm wondering what the timing is with fine-tuned controls. It appears that you spend the force... then attempt to perform the action. If it's failed... the timing of how things occurred means that the force was spent to attempt. But just wondering how this has been ruled or interpreted in the community.
  5. With all due respect to the sellers on Etsy... the price is a complete ripoff for the quality of these 3D prints on PLA.
  6. The problem is that there is STILL a grey area. Page 2 of the current 2e Rules Reference is in regard to "Paying cost" and the example given is GNK which specifically states 1. So if GNK does not have 1 (but instead has zero) then the effect can not be resolved. Ten Numb does not have a specific number associated with it's effect. So using the "Paying Cost" rule on page 2 of current Rules Reference does not apply. The next argument made is on page 11 under "Focus." It state that "A ship cannot spent a focus token to change eyeball results to evade or hit results, if it does not have any eyeball results." This makes it pretty clear if one is spending a focus token. In the case of Ten Numb, you are spending a stress token. It would be nice to have an OFFICIAL ruling on this at some point to remove any grey area. Because though these rules reference sections discribe similar situations, they don't describe situations that are the same as this one (Ten Numb spending a stress to change all (zero) eyeball results). The problem with Ten Numb is that is should have been written as "1 or more" instead of "all." The world "all" is what keeps this card effect so "grey" at the moment.
  7. Looking for a weekly X-Wing 2.0 group. Respomd to this thread or PM me. Im not terribly interested in traveling to Spokane each week. Might be willing to drive to Yakima every other week (roughly).
  8. Sephlar

    U-Wings in 2.0

    At my FLGS I've perfected a 4 uwing list: Bodhi - Swarm Tactics, Saw Gerrera, Pivot Wing Magva - Pivot Wing Blue Sq - Tact Officer, Pivot Wing Blue Sq - Zeb, Pivot Wing 199 points
  9. I don't know if I'll have my stuff and even if I do, I'll be in Olympia until after 8pm. Next week though I'll be in full 2.0 mode and I have a few lists ready to try.
  10. App is available on iTunes app store for all iOS devices. I'll be checking on my Kindle tablet later today.
  11. I pre-ordered a new core set, two Rebel Alliance conversions and two Galactic Empire conversions at Terra Crux. The "App" is available online so far (Squad Builder).
  12. If there is enough interest here to do heroes then maybe. But with 2.0 now out and my showing up to run heroes with all the gear and only 1 or 2 other willing to play... not worth it. I'm guessing by end of next week we'll all be focused on Xwing 2.0 matches for a while.
  13. That was the plan, but I can't make it. Sorry everyone. Hanging out with family on Friday before we take my wife to airport Saturday morning for a business trip.
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