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  1. I will be there tonight prepping my final list ideas for Campaign Against Cancer tournament in two weeks.
  2. Harpoon Change: Store uses this rule

    They are fine on gunboats. Easily beaten. But such a good idea to ONLY given them to Scum Nym. He needs a serious buff. Nym is struggling more then Soontir at the moment.
  3. What is the worst location you played a game of X-Wing?

    I've won a tourney there, but they certainly can not hold many with the fact that you are playing RIGHT in concourse of a major shopping mall. You certainly have to watch your stuff. It's cool to get the exposure for xwing but sometimes I feel like ,"dude, take two steps back."
  4. I want to be free of this pain

    I'd rather they put a bit more distance between waves and put a little more effort into game balance than new product.
  5. Looking for players in Parkland Wa.
  6. Feelings about Harpoons vs T-65s

    There is a Uwing build that is working right now.
  7. Final Table and players won't play

    Those in third are fourth are no longer tournament participants. They are now casual observers. Last night I officiated a high school soccer match. The coach is screaming for "illegal throw" and "that's not offsides." Guess who does not care? The referee. The game of soccer (particularly at the youth level) is about the players on the pitch. The ones in the game. THOSE are the ones who have the right to complain. The coach has no say. The parents in the stands have no say. Forget the fact that both the parents and the coach were wrong (I showed the coach Law 11 in the book after the match and explained the correct points of offside he was getting wrong)... but during the match, the only people who get a say in what is going on and who's opinions actually matter to me, the referee... is the players who are playing the game. IT'S THERE GAME. Not the coaches. The the spectators. It's the player's game. In the case of an Xwing final, only the remaining participants matter. Anyone who has already been eliminated by previous results are just casual observers.
  8. Final Table and players won't play

    Exactly. This is the kind of concept that has led to kindergarten graduations and every body gets a trophy t-ball tournaments. It's only "insulting" if one chooses to be insulted. IF their are people who tried there best to get there and finished 3rd or 4th... guess what... they finished 3rd and 4th. Their day is over. They failed to reach the final. It's one thing if there is "collusion" to manipulate the tournament results PRIOR to the final game. This is why the collusion rules were introduced in the first place. Setting up for the cut for example and a person is left just out of the cut because of two 6-0 players decided to take a draw (the old system) ... I understand how that is collusion and I have no problem with FFG or a tournament organizer wanted to eliminate that kind of situation... But in the final game it is THEIR GAME now. No one else is left in the tournament except the two of them. Everyone else has been eliminated.
  9. Final Table and players won't play

    Okay.... so then if the threat of being DQed is pressed... then the two of them could just set down rocks, deploy ships, put dials down, and fly everything off the board (assuming they both had a PS 10 Nym or PS 11 Fenn like so many "high level" players do these days). Now they final salvo within the first 5 minutes and dice quickly determine the outcome anyway.
  10. @Wedge1126 Can you bring all your stuff, just in case we run out of tie fighters and tie bombers than I have?
  11. HotAC is on for Friday (March 16th). I will try to be there by 6pm to get us a table and to start setting up. I'd like to be putting dials down in first turn by 7:30 (7:45 at the latest) so please try to arrive by 7:15 to get prepared. It would be helpful for each of those coming to play to have a starting ship/character ready to play. I will have laminated character sheets with me like last time for everyone to use, so just have your starting character for week 1 written down and on paper and we can transpose it to a laminated character sheet when you arrive. Each participant has to choose a starting ship. There are two to choose from: (A) X-wing Starfighter (T-65) and 5 experience points to start with (the astromech, torpedo, and modification slots are open for you to fill as you wish using your five points) or (B) Y-wing Starfighter and 8 experience points to start with (the astromech, turret upgrade, modification and a combination of two torpedo/bomb slots are open for you to fill as you wish using your eight points). ALSO Y-wings can choose to opt in to BTL-A4 title before each mission. The Bomb Loadout is already factored in. Note that there are lots of rules to upgrades specific to HotAC. Some are more lenient than standard xwing; others are more strict and even ban some upgrades. Unless otherwise discussed here (or decided on as a group later) we are using the rules as printed in HotAC v0.7 Each player gets one ship and starts the campaign at PS 2. You can use your experience points 1:1 to purchase various upgrades/modifications (according to HotAC rules, EPTs can not be purchased for use during the first mission and neither can you upgrade from PS 2 for the first mission). We will NOT be allowing "sell backs" of upgrades this time around at any time. Once you use experience to purchase an upgrade it is yours for the duration of the entire campaign UNLESS you lose it due to campaign rules (usually if your ship is destroyed during a mission). Keep in mind that you can choose to unequip and equip various upgrades that you have prior to each mission. AND when you change ship types, all of your purchased upgrades and such carry over and can be used on your new changed ship as you have slots. MORE on changing ship types at the end. We are going to follow the rules of HotAC more closely this time around when it comes to building up characters/purchasing upgrades. I would suggest reading the manual. You can download it here. We will be using the X-Wing AI app for the imperial ships. It will be quicker. I have the app on my phone. No charts or rolling of dice (basically it is still the same thing, including the randomness, but it can be done quicker). Experience will be handled different than the printed rules. The experience gained by each participant will ALL be put into a common pool and split up AFTER the mission is completed. The exceptions are: (A) The bonus experience point from destroying (the kill shot) a large enemy ship (Lambda Shuttle or VT-49 Decimator) (B) The bonus experience point from any assists (this includes kill-assists and guardian-assists) as well as assists from the pilot abilities of Roark Garnet and Etahn Abaht. All the experience in the common pool will be handed out to each participant after the completion of the mission and any fractions of experience will be rounded up. When a player is shot down (ship is destroyed) there is an "ejection" roll that is made. The rules state that if one(1) focus result if rolled, the player earns half the XP this mission and if two (2) focus results are rolled the player loses all XP this mission. We will alter that as follows: (1) Focus result = immediately remove 3 XP from the common pool (2) or more Focus results = immediately remove 6 XP from the common pool In either case, if there is not enough XP to cover the removal from the common pool, then take what is currently there. The object is to work together to get everyone through each mission with their ship intact. So use team work. Help each other out. SHIP CHANGING: As you know, we all start out with either a T-65 xwing OR a Y-wing. And the HotAC rules have ship changing rules for A-wings, HWK-290s, and B-wings. We are also going to allow a few more ships to change to. The rules for changing ships apply as in the HotAC rules with the following changes/additions: (A) T-70 X-wing... all standard ship changing rules apply (cost 5xp and can be changed to for any PS 4 and above pilot) (B) Attack Shuttle (Phantom)... cost 6xp to upgrade to these (and can happen at PS 4 and above) (C) Sheathipede-class Shuttle... cost 6xp to upgrade to these (and can happen at PS 4 and above) (D) ARC-170... cost 8xp to upgrade to these (and can happen at PS 4 and above) (E) E-Wing... cost 8xp to upgrade and requires a PS 5 or more pilot (F) U-wing... cost 8xp to upgrade and requires a PS 5 or more pilot (also note, this will be a SMALL SHIP base) The platforms for the Auzituck Gunship, K-wing, and Scurrg H-6 Bomber are simply too powerful to allow in HotAC. I will create sheets that we will use for these six (6) new ship types that we are making available. I will have them available to look over for the month of April. LASTLY, Doji is trying to find out if we can use one of the quarterly store tournament kits that Game Matrix has for this campaign. IF WE DO, we will charge a nominal fee to anyone you wants to be a part of the swag package... enough to cover the store costs for the kit. No one will be forced to pay, however only those who do will get any swag. So it will be optional. There should be WAY more than enough in the kit to make sure everyone walks away with something (probably multiple somethings). AS SOON AS we get the word that we can use a store kit, I will get the prize/swag break down on the most recent monthly thread for Game Matrix here on the FFG Forums.
  12. I was your round 5 opponent (Jamey). I was 3-1 at that point going in, but your Proton Bombs slaughtered me. I don't recall much more of the match other than your bombs were better than mine. ALSO your initial plan for engagement worked and mine not at all. I flew Miranda too aggressively and you jumped on it. Thank you for being a fun xwinger at the end of a long day in a large room full of people. :-)
  13. No MOV on casual night. Just hanging out and (particularly after regional) playing with new experimental lists that (for me anyway) tend to fall on their proverbial faces.
  14. Sorry, man. This move has been stressful and trying to get the old house ready for rent (first time landlord for me) is proving a lot of work too and taking away from getting the new house up and running on schedule.