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  1. Yeah, I got one of everything accept I picked up two gunboats.
  2. I can't make it tonight (and written previously). Company Christmas party.
  3. That's funny, because even before the nerf I took out out Dengar/Nym a few months back with 5 Tie bombers.
  4. I will not be there this Friday (December 8th). Company Christmas party.
  5. Zeb Crew does not work either. His ability (as the card reads) is only triggered and used during the combat phase. Snap shot is triggered after a maneuver. So unless the maneuver was executed during the combat phase, no Zeb.
  6. That's kind of how I got started. I bought core set during during mid summer of 2014 around wave 4. I read rules and loved the ships. But I sat it down for a few months. That November (2014) I asked a buddy to sit down and play after I bought a two more ships (YT-1300, Slave-1). We liked it. We did a ton of things wrong though and learned more after visiting a FLGS a month later and playing every week with a cool group I still hang out with today. Spring of 2015 I started playing store championships all over western Washington and buy all of it. ALL OF IT.
  7. I will NOT be there this Friday (11/17). Crazy busy weekend.
  8. Finshed: (1) Fly for a Jedi (2) Wedge (3) Isaac (4) Fuzzy (5) Sephlar I had fun. Though 40 point Mario Kart is a bit crazy.
  9. I have a similar one to this with just a slight change. I am may be bringing 1 or 2 people with me. One is a friend from church who was very happy last Sunday when I asked him if he was interested in playing with us. In a conversation, both star wars and warhammer miniatures came up. So I said, "Hey, you interested in playing Star Wars Xwing table top with me next Friday. A bunch of us are playing at Game Matrix on South Tacoma Way. We are planing to play an alternative racing style like Mario Kart." His response was, "Really? Yeah I know Game Matrix. I didn't know you nerded out like that. I'd love to play if I'm not working too late. Been wanting to try Xwing for a while."
  10. Sabine Wren - Attack Shuttle (21), Expertise (4), TLT (6), Operations Specialist (3), Stealth Device (3) 37 sq pts.
  11. Rebel Captain Nym (30), Trick Shot (0), Ion Cannon Turret (5), Nien Nunb (1), Bomblet Generator (3), Long Range Scanners (0) 39 sq pts.
  12. I have at least a six cool builds to choose from... How about: Thweek (28), StarViper Mk. II (-3), Virago (1), FCS (2), Advanced Proton Torps (6), Scavenger Crane (2), Autothrusters (2) 38 sq pts. Horton Salm (25), Expertise (4), R2-D6 (10, TLT (6), Bomb Loadout, (0), Ion Bombs (2), Vectored Thrusters (2) 40 sq pts.