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  1. Yep... I'll be bringing all the Hero's of Aturi Cluster with me to Game Matrix tomorrow (Friday the 13th!). We will get to see @Pretty Fly for a Jedi
  2. I will be there. I'd like to play Legion. If no one else wants to, I'll beg @RiddleMeBats to play a game of Rebellion.
  3. I'll stop in and say hello around 9:30. But I have two u19 men's matches in Puyallup that are going to run me ragged Friday evening.
  4. What is the "window" of dates when the store must host it?
  5. Sephlar

    To buy or not to buy Legion

    I would not let the command cards be something that turns you away. Yes they can play an important role in a given turn. However, they are not overly complicated.
  6. Actually there is a pretty established podcast already called "Rebel Scum Podcast" that is pretty solid. It's more about Star Wars in general.
  7. Sephlar

    Deluxe bases announced

    I could print better bases myself. The theme is uber constrictive. Maybe they just wanted to make something that we NEVER going to need to be reprinted?
  8. Sephlar

    Game Fatigue

    You're not wrong. Of all the positives that you listed, you missed one: the rapid pace that FFG is getting the product released so that there is some meat/content to choose from in a list/squad. The problem with that is that whom ever is in charge of the rules updates is/are (at this point) not keeping up with releases. FFG really should be releasing an "update" each day of release of new content with an update of the interactions between just released content and previous released content AS WELL AS errata of things that were missed in game testing that the player base has found and brought to light. Basically if you are going the "live document" route as a design decision... then do it, FFG.
  9. Sephlar

    Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion

    Though I completely agree... If one's problem is "I don't have enough terrain." Then I simply offered two possible solutions. I suppose I could have offered a third solution which was, "If you are at home, use your discarded toilet paper tubes and cans of spaghetti O's." Coming up with terrain to play Legion can be difficult for the player(s) new to miniatures games. I fit that category too. My mini's experience is basically Xwing which all the components to play were included. Legion is a new beast for me given the need for terrain if I have a friend over to play.
  10. Sephlar

    Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion

    3D print your own. PLUS many FLGS have a ton of terrain for other miniatures.
  11. HotAC for June .... will be on Friday the 8th (2nd week)... I will be unavailable on the 15th.
  12. Sephlar

    Leia and Fleet Troopers are incoming

    Me as well. I would have liked to order locally but this particular release of Leia and Fleet Troopers seemed to go from "on the boat" to "sold out" in a matter of days that I was running around to go to whomever could actually promise me them prior to waiting fro FFG to reprint in months from now.