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  1. Trying to do the math and it does not seem like I would replace troopers with eweb. Is the standby really going to make that much of a difference? Thoughts? Anyone proxie them yet?
  2. Yes we need imperial tanks that are good, unlike the ATST.
  3. I dont feel as strong as you in this. There is a lot of room for error compared to Armada. In that game the is no room for error. You can adjust quickly by just moving guys at an angle one way or another. But very good write up!
  4. All roofs of building would be considered Hard/difficult terrain. Thats how we have played it in our last 2 tourneys. Gives another reason to climb stuff!
  5. Great casual game, especcially if you are creative in making scenarios up. Sky is the limit for this. We have a "Take the Beach SAcenario" picture Saving Privite Ryan but with 3 or 4 ATSTs and stoormies storming the beach and trying to take out 3 of 5 Rebel objectives. Only the empirial team picks the 3 of the objectives in secret. Great multi player game. The board you play on needs to be 8' long 4' deep. This will be alot of fun when the new rebel laser comes out. Place a few of those on the cliffs!!
  6. I agree that Fett is our only hope of breaking the 6 troops 3 bikes list, eweb aint goin to do it.
  7. chriscook

    Opening Doors?

    Because if they get hard cover while inside from shooters gunning them through an opening than they should be slowed inside. I would concider the inside of building the same as a peice of area terrain. Area terrain (except light woods) gives hard cover and difficault movement correct?
  8. Dont tell the 40k players or international Flames of War players that their tourneys are casual because they have cool looking 3D terrain. Just the opposite, as a general you have to build an army for many situations and you must also be able to look at a battle fields quickly to determine if you want to choose side and maximize you armies strenths and weaknesses. There is so much more thinking in these types of games than throwing down some random cardboard obstacle like xwing. And it just looks so much cooler.
  9. I like being blue player and looking at the board set up. With all my Reb acts I really like the 4 corners deployment and hate battle lines. I run Bro and Sis and 2x fleet troopers. I love using Sorrows to put fleet troopers into position to roll lots of dice. Then run away or doge. Or use it on Luke and a fleet group. Lieas bombs to put a hurt on speeder bikes. Im always seeing at least 2 groups. If I can get at least 1 wound on them they lose em pretty quick once they get to me.
  10. The other day I grappled a building with Leia and went inside through a window. Is this ok to do?
  11. chriscook

    Opening Doors?

    I have a large bunker with no door on it, just open and a large tower with 2 garage door openings with no doors. Speed 1 really limits the movement inside these structures and I wondered how others treated the inside of building if you had a clear shot through the door openings. Sorry abit of topic. Yes the open close door thing is interesting. I would think with no rules for it you can go right through the door and it closes right behind you, or stays open the entire game. Very sticky situation for sure.
  12. Ok cool, never came up yet but im sure it will.
  13. chriscook

    Opening Doors?

    I see what you are saying. OK- if your unit is inside the buliding and I can see over 50% of them through the doorway, do they get hard cover? if no then move around the building no problem. If you want to give them hard cover- then they are slowed as soon as you get to the doorway. Cant have hard cover and move about at speed 2 inside a structure
  14. Are you sure, I thought the leader has to see the target for everyone to shoot at it. Can you show me the pg number that is on. Thanks
  15. chriscook

    Opening Doors?

    If the building gives you hard cover when inside than as soon as you get to the door the move inside should use the 1 move template. You cant have hard cover and move freely inside a structure.
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