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  1. Last Friday, my friends and I were playing HoB and encountered something annoying (even the overlord agreed it was odd). For the first time in two campaigns we decided to concede and call it a night. Now we are all wondering if we did something wrong or misread the rules. Can you help us figure out? The following went down: 1. The overlord chose Plague Worms as his open group. We knew he would try to push us in the pit with them, but we also needed to make haste. So we opened the door and had 3 actions left. We did three attacks, but missed them all (2 Blue 'X' and 1 bad attack). 2. The next turn, the overlord pushed Sahla and Ronan both in the pit, he knocked out Landrec and threw Syndrael into the pit via the Ettin's ability. 3. Now we were all stuck in the pits, dangling. The quest tells us the following: Dangling heroes are not on the map. A dangling hero cannot return to the map except by being pulled out or climbing out. As an action, a dangling hero may climb out. If he does, he places his figure in an empty space adjacent to his hero token and then removes his hero token from the map. then his activation ends immediately. This means that we couldn’t help each other out, since only Landrec was on the map (but he got downed every turn due to two Ettins and a Raven flock). And besides that, we could only climb out and then end our turn, which meant that we got pushed in the next turn. So now we had to "skip" X turns to wait for the overlord to move all 10 hostages towards the pit and throw them in as well. Was this in instant loss on turn 3 or did we read something wrong? Here's a picture to make the scenario clearer:
  2. They are selling it in the Netherlands and I read on some forums they are in other countries as well. I found it odd as well, but I'm not complaining . But thanks for the info about the Act 2 quests. I was very surprised.
  3. Hi there, I just bought the Mist of Bilehall expansion and upon opening I noticed this expansion (unlike the other small expansions) doesn't feature any rumor cards. Did you guys know that? Does that mean these missions can't be used as side quests or am I missing something?
  4. I everyone. Sorry if this was already explained somewhere, but I couldn't find a topic about this: In the Mists of Bilehall expansion there are these 6 Tainted cards. On the official site it says that each player gets one of these Tainted cards face-down and once that player get knocked-out, he or she flips that card. Now, every card has a unique ability, which I understand. However, I don't understand the basic ability that these Tainted cards share. It says: "You are tainted. While knocked out, you can only recover <heart> from untainted heroes or heroic feats." Does that mean you can't perform a standup action (because you just got tainted)? That seems strong, so which ruling am I missing here? //Edit: I just read that you can revive other players Lol. I ,as overlord, never knew that. So it all makes some more sense.
  5. Hi everyone. Last friday we played another quest, but after 2 seconds of playing we tumbled into a discussion . Hopefully you guys can help us. During the travel phase, we drew the following card: ------------- "A lone knight in shining silver armor blocks your path, bellowing a challenge to your strongest warrior. Draw cards from the current Act's Shop Item Deck until a Melee weapon is revealed. One hero may choose to perform an attack with a Melee weapon against a grey defense die. This hero is also targeted by an attack from the drawn Shop Item, using his normal defense pool. If the hero deals more [Hearth] than he suffers, he may take the drawn Shop Item. If he suffers more [Hearth] than he deals, discard the drawn shop item. In either case, return this card to the game box. If the heroes choose not to do this, treat this Travel Event card as No Event" ------------- Now the thing is: our Berserker revealed a Grinding Axe and because this was our first ACT2 quest, he instantly fell in love with it. He really wanted it, but he did less damage than the lone knight did and rolled terrible on his defense. However he tried to use Weapon Mastery in order to gain a surge so he could activate his weapon and deal more damage. Besides that he wanted to exhaust his Mana Weave ring to gain another surge to convert into damage. This way he would exactly beat the knight and win the Grinding Axe. Our question is: Is he allowed to exhaust cards during the travel phase? On the one hand he, did perform an attack and will enter the game with those cards exhausted, but on the other hand it would mean our healer should be able to keep healing people even before the quest begins (making travel damage useless). Have you guys encountered a similar problem? And how did you deal with it?
  6. Ah yes, I'm thinking of that as well (simply not playing this quest ) I you were still wonding; I do usually choose large monsters and use them to block people. Besides that, I forgot I had Words of Pain as well. Thanks again for the advice!
  7. Yes, I know. No rest for the wicked would be awesome to have in hand. Web trap, however only immobilizes a maximum of two hero's in this case (because the first hero has to enter an empty space, leaving only 1 adjacent). So the chances of still being immobilzed and/or stunned on turn one are still high. :/ I might have one exp remaining (i need to check that). But if possible, should i invest it in another No rest for the wicked?
  8. Hi, I have a question about the 2nd encounter of the Dawnblade quest. I’m currently preparing it as the overlord and I do see how I could win the first Encounter. However, I have no clue yet how to win the second encounter. I know that, once Alric is running, I have a good chance. However I’m concerned that I’m not getting to run. Here is why: In the 2nd encounter Alric starts 6 squares away from the entrance. That means our Runemaster and Necromancer heroes could use stamina to move 3-4 spaces with stamina and double attack. Then, there are the Berserker (who could use stamina and his heroic feet to attack twice) and the Disciple that could attack once if he used his stamina. That makes a potential total of 7 attacks, which will probably result in a stun AND / or immobilize (by the disciple’s weapon and Runemaster’s Runic Sorcery) Now, I know Alric is not a pushover, but is he able to get out of such a mess? --- The heroes have: Leoric has: Scorpion helm, Leather armor, The shadow rune. Knows: Exploding rune, Rune mastery, Iron will, Runic sorcery Grisbran has: Valyndra’s gift, Halberd, Mana weave Knows: Execute, Death Rage Avric has: Light hammer, Shield of the dark god, Chainmail Knows: I don’t really know xD I know he has radiant light Widow Tarha has: Leather armor, Ring of power, Lifedrain scepter, Reaper scythe Knows: Death pact, Futy of undead, Vampiric blood, Corpse dance I have: Staff of shadows, Bones of woe I know: Summon valyndra, Aurium plating, Terrifying presence, Rise again, Wicket laughter, Web trap (2), No rest for the wicked. --- Before you start counting exp xD. This was our first playtrough and we didn't notice that you only needed to play 3 ACT 1 quests. We did 5 and one rumor quest. (And ofcourse, I might have made mistakes in this summary too) Do you guys have any advice on how to win dawnblade?
  9. Thanks rugal and Zaltyre, I shall discuss it with the group. Whilst reading that FAQ I also read some other interesting things (luckily in my favor ) Hopefully I'll start winning some matches from now on.
  10. Hi everyone. I have another question about the skeleton familiar. We played the interlude and everything seemed to go well. The warrior was constantly down while the runemaster and cleric where both blocked by a pact of shadow dragons The thing is; all heroes had serious trouble except for the necromancer who is carrying the heroes through the entire campaign. I'm seriously starting to smell something fishy here, but as overlord my opinion might be biased . Several times during our campaign this necromancer did the following: 1. The skeleton (which was summoned the previous turn) moves and attacks with a Red, blue and yellow die. 2. The player decides to discard his skeleton (see: Raise dead ability). 3. The player starts his turn, using 1 action to summon the skeleton and 1 action to activate Fury of Undeath, Then he moves himself to safety by using stamina. Then the skeleton performs a move action and attacks with a red, blue and yellow die, 4. Then the skeleton activates as normal (because it's a new skeleton?) performing a move action and attacking with a red, blue and yellow die. The only reason I keep losing is due to this skeleton familiar. Last night he killed Baron Zachereth, who had almost all his health remaining, in one single turn on his own. I've tried to kill the skeleton several times, but the necromancer keeps pushing all damage to himself, keeping that skeleton alive if necessary. And since he's moving his hero away with stamina (and using the Vampiric blood to regain stamina) he never is in any real danger. Is this normal?
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys! . They tricked me this time, but:
  12. Hi everyone. I had a question to which I couldn't find the answer. Hopefully you guys can help me: Last night we played a game of Descent in which I played the Overlord. One of the hero's (the necromancer) ran his skeleton familiar into a monster group and used Corpse Blast. He then rolled for the attack, which resulted in a miss (the X on the blue die). Now, here I stated that his attack resolved (the skeleton exploded, but the blast missed my monsters) and therefor the skeleton should be removed. However all the heroes kept saying that the attack had not resolved because a miss was roled. In the end we let the skeleton live. Did we do the correct thing of was I just fooled?
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