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    I just got Descent 2E about a week ago and so far I'm loving it!  My girlfriend and I are having tons of fun with it, and I'm going to introduce it to my core gaming group at our next session.  There's one thing that's bugging me though...
    The Lieutenant Packs.  I would love to have minis of all the lieutenants for the core game (the tokens just don't do them justice) but upon seeing one at my local game store I realized that the "pack" wasn't really a pack at all, and was only a single mini!  After looking up all of the lieutenants indiviaully and pricing them out, I realized that I would likely be spending around 60$ just for the ones from the core game.  That's more than I paid for the whole box!
    Can't you guys offer up a bundle "pack" that actually includes all of the ones from the core set at the price of the other H&M packs?  Even like 40-45$?  I live in Denton, TX and could walk down to the Reaper factory and get minis super cheap, but I'd rather support FFGs on this one, unfortunately this is just hard to do with prices like that.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for a great game system, and I hope this doesn't fall on def ears!
    (If you can't do it for D2E, maybe at least then for SWEA????)
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    The way I'll do it would be that I become the first zombie they encounter, right there on the table. Let the players deal with me and then continue running the game as normal.
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    DrannonB reacted to Banemus in OK, Here is the other thing . . .   
    Well then, when it happens in reality, everyone will know not to put any faith in you
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    DrannonB reacted to Whitewing in Rant: The Blue Cross   
    I like the way Imperial Assault does it. There is no miss on the attack dice at all. Instead, there are two different defense dice: the black die, which is the tankier of the two, and the white die. The white die has a side that has a dodge result, which means the attack misses entirely. However, the white die has far less defense on it than the black die, which does not have a dodge roll. In general, the white die is used to represent faster but squishier targets, while the black die is used for more durable targets. It works out quite well overall.
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