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  1. Made it to page 34 of 47 before I needed to post to get to bed. Saw the movie a few days ago now, and needed to digest/discuss with more ravenous SW fans than I. A lot of the comments have actually been helpful in making me like the movie more. So, perhaps surprisingly, thank you. I got lucky. I tried hard after the "we're home" trailer to avoid spoilers. I went into the movie firmly believing that the old crew would be around for all three of the films. Han's death was a gut punch. Or maybe a kick to the groin. Or both. It hurt. For me, Harrison Ford played the part perfectly. Exquisitely delivered one-liners with a sprinkle of grandfatherly love and get-off-my-lawn. I was concerned after the "Chewie, we're home" trailer, but outside of that line, he was perfect Han. One of my best friends died. I didn't need the other characters to be sad. I was devastated. The part that I have struggled with since watching the movie is that Han died in a horrifically post-modern and cynical way. Disney tells us that fathers cannot bring their children back from evil they have chosen. No matter the sacrifice, your child is lost. Your child can only consume you for their own evil desires. As a father to a 2 year old, a toddler who loses control of his emotions and throws rage-tantrums similar to Kylo Ren's dark-side fueled slasher scene, this has been a difficult message to stomach. Almost enough to keep me from liking the movie at all. This same 2 year old, for whom I sacrificed being able to see a movie I craved watching for nearly two weeks, will destroy me. That's a tough message to swallow. It is this very message that makes me hate Kylo with a deep, burning rage. He's a shrine to Western culture's "kid knows best" belief. And I want that shrine torn down. That a pop-culture phenomenon of a movie could elicit such a reaction is my favorite part of the movie. I despise Kylo Ren to the point it clashes with my own morals. My emotions don't want to see him restored to the Light. I want him slain; dead and buried by Rey's hand. I want his crappy shuttle exploded over Jakku by Poe. I want him to have to clean Finn's toilets before going down the garbage chute to be eaten by some horrid monster.
  2. So here's an anecdote and rabid speculation about the timing of this press release from FFG. I picked up my preorder of the T-70 and FO from my FLGS today, one of the two I frequent. Coincidentally, another guy from my league was picking up his ships at the same time. The owner remarked that we got lucky. When he went to put in the order for our ships, there was only one of each remaining from the distributor. The lucky part was that another store canceled their order, so he was able to get in another 2 of each ship. I called another FLGS I frequent to verify the story, and sure enough, they didn't get their order in on time, and will not be getting stock of the T-70 or FO. It's already gone from the distributors they use. Looking at MM and CSI, there's still 20+ available of each ship. The wild speculation here is that the online retailers bought out the channel prior to most FLGSs even being aware that they could purchase the T-70 and FO. It also points to a smaller release on the FFGs side, most likely to hit TFA's premiere date. If I were a GS, I would be upset that this happened. I know in my city of nearly 1 million who has the new expansions from local retailers and who purchased them online to bring to the store. It seems likely that until the next wave of T-70s and FOs arrives, MM, CSI, B&N, and a few other large retailers will have the corner on the market, completely shutting out the smaller brick and mortar stores. Hopefully, we can infer that FFG has rushed this initial shipment of T-70s and FO's in order to make TFA's release date. Hopefully there will be another wave of inventory for FLGSs to purchase from.
  3. Paul needs a tattoo of a Z-95 on his dice hand. Wow.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed it, gentlemen! The discussion format is great! Always remember to introduce yourselves at the start of a podcast. If I hadn't (very briefly) met Tyson and Bernstein at various SCs/regionals, I wouldn't have been able to keep up with who was who. And maybe it's best for the internet/universe if Dan isn't on...
  5. I like Shut Up and Sit Down's approach for the 6th player. The Empire becomes composed of Darth Darth and Darth Doff. They each get a few units and the imperial players alternate activations. It also makes the imperial player not feel quite so bad when he's stomping the Rebel scum because he's stomping them with a buddy.
  6. Looks great! The sculpt has more character than the preview article suggested. Where are you playing up in Denver? There are three of us painting our sets in the Springs, but our schedules rarely line up to play.
  7. My primer takes 15 mins to dry. I use Tamiya but don't think others take much longer. Huh, I've been using P3 since my FLGS has it available in abundance, and it recommends letting them sit overnight. Time to upgrade?
  8. I've just started IA so maybe I don't understand the nuances of community language - but I'm pretty sure the base campaign occurs after Yavin, so that would make it OT, not pre OT Like I said - I might be misunderstanding The IA core campaign is in Timeline 3 and occurs immediately after A New Hope. There is speculation that Return to Hoth will be Timeline 4. Timeline 2 would likely be between the prequels and OT and who knows what they planned for 1.
  9. I think X-Wing or IA are the two best options, and they depend upon the type of games you want to have. X-Wing is similar to a CCG/LCG (Netrunner, Magic, Doomtown, etc) in the sense that you can show up somewhere, play with a stranger, and have a blast for an hour. They're great games for playing with people you don't know. So if you like going to your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS), meeting new people, and having a blast, X-Wing is the best way to go. Armada isn't as popular as X-Wing (yet), so I would shy away from it for now. Imperial Assault is the opposite; it's for playing with friends. Sure, you can get a group together regularly to play through the campaign, and your FLGS is a great place to do that. But really, it's for having your friends over and experiencing a story together a night at a time. I'll also leave you with these two Shut Up and Sit Down reviews. I feel they cover both of the games spectacularly, capturing why they're both so great. X-Wing: http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/videos/v/review-x-wing/ Imperial Assault: http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/videos/v/review-imperial-assault/
  10. Great work! Can I ask how you paint a figure in a single evening? I'm finding that it often takes me 3 nights of 1-2 hours to get a mini to that level, and much longer if I want more detail/highlights. Shoot, priming alone guarantees that I won't be able to touch it until the next day.
  11. I'm torn about the sculpt. Leia is one half bad ass. The type of BA that makes all of the other dudes in the films question their courage. She had killed more Imperials than her brother until he blew up the Death Star. She spits in Darth "I Have a Black Skull For a Face" Vader's face repeatedly, the dude that enjoys choking people with his mind. She murdered the galaxy's most notorious gangster with a chain while in a bikini. The miniature doesn't do this half of her justice. Her other half is sass. So sassy that she shuts up the galaxy's most notorious spout of one-liners, Han "Cannot Form Paragraphs" Solo. She can talk back to the galaxy's most notorious gangster while in a bikini, and then kill him moments later. The sculpt captures her attitude perfectly by making her say "I'm wearing a thick snowsuit, but you're still going to check me out... laser brain." If her sculpt had matched the card art, it would have been great and likely my second favorite sculpt of everything they've done. That said, I still think this version is pretty good because I laugh knowing she's laughing at all the idiots checking her out in a snow suit.
  12. Endor? I thought those tiles from the core are supposed to be Yavin. Nah, just generic jungle. Besides, I like the thought of the Ewoks getting a good gaffi stick to the head. From the Saboteur pack:
  13. Tusken Raiders are going to be on Endor in skirmish months before then.
  14. I love the Han+Leia synergy. Keeping Leia around Han will always give her 1 free block. I was hoping she would be 10+ cost and a bit more powerful though.
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