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  1. I get that. It's like we need to be in a play group who can pull together money for this stuff.
  2. I'm the same age but have no problem using an app for updated rules and cards. I bank this way too.
  3. This isn't a charity. Maybe 3D print your own if the waves are that salty m8.
  4. My friends and I have a whole cabinet full of ships. Probably in the range of thousands of dollars in there over the years.
  5. I love the new upgraded Dash Rendar. I use Outrider, Mangler Cannon, and that new pilot that turns a hit into a crit. Just use the 90 degree 3 turn all day. Throw a few 4 skill X Wings in for extra sponge in the fun cake. ?
  6. I don't see many people playing this game anymore in my area. Magic and Warhammer seem to be the only things getting played at my local stores.
  7. Sample size of 1. I have personally seen exactly 0 double defenders in play, ever. It is possible that with a lot of practice and a pancake meta they might do alright, but they are not common. Exactly. A double defender build placed high some place in the world.
  8. Wow that's a new one to me.
  9. If you're putting them in display I'd consider that using them. It's buying a TIE defender for Predator alone and then filing the model away in some forgotten box I don't get. StarViper for Autothrusters and M3-A for Mangler Cannon? Worth it! No, no, not worth it. Expansions are expensive even when you consider everything in them. Buying things just for a card I simply don't get and doubt I ever will. You aren't trying to win Regional tournaments like everyone else with C3PO, etc. Can't wait to see all the Palpatine cards soon.
  10. My friends and I pool our collection of ships together. I've played them all.
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