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  1. This is true. If an inquisitor cannot defeat a few pesky, rebellious acolytes, that Inquisitor is unworthy to serve the god-emperor.
  2. I like this idea, but it could prove to be a most dangerous game.
  3. Thanks for all the input everyone. I ended up telling my player that she can use both, and get both bonuses, based on the logic of using the sutures to close a wound, and various medicines/chemicals from the med-kit to slow the bleeding/stave off infection, what-have-you.
  4. Would a medicae-trained player be able to stack field sutures and a medi-kit to gain an extra bonus to tests, or should a skill test allow just a single tool? For example, a player is suffering blood loss. A medic wants to know if she can use the field sutures (+30) and medi-kit (+10) to staunch blood loss at a +40 to her roll? Or should it only be a +30 from the sutures?
  5. Thanks for all the advice everyone. We ended up having to cancel our session on Sunday, which gives me more time to settle on what the inquisitor will be like. I'm going to take the advice of not worrying so much about his/her stats for now, and focus on personality, appearance, quirks, etc.
  6. So last month my monthly RPG group got together, and as a group, created our player characters. This coming Sunday my players begin doing the bidding/work of an Inquisitor who does not exist yet. So I am looking for tips on how best to create my group's Inquisitor. He/She should be fully fleshed out character (I'll come up with backstory and everything) including a full-blown character sheet. As far as creation rules would go, how best should I approach stats, skills, talents, etc? I don't want him/her to be a god, but I don't want the group to be able to take him/her down in a fight right away, if things were to come to that. Some background I have come up with is that this Inquisitor will mostly focus on Xenos threats, but will take up any case that requires the Inquisition's attention. I'd rather the Inquisitor not be a psycher, but maybe just the ability to sense psycher activity (psyniscience or whatever that skill is called (at work, so no book handy)). He/She will play fast and loose with the rules, at times, sort of an ends justify the means sort of person. tl;dr version: I'm making my group's Inquisitor, mechanically in the game's rules, how do I go about making a powerful Inquisitor character sheet?
  7. Tomorrow my monthly RPG group is going to do a character creation session to start off our first time playing Dark Heresy. I've played first edition before, and will be GMing this group. I have plenty of premade adventures from 1st, and was looking for guidance in running Purge the Unclean for my group. Upon a quick skim, things look like I shouldn't really have to do anything to make it work, but I'm looking for advice from experienced 2nd edition GMs.
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