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  1. Presumably, this also means if a Shore unit has Recon Intel, you deploy them first, do your speed 1 move, then deploy the Mortar later at speed 1distance from that Shore unit.
  2. On the FFG site. Get em while they last...
  3. Season 1 Recap, told with Action Figures: https://kotaku.com/the-mandalorian-season-1-retold-with-action-figures-1845420205
  4. Doesn't even have to be because the commander died. Say you bring Cassian as your commander, but then use his Covert Ops ability, which makes him an Operative instead. Your army must have a nominated commander, so you could nominate a Mandalorian Resistance unit as your new commander, making them immune to Force Choke and any other ability that cannot affect Commanders.
  5. So after giving it some thought, how doable would it be to turn this into a 2 or 3 file print. See this item: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2910890 Specifically images 4 and 5, that look like this: Maybe have the bottom of both hulls and the bottom of the engine all one connected file, the tops all 1 connected file, and if needed, the landing gear piece as a separate part. That would theoretically make it a supportless print. It would take up more real estate on the printing bed, so smaller printers would need the original 7 file setup, but it could offer more stability at the connection where the engine attaches to the hulls, and would eliminate the need for the separate engine grill piece.
  6. I'd rather fall onto ground a dozen or more feet below than fall into a lava river, so that was the justification behind that.
  7. Overall, print and assembly went really well. I had to drill out all of the holes that use filament as pins, but other than that, i just had to remove my supports and it all fit together great. I'd say if there's anything to improve, the engine piece is smaller than the slots that accept it on both hulls, making for a pretty loose fit. It'd be nice if it was a little snugger, but it still went together great.
  8. I love that you made the holes for connecting pins roughly the size of filament. I have a few remnants from the ends of rolls, so always nice to have a use for it. I did have to drill out the holds on the left hull bottom to get the filament to feed in, but that only took a few seconds. Left hull top is printing now. The engine and engine grill's holds were a lot smaller, but i didn't bother drilling those out, they glued just fine without any pins, and their alignment is a little less crucial than the top and bottom pieces.
  9. So the 75% infill worked. I'm now on to printing the 4 larger pieces. Thank you so much for including the .txt file that says how many of which parts are needed to print, and which ones needed supports. that was a huge help in prepping the .gcode files.
  10. So I am able to work full time from home, so I'm able to keep an eye on things printing throughout the day.
  11. I like that idea too. I also asked on the subreddit for legion, and someone pointed out that in my rule, how would Vader, Snowtroopers, or other speed 1 unit jump the lava.
  12. Shoretroopers want to cross the lava: Measure to see if move is valid: Roll dice following the Clambering rules for fall damage: 2 Shoretroopers didn't make it:
  13. So I saw in an Alex Davy interview recently on Legion Academy that they are looking into more codified rules form some terrain stuff that comes up, but I wanted to share a houserule that we came up with for our game yesterday. First, see this photo to see a lava river: So we took the Clambering rule as inspiration for jumping across the lava. Unit leader makes a move, if they can start and finish their move outside of the lava, they can attempt a clambering roll to jump across. Roll 1 white die for each miniature in the unit jumping across the river. For each Block or Surge symbol, the unit suffers 1 wound. Then, you complete the move by placing the unit leader where the movement ended, and put any remaining miniatures in unit cohesion with the leader. You assign the wound tokens as you would with any normal attack roll. This rule only applies if you're jumping over the river. Crossing a bridge or other piece of terrain that spans the lava flow would just be a normal move with no rolls for the lava. Thoughts?
  14. Slowed down pretty heavily from 3d printing lately, mostly because I just have 1 4'x8' gaming table in my house, and limited storage space. A friend came to visit over the weekend, so we played a Legion game yesterday. Here's some photos of the table setup after the game was over. Everything on the table came from my printer except the red crystals, the lava river and pools, and the FFG barricades. Most of the designs came from Imperial Terrain, 1 or 2 things were from Corvus Terrain, the Razorcrest look-alike from Dragon's Rest, and anything else was from Thingiverse.
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