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  1. I will be there too. I am looking to see if there is any info about the Coruscant Open. I see the date and the room of the event: but not the time, or if we can watch PHeaver do his thing.
  2. Who is that? Well, I don't want to spoil too much for folks that are fans of the character: so I will use the tag below. @ Wraithdt: Good call on the A-Wing and Sensor Jammer! \Moff Jerjerrod can throw Vader, the Emperor, or Mara Jade out an airlock.
  3. The Moldy Crow cut a way illustration is not from an RPG, but is a very well made fan creation. I always get a kick when it gets mentioned as an official source, just shows what a good job the artist did on that work. He is a pretty good model builder and painter too. On topic: how can droids do drugs like glitterstim? Or get stressed? How can a pilot who has been dead for twenty years by the battle of Yavin be in this game? If the Force is an all powerful energy field that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together- why is a two point modification card (autothrusters) better than Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker's ability?
  4. You Pet Shop boys can rock the Brobots! Had a great time, played some great players, and only lost to those dang 88's! Good Job guys! You flew the Aggressors awesomely. (and how bout that young kid with the K-wing list! really sharp player) MTFBWY -Jammies
  5. I am going as well. I was hoping there would be some gaming, either formal or informal. Any news will be shared for sure.
  6. Is Evansville IN too far for you? I know Comic Quest has a good group of pilots. I live in Louisville, otherwise id play you.... loser buys a sack of Ferrels burgers. Best of luck and May the Force Be With You Jammies
  7. Just a bump. Not trying to rush perfection, but maybe MF can give us an update? Looking forward to some decals for the fleet. Thanks for doing this for us MF! -Jammies
  8. Had a great time, and played with some really cool people. It was my first time to Hard Knox Games, as well as my first tournament. Thanks to the store and all the friendly guys that came out to play for some great games. Jammies
  9. Exactly man, Looks like Cog O Two is the only game in town; but shipping to the US makes it too pricy for us here in the "colonies." I do like my painted ones from shapeways, and give a great 3D feel to the game, but an acylic token set would be handy for tournaments and such. Hear us Litko! Jammies
  10. MF, I don't think we can thank you enough. These will be great. Now, while I know beggars can't be choosers-- I had a few hopes. Would it be too much trouble to add some "in scale" logos (rebel, imp, scum)? I know you tried that on one of your test sheets-- but a few rebel seals for the wings would be great. Would it also be too much trouble to add a genaric x-wing schema in a few alternate colors like green, blue, and yellow? I was thinking just the stripe line along the hull, and the wing art with 5 pips (wants a green two, then just cut out the other 3 ips): much like JBOT does his. If not, that's fine. I'm sure photoshope can clone and tint once i figure out what those things mean. Regardless, thank you! This level of detail was too hard for me to do with a brush, or a micropen, and not have it look like crud. MTFBWY Jammies PS: Hey! At least I am not asking for droid markings in 1/270 scale!
  11. Wow! Thank you for sharing the pics! Where did you get the clear bases for the 'roids?
  12. Can't wait to print these out. Thanks a million MF! MTFBWY Jammies
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