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  1. I think the design philosophy is that different types of dice have different colours but same type of dice all have the same colour. Firstly, there is less room for confusion if all dice of one type all look the same. Secondly, it makes things easier when designing expansions that might use new types of dice since more colours remain. Thirdly, another good reason is that quality control is much easier since you don't have to make sure that each box contains the correct number of each coloured die. Lastly (that I can think of), it's probably slightly cheaper to have just one colour.
  2. One thing to keep in mind is that Julia is a master player of this game. What she finds easy makes us mere mortals tremble. As you suggested, setup and teardown suffer a lot from separating decks, so we usually keep everything added in. I know there is one player who made a list of all cards for all decks, numbered them and roll a D100 (or whatever D is appropriate) to determine which card is drawn. He keeps all cards sorted according to expansion and then alphabetically so they can be found quickly. There is a video explanation for his system on youtube but I forget what it's called. We're more old fashioned and keep drawing until legitimate cards are found. Our gaming group usually resolves encounters regardless of expansions used, precisely to add variety. We tend to resolve mythos cards that are not specific to expansions not used as well. Something that more serious players frown upon but that we decided made the game more fun is to cull the monster cup. Typically, we add only one of each very tough monster (colour from outer space, starspawn, cthonian, etc.) since even if you can sneak them, they make your lives miserable. For flavour, we then add theme appropriate monsters back to the cup. Another thing we tried was removing useless items from the item decks and also the spell deck, although we later added everything back since it got a little too easy. Remember to keep seemingly useless items that are character specific if you choose to go this route! There are lots of ways to make the game more forgiving. If you're not having fun you should adjust the difficulty as you like until the players get to know the game a bit better. If you focus on the story-telling aspect of the game more than whether you win or lose it is likely you will have a great time regardless though!
  3. I know a lot of people who are on the fence about this game, particularly now that available editions are disappearing fast. The reason people have waited is that the price is more than a little steep. Many have pointed out that the game would work well set in the TI-universe. Surely, by now, the planners at FFG should have had time to decide which GW-licensed games are possible and profitable to turn into new editions without infringing on the license. It seems to me Forbidden Stars could be such a game. Like I said, many are wondering about this but who could provide an answer? So, this is something of an open question to FFG: is there any chance this game will be resurrected and supported?
  4. Which of those questions had the right answer as "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fthagn!"?
  5. You can almost fit all cards and tokens in one of the big boxes actually. I have very unsentimentally discarded boxes (let alone the tiresome inlays) after finding three of the large ones are enough. But then, I have also made cardboard boxes to hold cards that I can fit into the game boxes and these take a lot of extra volume. If you put all the boards, rules and dice in one box, there should be room left for something else, possibly character sheets (in my case location decks in their little deck boxes, as well as homemade stamina/sanity sliders and a little box containing some always-used tokens). The second box contains (almost) the rest of the cards, as well as most of the tokens, ziplocked and ready. I need a third box for expansion locations and some other expansion specific tokens. Without all those cardboard boxes I made, I'm pretty sure I could have slimmed it down to just two boxes though.
  6. Another alternative is to remake all the order tokens for house Tyrell. Get an arch punch in roughly the same size. Print scans (or photos) and glue them to cardboard about 1 mm thick (1/24"), then punch out new tokens. As long as you align both sides before gluing, it's a pretty easy and fast task to perform. In fact, you might enjoy it so much you make new tokens for ALL houses!
  7. A conspiracy between banks and Cthulhu would explain so much! Also: congratulations!
  8. I don't know what you are talking about! I've had this game for ages! *nervously looking around* Oh yes! Ever since Fight or Flight Guys released it! Can't get enough of Father Dragon and Mother Udder and all their little tents! Off to save the Coward King!
  9. You can break a bone from sleeping!?!? -1 Sanity. Jokes aside, at least now the international AH-community sympathises with him. Give him a hug from me! On second thought, a hug might not be welcome when you have a broken shoulder. Spiritual hug?
  10. I think I misunderstood the combat question: I was supposing the OP had already entered combat and done the horror check. Now that I re-read it, I realise it was meant differently. (I think I got away with it this time, but I really should try the game sometime if I'm going to hang about on this forum. Julia and Tibs might be on to me.) So, um, yeah. Guess I'm off to play some At the Gates of Horror Madness Horror with my friends. We'll be sure to yell "Cthulhu moose moose" every time we get three monster trophies in a row, and I expect they will end up on my hotel on Arkham Asylum, just like last time.
  11. Typically, the manual will refer to the amount of investigators. I'm not sure the amount of players is relevant. I know rules can refer to "player on your right", in which case I think it is alright to infer "investigator to your right". Personal objectives arrive with expansions. Specifically Innsmouth Horror. You also get relationships with Miskatonic Horror. The Inner Sanctum is an alternative location for members only at the Silver Twilight Lodge. To have an encounter at the Inner Sanctum, go to the Silver Twilight Lodge and draw a blue encounter card as normal during the encounter phase but read the part with the Inner Sanctum heading instead. No. Skills are not items and cannot be traded. You can attempt as many evades as you like, provided you are not knocked unconscious. Each new round of combat, you decide whether to fight or flee. If you fail your check, receive damage and let a new round commence. If you succeed, combat is over. Every rail location has the ability to let the investigator move to another rail location. You will find there is only ever one rail location on each board, thus playing only with the Arkham board you will find no other rail locations. Haven't read the wording in the FAQ but I think what they mean is that during a surge, the first player decides at which gates to place new monsters. The monster limit must stlll be respected and monsters within the limit should be placed as evenly as possible across the gates. Monsters in excess of the limit still go to the outskirts, until the outskirts, in turn, are full; at which point the terror level goes up and the outskirts are cleared. Hope this helps you somewhat. I have a history of confusing rules so hopefully someone else will add their weight as well!
  12. Turns out I was completely wrong. From the FAQ: Q: When a location card says “a gate and a monster appear,” which appearance is resolved first? A: The gate appears first, and any investigators at the loca- tion are drawn through the gate. Then the monster appears. Monsters that appear as a result of these encounters stay on the board, count against the monster limit, can go to the Outskirts, etc., as normal. Q: When a location card says “a gate and a monster appear,” is a doom token added to the doom track? A: Yes EDIT: And ninja'd too. Not my day.
  13. You'll find the official answer in some of the FAQs. (I might not remember this correctly). When both a gate and a monster appear, you immediately fight the monster, just like when only a monster appears. If you lose, you are taken to the asylum or hospital depending on what happened and the monster remains in the location! If you win, you are sucked through the gate and delayed on the other side, just like when only a gate appears. You are not lost in time and space unless unconscious or insane in the other worlds.
  14. That is just awesome! Will have to redecorate living room.
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