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  1. Is there anyone from Europe with an open game or just starting one? I'm really keen on playing something, since all I did for the past year was GM. The reason I'm asking so specifically is, that I have a job and don't really know, how I could sync up with people from radically different time-zones.
  2. True. I implemented most of that into BC and it works perfectly.
  3. Not bad, not bad. Had to do something similar to a psyker, who was ruining everyone's fun in one of my campaigns. The guy met with a Stormboy who's jump pack exploded right after he charged the psyker. This was back in Dark Heresy, when even the minor powers were unreasonably OP. After that guy happened, I started imposing strict restrictions on any psykers in my campaigns.
  4. I'm not sure, what part of the thread you are referring to. Their ship has an ideal number of crew at 50.000, while they have only 2000 people, thus filling 4% of the crew. Oh and as an update, had a short session with them and didn't even have to do anything. They contacted the rival warlord by themselves, grovelled a bit (A LOT) and now they have some financial backing, as well as some good advice from a long-time pirate, who will probably try to kill them in the end, once they are no longer useful.
  5. That's actually a good idea. There is a a guy, who would be interested in helping them, for a bit, since they have knowledge on his rival's whereabouts and at least partial information on his military assets. I forgot he even existed, since he was just on paper and never came into the game.
  6. This campaign has been running for well over 20 sessions and only in the past 3 have they claimed the ship, cleaned up the mutant infestation and then spent 2 sessions RPing on the ship, pondering mostly what to do and scrounging for resources. The truly hard part, is getting the players to understand the scale of the game, when they are used mostly to DnD and WFRP ... And even though they played similar things before, nothing compares to the massive scale of WH40K. I have checked through the books and can cross the Manufactorum out of my questions. My problem was due to an oversight on my part. And don't worry, I'm not asking due to a lack of experience, but simply to gain a different perspective on things, since I'm just one person in the end and can't think of everything. But one thing is true, this is the first campaign, that I'm running, where I didn't want to shoot myself, because of a power-tripping player, either a mage or psyker, ruining everyone's fun, before getting kicked after a few sessions. Though I am considering as many options as possible, but I don't really have high hopes, that they'll be able to keep the ship. Though as always, I'll give them a completely realistic chance and so have to prepare for that possibility. And yeah ... Reading my first post now ... I really came off as confused and lost. Sorry about that, I wasn't really thinking, what I was writing.
  7. Thanks, but half of those aren't even possible with 4% of the crew, 1 working weapons battery and 15 hull points.
  8. I am posting this here and not in the BC forums, since it seems more appropriate. My players have recently acquired a barely space-worthy light cruiser and they need both resources to sell off or to barter with and crew. The thing is, they have 2000 renegade Skitarii backing them ... Don't ask, long story. And they are trying to decide on where to go from here. Where could they go, to get at least some starting capital? Could they even effectively raid a small colony or agri world? And what of possible recruits? They can't rely on slaves, when they hardly have any crew to keep them in check. I could really use all the help you guys can offer ... Thanks to my job, I don't have nearly as much time to think about Warhammer as I used to. 1. Raiding isolated colonies and salvage. 2. They could, if they put their minds to it. 3. My mistake, slave labour should be ok, as long as they don't overextend. EDIT: I should also mention, that they posses and have enough space for 2 Arvus Lighters and 17 Gun Cutters. They also have a very large hole in their ship, that they can't fix by themselves. EDIT 2: I forgot to mention, they are hoping to build a Manufactorum on their ship, to be able to repair armour and weapons more easily, as well as perhaps produce equipment in small quantities. My question here is, what kind of limits does a Manufactorum have? Battlefleet Koronus is not much help on the subject. So how much equipment could they produce, at what cost and would it be faster than following standard crafting rules? Sorry for all the questions, I just really need help here. I can put something together on my own, but would prefer, to have a different perspective on things.
  9. Interesting idea. Though I think I would need an entire page for the crew itself, since both the players and myself are logistics freaks and every power cell, every autopistol, HELL every SINGLE camo-net is documented and written down. Right now, I'm keeping precise tabs on the crew and every single loss of an arm or leg is documented, we know exactly how many hereteks there are on the ship, how many rogue guardsman and ogryns, and so on ... And there's only 2000 people right now ... I dread the day, when the ship has it's full crew of 50.000, but I also look forward to it. So many RP opportunities.
  10. They are in the middle of not getting killed by a surprisingly merciful warlord at this moment, a rival of the one, who abandoned them. I was thinking, that he could become their benefactor of sorts, since they do share a common goal, which is WAY too long to write down now unless you want to know. They do plan on raiding a nerby agri-world, but that presents a whole new level of trouble. Thankfully the world is fairly isolated and would probably not be defended that well. I should probably move to the GM forum for this. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Active augury can also be increased in range by 5 VU per DoS. I'm looking at the core book right now and it seems it's omni-directional. Focused Augury is directional. The real problem is, they have some infamy, but almost no resources, so I'll have to keep a seperate track of those. Another issue however is, how to even get resources, or profit factor in the first place. They have 2000 people backing them currently, who were, just as the players, abandoned by their employer/warlord. They mostly hold together now, 'cause they have no other choice on the matter, if they want to survive ... Tensions are high.
  12. Hi there, I have a question about Rank Five in the crew roster. What exactly does it encompass? Individual characters or the general crew? Or something else? ... Can't really figure it out.
  13. Good enough, thanks. The thing is, they aren't technically full-blown heretics ... They're still renegades, not really paying any heed to the Dark Gods. Though I am slowly nudging them into worship, one little trinket, one little piece of advice and one little dark whisper at a time. I must say, those two are probably the best players I ever had the pleasure of GMing for. But back to the topic at hand. Any ideas, how I could convert profit factor into Black Crusade terms, or how to handle large scale acquisition outside of RT?
  14. As far as GMPCs go ... I usually lead small groups of players and need a backup for them. The thing is, I don't want a damned NPC to outshine them, even IF he is on the same power level as they are (I had this happen to me way too many times). That's why they are usually the quiet types, rarely speaking unless spoken to and rarely acting on their own, while offering advice, when I REALLY feel like, the players need another idea or just get stuck. They are there as some sort of solid support for the players ... A reliable NPC to help them out, a close friend and beloved companion, until he gets brutally murdered in a dark alley as he was walking back to their gun-cutter ... No glory, no honour, no nothing. Bleeding out alone and humiliated and found dead hours later by the group, pushing them into the most vengeful and violent frenzy you could possibly imagine. I LOVE making a character, that the group becomes close with, only to kill him/her off out of nowhere. The reactions are usually varied, priceless and quite scary. If you have a good group that is ... Because having emotionally detached players simply sucks.
  15. Hi there. This is my first time posting on these forums, since I couldn't find an answer anywhere else. I'm GMing a Black Crusade campaign, where things went a bit out of hand and long story short, my players now have a hardly-working light cruiser at their command. They are a paranoid bunch, mostly because we've all played various RPGs for the past 10-15 years and have our fair share of experiances with ambushes, traps and evil GMs. To keep themselves from getting ambushed by hidden ships, they were thinking about constantly running active augury sweeps ... The thing is, this sounds fairly reasonable, but it would basically light them up like a forest fire in the night. My question is, are there any other negative effects of that? Any reason, that they couldn't run active scans? Or any reasonable counter-argument whatsoever?
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