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  1. So I uninstalled it and did a clean install, lets hope this works. May the Force serve you well.
  2. About to start a new campaign and when I go to create a pdf copy of the sheet the generator would just get stuck on the print secation. Any help?
  3. You are not the only one, mine went **** up and had to uninstall and now I get the same message as you.
  4. Will you be adding a new tab for Genesys rpg? Hope you had a good Christmas.
  5. posted twice.
  6. djshadowcat


    On your marks, get set ...... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, yes so what races are in the book or do you need to refer to the Star Wars books for the races?
  7. Ogg, sorry to be a pain in the backside. but in racer, I am seeing Adversary but no Freerunner Ok I sorted it no problem, nothing to see here.....
  8. Me three. But will see about web install as my friend mad a workaround for me. Will see what she says on Tuesday.
  9. I got mine from FFG and my shipping was thirty bucks and with the exchange rate was not bad last week. Ordered last Monday and got it today.
  10. Still trying to teach the bounty hunter in our shadow of the broker group that there is a thing called a stun setting. Is there any carbonate things we can use to bring a peep back?
  11. Gunslinger will be my second as my SWtor is a bounty hunter and I'm using the story from there and she was carbon frozen, blah, blah, blah .... LOL
  12. What is the Skip tracer tree like as I'm working on a Chiss Mandalorian an FFG wants 30 bucks shipping to the UK and would take 3-8 weeks, So any help would be good. And thanks in advance
  13. Mass Effect Andromeda day for the UK Wooooop!!!
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