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  1. Growing up in the US, I never learned Dutch history so this movie is not only a great age of sail movie with interesting tactics, but educational. Recommended for Armada players into naval and political history.
  2. Adepticon?

    I could see that being an issue, especially since those two scratch a similar tactical itch (for me at least). Really I have no idea what to expect or read into for something like Adepticon, miniatures have mostly been a personal hobby of painting and lore for me with actual play being very sporadic. I was excited to realize a good sized wargame conference was less than an hour from home and my wife convinced me to be social and go. Hopefully see some of you there.
  3. I've just been working from the core set as well (plus all the wave 1 packs, hate using tokens to represent bosses and allies). Thinking about which expansion to do next, I am mostly waiting for the app to update like you guys mention. Do only the "big" expansions have extra tiles? Or do all of them? That would seem to be the way to increase variety other than just more models.
  4. Adepticon?

    I'm going to my first Con this year and am a little bummed that FFG isn't doing any RW demos and only 3 people are signed up for the RW tourny. They have demos for X-Wing, Armada, IA, and Legion (which has tournaments going even though it's not out). I've never played past the core set for RW but was hoping to see more of it in action at a big wargame convention. Eventually I'll try to build a local community, but it's hard to break 40k's hold. Any time I try to garner interest at my FLGS, I'm met with crickets. I think underselling it at cons won't help.
  5. I'm sure it was a mistake, but I think that is a possible source of people's unreasonable expectations for such an early release. On the topic of the thread though, I think they've done a pretty amazing job getting Runewars where it is model-wise in such a short amount of time. I just wish it had more players.
  6. The original article said Q4 2017, but was quickly changed.
  7. Compulsory Movement Was My Idea.

    40k has compulsory movement with flyers, it's a pretty standard trope in miniature games. But nice call, speeders would seem silly just hovering in one place.
  8. I prefer the 0.4mm scale. Storm troopers are much easier to paint at that scale and you can fit dozens of AT-ATs on the board. Oh wait, this isn't the Armada forum?
  9. Great ideas...and they are doing all those things for Legion 😒
  10. Table size

    Oh and warmachine/hordes uses 4x4, so the 3ft thing was something X-wing really brought about.
  11. Table size

    Yeah that is the most common size at any game store since it is what both warhammers use. It is nice for FFG games like RW and Armada because you have an extra 6in on each side for your cards.
  12. I find that miniature games ebb and flow in popularity, and are different from store to store. So I tend to keep a playable army for many games because you never know when it might become the "in thing" due to a new edition, new people, or if you move to a new location. I don't find myself playing RuneWars ever because there is no one to play. However, I keep it because I never know when the meta will get sick of Sci-Fi, or a new friend will want to try miniatures, or my daughter gets old enough to play, etc. Maybe it'll never get played, but then at least I can appreciate the work I put into my hobby.
  13. New article up

    I wonder if the physical weapons will easily slot in and out, or if we'll have to magnetize.
  14. Could Armada implement a Holdo hyper ram?

    Well the real world is much worse in terms of pointlessness, every good or bad thing you do will eventually be forgotten when our species goes extinct. If we somehow avoid the inevitable fate of all species on Earth up to this point, then it'll be when our sun turns to a red giant vaporized Earth. If we somehow make it to interstellar space, then eventually the universe ends from heat death. Point is, you can logically take anything out to its nihilistic conclusion. Or you can enjoy the time you have and do the most good you are able. At least in the imaginary Star Wars universe you get a chance to be a wizard with a laser sword before you die.
  15. Looking for a gold metallic paint

    It's just meant to be a base. I usually wash it with a fleshwash, then layer with something like auric gold. Some edge with a silver if you just want it to look gold plated, but I usually don't.