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  1. resrer012 had the exact same bug than me at the same moment
  2. Join the club the new version of the app released yesterday still crashesI was at the end of scenario 2. Walking on a pier, with angry mob attacking me after i clicked the button, the app bugged only the menu continued to works (and no save possible) all the other buttons became unresponsive restarting the app didnt work either (playing on android / high end tablet) That's such a disappointment to see the new version didn't fix all these crashes... This kind of problem didn't exist with 99% of boardgames. If the app crashes, you can't do anything but restart another game, it's terrible for the player I can't believe FFG didn't test that app better. The app is also stupidly designed. If there was an auto save feature and the ability to stock several saves, this bug wouldn't destroy the game Makes me very sad after playing 2 hours and enjoying the game very much
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