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  1. Richardbuxton

    Mad Max / Fallout / Bright setting

    Sounds like an awesome idea, genesys covers basically everything you need except for a collection of vehicles to use. Weapons would be a mix of the modern and fantasy setting. Species are a mix of fantasy, generic humans, and possibly the weird war setting if you want werewolves. Magic is all in the core, you would probably restrict who can have it though. You would need to create a list of careers, mostly to differentiate between driving different vehicles. Expand on talents specific to the setting too, you would want to add some that focus on driving, but also on the unique combat of mad max and perhaps to make mechanics a solid centre point. Being an expert mechanic often makes you the leader too, two things not usually associated with each other.
  2. Richardbuxton

    Force power: move question

    It usually does use Silhouette, but there’s a side bar about opposing Force Powers that a gm could use to override the normal difficulty
  3. Richardbuxton

    Force power: move question

    True, but combat checks are not normally an opposed check, applying Adversary 2 to a 3 Willpower 2 Discipline Nemesis is really making them much tougher than the usual 1 Difficulty of a Silhouette 1 target. Im definitely not saying you can’t do it, but that I don’t and wouldn’t recommend it in that particular situation. Now if it’s not opposed then definitely it should apply, Defence too.
  4. Richardbuxton

    Stealing mechanics from L5R

    Make these changes and I agree, a great optional rule to add to the system.
  5. Richardbuxton

    Shapeshifter Talents

    As far as what it looks like I think there’s a lot of options; Magical Curse: caused by an item, a family problem, a Nemesis, an alchemy accident, whatever the case you go feral when most others would pass out from exhaustion Lycanthropy: You where bitten by something and now you transform, Wolf, bear, spider, dinosaur, lion, something vicious and frightening Taint or possession: Your study of Necromantic or Ynfernael magic has changed you, twisted you, either through a mislead spell or exposure to evil artefacts. When you transform you grow horns, scales, claws or other unnatural growths. Personal growth: your connection to a particular animal or place has gifted you the ability to protect it, it was a gift that you willingly accepted even knowing the social stigma that comes with it.
  6. Richardbuxton

    Shapeshifter Talents

    Yeah, roleplay and narrative consequences are a significant element of the balance of that talent. The players need to know that and respect it. Sometimes you can give them the opportunity to shapeshift and go on a rampage for fun, but they can’t balk when they run out of Strain ina social encounter and transform into a bear in the middle of the Kings feast. You as gm need to know the narrative drawbacks and ensure they come up in the story. Also remember the character doesn’t recover wounds, they may be a bit of a tank but when they suddenly become the focus of the entire garrison they better be prepared to run.
  7. Richardbuxton

    Force power: move question

    Only if you wanted to be a particularly mean gm
  8. Richardbuxton

    Force power: move question

    Yep, that’s correct, unless the gm decided the difficulty was a opposed difficulty
  9. Richardbuxton

    At its core, what sorts of games is Genesys good for?

    The Dice Mechanic really lends itself to a story with lots of twists and turns, and I would say the core book is geared towards a Hollywood Cinematic experience. That cinematic feel is really a carryover from the Star Wars system, if we go back a bit a very similar dice mechanic worked really well in the dark grim setting of Warhammer Fantasy. In time I think it will be seen that this system really can cover most genres with ease, the Android setting along with the Horror and Romance tones in the core book really do serve as a glimpse of what’s possible. For now though I expect most people will play heroic characters.
  10. Richardbuxton

    Force power: move question

    To reiterate Tramp Against the minion you would roll: aaapdff you would need to succeed on the skill check and also roll 2 Force Pips to move the minion, you would cause 10+Success-Soak Damage Against the Nemesis it would be exactly the same difficulty, unless the GM decided it should be an opposed roll, in which case the targets Discipline or Athletics would become the difficulty. Let’s say they have a Willpower 3 and 2 ranks in Discipline: aaapdccff As with the minion you need to succeed on the check and also spend 2 Force Pips to cause the same amount of damage; 10+Success-Soak
  11. So, the Hutt is having a party, typical Kaz looks up and down the hall to see who is watching, if they wanted to make the most of this opportunity then they needed to do something before being locked up. Slipping away wouldn’t be easy, but neither would tricking a Hutt
  12. Richardbuxton

    Heroic Abilities

    Inspired by the unmatched mobility Signature ability from Star Wars I would do this: Basic: You never suffer the usual penalties for moving through difficult terrain. Whilst active you may make 3 manoeuvres in a round instead of the usual two. This third manoeuvre is gained in the usual ways (Eg 2 Strain or Two Advantage). Improved: Whilst your Heroic Ability is active you also gain one additional free manoeuvre per round. Supreme: Whilst your Heroic Ability is active you gain two additional free manoeuvres each round, for a total of three. Alternative Supreme: You permanently gain an additional free manoeuvre each round, this is in addition to the benefits of Improved
  13. Richardbuxton

    RoT PbP here?

    I did reset the invite since though, so jack can join an gm group 2
  14. Richardbuxton

    RoT PbP here?

    There’s 3 (possibly 5) players on the server ready for you to jump in with your ideas!
  15. Richardbuxton

    RoT PbP here?