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  1. Sixty Six’s audio and fine motion sensors detect the thrum of hyperspace engines ignighting and he knows the jump has been made. Looking around the run down vessel he says to no one in particular “My memory processors seem to be lacking vital data on the maintenance and repair of this vessel... this is unacceptable” He keeps walking and examining until inevitably bumping into Caizu and some of the other crew “The previous maintenance manager of this vessel seems to have had no formal training in ship repairs, by my calculations we have a 97.644% chance of further mechanical failures within the next standard week” He then stands there, tall and intimidating yet almost as helpless as a child, staring at all the patched wiring running across the ceiling of this section of the ship.
  2. The silence

    FRom the video interview with Max and Kat on The RPG Brewery it sounds like they where really happy with the Beta and are busy finalising the book. All three Star Wars betas started 12 months before the release of the book, so expect not much for another 4 or 5 months at least.
  3. stun and burn

    A stun/Burn weapon certainly could be intimidating, but it could be awe inspiring and impressive too. It seems like a good weapon for someone who is both a leader and intimidator, aggressive and inspiring. In fantasy terms a Witch Hunter. A light side character would never use the Burn Andrew a dark Sider would never turn on the stun, unless perhaps they where attempting to redeem themselves and the crystal is all they have... although why would they not just make a training emitter?
  4. Seeking Wheel of Time setting input

    Stilling definitely sounds like a 2 Despair effect. Although there could be a new Crit chart for channellers, the “Over Channelling Chart”. You automatically roll on it when you exceed your Strain Threshold while channeling or when you roll a Despair on the weave. 150+ is Stilled Then there can be a system that if you want to deliberately over channel you can choose to make a roll on the OC chart to gain an automatic success to the check, adding multiple success add +10 for each additional success to the roll. The negative effects could be all sorts, from Strain to significant strain or Wounds and even Critical injuries setbacks, upgrades, leaving obvious signs of your weave, etc. Perhaps the limit to 5 Difficulty could be removed too, then you can really try some crazy stuff, but most importantly it can help the Circle mechanic. Each member of a circle could add 1 Ability dice to the pool too instead of the Boost of a usual Assist. Their training has no effect on how successful the weave is. It’s not perfect as the strength of each individual should impact how much they contribute but dice pool bloat could get out of hand. Any negative effects of the Weave should impact everyone in the circle too, everyone suffers Strain,
  5. Seeking Wheel of Time setting input

    Perhaps that could be covered in the Strength/Flaw system. I wonder if the Threat/Despair chart could have some unique effects for males and females. Another task on my list is how to handle circles of channellers, beyond the usual assist that there is I wonder if there’s some other things that could happen. The Weaves of a Linked woman and man should be really awesome, but when you have a group of 5 pc’s all linked what happens? 2 Despair and a Forsaken appears!
  6. Seeking Wheel of Time setting input

    Thanks for the input guys @Morridini I think I’m with you on the skill front, 5 is too many without enough benefits for each. One thing I desperately want to emulate is that almost no one can weave all 5 elements simultaneously and regularly, basically it’s only Rand, Nynaeve and some of the Forsaken. Anyone else who can weave all five elements can only do it for a very specific weave. So having the knowledge skill unlock use of each element seems a little too easy. I’m hopeful the final system is hard to learn, ie xp expensive, hard to get right, ie high difficulty on checks in all but your most proficient areas, but easy to keep doing, ie low strain cost to user upon casting. Men are typically more proficient in Earth/Fire while women are typically more proficient in Water/Air. Realistically though for game purposes that’s just player choice, there are men proficient in Water/Air and women proficient in Fire/earth. Just so long as being good at all 5 is incredibly difficult it shouldn’t matter. @ESP77 I do have the d20 book, somewhere, it’s an ok system but was written before it was even known that Saidin would be cleansed, so it has severe consequences for males who can channel both being hunted as dangerous and also going insane. The way the Weaves are divided up could be a great way to segregate the Weaves in this. Create a single basic weave for each school then have a list of additional effects for each school. Talent ranks in your school could be the way of unlocking more element effects in that schools weave. Weaving outside your school is then harder, and unlocking a new school is very difficult with a T3 or T4 talent.
  7. Seeking Wheel of Time setting input

    Hi all. This could have been a blog post... if I had a blog, so i apologise for the length. Please provide feedback or new ideas if you can be bothered slogging through it all. I have a deep love for The Wheel of Time series, waiting patiently for each new book was bigger for me than any of those simpleton Harry Potter or Ice and Fire books... Robert Jordan’s death was as bad for me as any Hollywood actors. So developing a Genesys Setting, even one that I don’t even play, is on my to do list. I started working on this a while ago, trying to nut out how it would all work... and it’s bloody complicated! Fitst off, the time period. To simplify things a little I decided to set the game during the later books, Saidin is cleansed, vast armies march across the lands, the White Tower has discovered their darkfriend infiltration, the Black Tower is a ruthless military training centre with unknown allegiance. Mostly this decision is to remove the need to have a complex insanity mechanic, but also so that the Weaves known to the world are more complex. Discovery of new weaves is common, males and females are also more likely to work together. I expect many players to want to play a character with access to the one power, but not everyone, these are important and powerful characters but not replacements for the main heroes. Basically everything is based upon the Fantasy setting, except weaving the one power. So how does forming a weave work? How do the five elements come into it? How does individuals strength in the one power come in? What about each individuals particular talent? Weaving Skills, my thinking is that each element of the one power should be it’s own skill, making for 5 magic skills; Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. I could theoretically make each weave individually, but I would much prefer to keep the open spell system from Genesys core. I think it allows more experimentation and discovery which fits the particular time in the setting. So each Weave instead is given an element, or selection of elements, that can be used to form it. Attack for instance could be “Fire, Earth, Air, Water” and any one of those skills can be used to weave an attack. Then each additional effect is also given an element or selection of, some may even require multiple elements together. So for example “Blast” could require “Fire+Earth”. The normal Difficulty increases are still added, but in addition a version of the “two weapon combat” rules are used. Each element beyond one increases the difficulty of the check, so if you want to Attack (F/E/A/W) and add the Burn (Fire+Air) effect then you need to use at least Fire and Air. If you only have training in Water then the base spell will be using that skill, bringing the total up to three elements. With a base difficulty of 1, the increase of 1 from Burn and then the other 2 increases from the 2 additional elements, a total difficulty of 4 means you will be hard pressed to form the weave. But talents can mitigate that increase for specific circumstances. As an example a Yellow Aes Sedai may learn two ranks of a talent called Gifted Healer that allows them to use Water and Air, in addition to the base Weaves Spirit, on a Healing Weave without increasing the difficulty. But one thing I’m yet to work out is why you would train more than one skill. Perhaps the skill is always determined by the base weave, and each spell is very limited in element options for the base. In this way if you want more than a small number of Weaves available then you need a broader selection of skills. It may be that the entire system falls apart there and only having one casting skill with talents for each element is a better idea. I expect there will need to be a few new additional effects added too, balefire as an example. And some spells will need modification, Healing typically has a cost associated in taking energy from the healed person so the base weave should reduce the targets Strain, with an additional effect that ignores the Strain cost. Next on the list of things to deal with is the difference between Male and Female. I feel Females have to be calm and in control when Weaving, the Characteristic they use should reflect this, so Presence but also Intellect makes sense. Men on the other hand have to fight to control the one power, Willpower seems appropriate for that. Then there’s the cost of casting, I have been thinking of reducing the cost to Weave to 1 Strain, but adding additional requirements based on the training a character has. Females would require a Prepare manoeuvre before any weave that they haven’t got significant experience in (represented by a talent). Males would require an additional 2 Strain, again with a talent to mitigate it. The Utility Weave would require no Strain at all. Here is the limited list of talents I have in mind, as well as a very rudimentary look at applying Elements to the core book spells. Talents: Educated (Element): Ranked: Yes Tier: 3 Effect: Add (Element) Skill as career skill. Each rank choose another Element. Practiced Saidar Weaves (Element): Ranked: Yes Tier: 2 Effect: Remove Prepare for Spells using (Element) Skill for the Base Spell. Each rank choose another element. Affinity (Weave), (Element): Ranked: Yes Tier 3 Effect: May add effects requiring (Element) to (Weave) without increasing the difficulty. Each rank choose another Element. May take the base talent multiple times. There should be a separate talent for each Weave. Practiced Saidin Weaves (Element): Ranked: Yes Tier: 2 Effect: Reduce strain for each spell cast using the (Element) Skill by 2. Each rank choose another element. Weaves: Attack base: Fire, Water, Air, Earth Blast: Fire+Earth Close Combat: Fire, Earth, Deadly: Fire+Spirit, Air, Spirit Burn: Fire+Air Anti darkfriend: Spirit Ensnare: Water+Air, Earth Impact: Earth, Water Stun(Knowledge) + Autofire (only with additional increased difficulty): Air+Earth, Spirit Manipulative: Air, Water Non-Lethal: Spirit Range: Any Destructive: Any two + Spirit Empowered: Any 3 Elements Poisonous: Water+Spirit, Water+Earth Edit: apologies for the text size, I’ll fix it on a desktop later on
  8. stun and burn

    That would be my interpretation too, Tge Ingot causes things to catch on fire, their own clothes burning is where the damage comes from, therefore any damage caused by Burn would not be changed by the damping emitter
  9. Build advice for using almost 600xp

    All I was thinking when I read the description was Trailblazer. How you support your fellow pc’s is up to you, Mercenary Soldier would be a good choice to bolster both your combat and support abilities. Warleader is another excellent choice, the left side could represent your experience fighting alongside Jedi. Otherwise Vanguard is excellent with the Bodyguard series of talents. Then last of all I would take one of the soldier Signature Abilities, both are awesome, The Bigger They Are is awesome for hunting wild animals in the ice shelf’s.
  10. Brawn 3, Agility 4 Presence 3 Wookiee. Tactician. FS Emergent straight down to Force Rating. Ebb/Flow Force Power. leader of a rebel cell. Gunslinger would probably be good too
  11. I Wanna Be A Flyboy(girl)

    If you think this character will earn in excess of 500xp then I would start thinking of multiple specs and a Signature ability. If not then just start with the spec that has the talents you want. Hotshot for the cool flygrl or Racer for the speed daemon. How you play the character is most of it. Personally I would start in Hotshot, it’s awesome fun and the Signature Abilities are more suited to your character if you ever get they far. Remember that you don’t have to be Force Sensitive to buy a Force and Destiny Specialisation, and most of the talents in Racer don’t need you to be Force Sensitive either. You can get all the free running and full Throttle stuff without wasting any xp
  12. Genesys Talents Expanded

    Imbue Item: potentiality; Temporarily reduce ranks in Magic Skill by 1, while you keep the rank reduced you may improve one item (as the talent normally allows) Intuitive Evasion T3, ranked: Perform the Intuitive Evasion manoeuvre, add 1 automatic failure to all skill checks until you end the effects of this talent. While suffering from the automatic failure you upgrade all checks targeting the vehicle you are piloting by ranks in Intuitive Evasion. Intuitive Shot/Strike: see my animal empathy, looks like a generic talent could be made that cuts down on repetitive stuff and prevents a pc having them all. Knowledge Is Power: Reduce Difficulty of Magic Check by ranks in appropriate Knowledge skill for one check per session. T2 Makashi Finish: your idea of Vicious equal to Cool is neat. Perhaps “Suffer Strain up to ranks in Cool, next Combat Check increases Vicious by same amount” 5 Strain for Vicious 5 seems reasonable, T5 probably. Mental Bond: It’s basically the Augment spell, or summon I guess. A talent isn’t really needed but some people have to have things spelled out specifically to be able to do it. Either a unique additional effect or modification to the base effect. Now you see me: agreed. To me it’s basically the Curse Spell, making it harder for people to remember you. Perhaps a unique additional effect for that spell, or an option to change the base effect.
  13. Genesys Talents Expanded

    Comprehend Technology: agree, could be a Knowledge Skill thing too: Once per session use ranks in appropriate Knowledge skill to use a machine or device. Counterstrike: all this is doing is lowering the cost of an upgrade from 3 Advantage to 2. Just re word it to be for Melee or Brawl checks. (In a setting with Magic Weapons this could be a talent that works with those only) Disruptive Strike: there’s a lot going on here that needs to be overhauled. The intention is that a Cunning character can make it very hard to hit them. Probably a T4/5 Melee (Light) (Cunning) Talent for flavour, normal damage, Spend 2 Advantage to add 1 Failure to the targets next check against you. Draw Closer: this should be handed with magic spells. Perhaps: Draw Closer: (“Telekinesis Attack” perhaps) Tier: 3(4 even?) Ranked: No Activation: Incidental: Effect: When casting the Attack Spell you may increase the difficulty once, if you do and you succeed then may move the target one range band closer to you. Spend 2 Advantage to move the target one additional range band closer.
  14. Genesys Talents Expanded

    Against all Odds: this is basically the same as Improved Hard Headed except for Wounds. Perhaps: Against all odds: Tier: T3 Ranked: Yes Activation: Action When you are incapacitated from exceeding your wound threshold you may take an Against All Odds Action. Make a Formidable Resilience Check, if you succeed then recover Wounds equal to Successes, 2 Advantage may be spent to recover one additional wound. Each rank in Against All Odds reduces the difficulty of the check by one. Animal Empathy: Tier: 3 Ranked: No Activation: Incidental Effect: When making a check to handle or tame an animal may Spend a Story Point to add Success or Advantage up to ranks in Survival (or the appropriate animal handling skill) Calming Aura: Add 1 Failure to hostile magic checks that target you, T4 Calming Aura (Improved): keep it exactly as is, T5
  15. Genesys Talents Expanded

    I’m going to slowly go through them all, it may take me a few days but it’s a fun pastime