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  1. 20 probably just seemed like a ridiculous yet simple number. If it was 23 we would all be asking "why?" And would indicate an exact formula. My guess is they just picked a suitable number. It's coming around to being a decent looking book
  2. Magus definitely sounds like the 2 FR spec. I really hope they go to town on the Alchemist for a very spiritual tech character. Prophet/Advisor seems like it could be a really great combination for an interesting fringe character
  3. Awesome sounding stuff, Alchemist especially. Prophet could be more about spreading the prophecies in addition to seeking them, making a Social/Seer mix. Interestingly none of the specs seem to be a an obvious semi Lightsaber tree. Perhaps Alchemist since its seemingly focused on equipment. But that's a stretch. Species will be interesting.
  4. Hi guys, I have needed some time off, I'll get back to this game some time soon so I apologise for not letting everyone know
  5. I really hope so Metal, I want metal Genesys dice with different hues to keep the colour differentiation. I would settle for the others if i had to but i really hope FFG either license out or require no license to make these dice. My only problem with all this changing symbols is that if i buy 4 different sets and they all have different symbols on them then resolving a dice roll could be a massive pain. Im already going to have to keep the Genesys and SW dice seperate. Realistically most groups need 3 to 4 sets of dice to avoid rerolling individual dice for a single check, if you want to have multiple players rolling at the same time then 5 to 6 sets is even better.
  6. The Background question system will be nice, some players don't need that but plenty struggle to get a basic concept together let alone any kind of story. Playing through those questions in a Session Zero should be fun. The Archetypes far are less generic than i thought they would be, but the 4 fit well a typical adventuring party. With the way they went I am kind of surprised they didn't give us 7 though in the core: 6 different with a 3 in each of the characteristics and a 1 in another, then one generalist with all 2's. The Droid/Construct (all 1's) is not generic enough to fit in the core, it would come in the Themes section. But I would assume there will be some in each Theme chapter of the book, as well as new names for the 4 core ones to fit that theme. A list of suggested "special abilities" or at least guidelines for making them would be handy. Definitely no Specialisations too, so those are either gone completely or some kind of advanced rule in the GM's chapter. This both makes me happy and sad, i love the Spec trees but creating your own is a massive headache to balance. They also take up a lot of page space. I hope there is some structure to the talents system with either prerequisites or much smaller (probably each a straight line) trees contained within each career. The Motivations looks good, from the way they worked at Gencon these look to be a personal favourite of this system, helping players decide how to act in the sessions. I wonder if starting Xp can be traded for additional credits, it would be fairly easy to increase the base amount of xp every archetype gets by 10 then allow 5 or 10 xp to be spent to get more money. Bring on the next article, hopefully its not another 3 month wait!
  7. Take care if your in the path or close, I know there's nothing we can do to help but we will still be thinking of you all.
  8. My guess is Fully operational lost its spot at the printer for reprints of Ghosts etc. Genesys won't have been affected and will keep its spot in preference to FO. This would mean FO gets a new printer slot some time late this year. Fallout 2: definitely the best.
  9. Printing in a low cost of living/low wage country simply means FFG provide a better quality product for the price point they want to hit. Anyone in Manufacturing knows this is an unavoidable truth in the modern world.
  10. An FFG employee replied to an email saying the ship Ghosts was on got diverted, a new print run had to be scheduled.
  11. Whilst the symbols changed (copyright I assume) I'm glad FFG could keep the names. Imagine if we all had to say "How many pews do you have?"
  12. Too soon? Nah I get your meaning, and it is true. I don't agree with the FFG methodology but I'm also yet to see them fail to deliver on an announced product. Sure these are taking a long time but releasing them is really not a question, it's just a matter of when.
  13. I'm definitely musing in an outof character and meta kind of way. Out GM has given us the night off and I want to know if it can be a night of crime fighting or should it be a quiet night so we can get on with the story. I hate when a PBP gets completely derailed (edit: for no meaningful reason) at the expense of other players. I want to have fun with Kaz searching out bad people and "dealing" with them... but only when it suits the story.
  14. Apple seems to be doing just fine and they almost never talk
  15. I was referring to this, sorry I should have clarified. What I'm asking is should I take Kaz down the rabbit hole in this town dealing with some local thug bully, possibly something that will take a while to resolve? Or instead should I make a single post of him "having a nice meal and going to bed, ready to meet the informant tomorrow"