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  1. Fantasy Horror Superhero game: Van Helsing. Or for an alternate, your all Greater Daemons ravaging the world of goodie two shoes.
  2. Super characteristics? Neat idea. Happy to see Sanity in the system too, Trauma should be fun to hand out!
  3. A common one is changing the relationship with an NPC, perhaps your valiant fighting gains the loyalty of a group of allies, so some minions now act to help you. On the flip side a neutral or opposed NPC may decide your a problem that needs dealing with, working harder to stop you and possibly becoming a recurring threat.
  4. I have to dig up my notes but basically it’s an elimination system: 1: Round of 8 with the winners progressing to the round of 4. 2: Round of four with winners progressing to the grand finale 3: grand finale with the winner crowned champion
  5. The FFG WFRP game had Insanities (linked to Strain and Chaos), Mutations (from chaos, particularly Tzeentch, and magic backlash) and Diseases (Thanks Nurgle and Skaven), all added through supplements. I could see Arkham Horror adding the Insanity stuff, perhaps something like Mutations and Disease is in their Runebound book, although both would fit well into the Weird War section of the core book too. Whatever happens I like the direction they have taken to support home brew extensively.
  6. More good hype, this Really sounds like a massive book for GM’s with some pc crunch thrown in and that excites me. The actual mechanics of pc creation and advancement are really what I want though since I have been making my own stuff for Star Wars for years.
  7. My current ideas are around a Post Apocalyptic Fantasy setting: High Fantasy where spells are common and magic swords are in every heroes hands but set in the days and weeks after society collapsed. My current favourite reason is a Plague, probably created by some devious enemy, and I’m contemplating the twist that after a few days of being dead the corpses rise. Imagine I Am Legend set in a typical High Fantasy setting, I expect the Weird War and Fantasy chapters of Genesys will be most of what I need. The intention is to have a feeling of desperation for survival, of hopelessness and loneliness. Really drawing upon The Walking Dead, where every meal of fought for and death is always near. I could see it progressing into a more sandbox game with a focus on protecting a small group of survivors whilst looking for more. But with limited game time I would be happy with only a couple of sessions ending in a heroic death.
  8. I’m really hoping there’s a robust Disease and Insanity system baked in. It would be fairly simple for me to rewrite the Crit tables and then come up with rules for when to roll on them, even talents that influence the rolls. But my preference is always to use the RAW systems. Im working on the basics of a Fantasy Post Apocalypse setting. Think of a High Fantasy setting with magical items and powerful spells but then destroy civilisation and go. I’m still imagining the actual cause of destruction, I’m torn between Zombies, Disease/Plague, and a Magic Cataclysm. Currently the Disease option the choice, but I’m considering a twist in the story being the dead rising. The objective is to get a The Walking Dead feeling through the game whilst human interaction and survival like Fallout is maintained.
  9. Here but very short on time, I haven’t been keeping up to date on either thread
  10. My RL has been way too busy and just playing Arrther has been difficult enough, I would love to offer but won’t.
  11. In the Diablo series the Barbarian has their special abilities which really equate to a Spell type ability. Things like Battle Cry, Leap Attack and even Whirlwind all have a basis in raw strength. The Brawn based magic would really focus on augmentation of oneself. Obviously it’s not fitting for every setting, in many Themes magic will be rare and only for those characters with a special connection. But in other settings it will be common, every character will have some form of extraordinary abilities and I can see the magic system being used to emulate that.
  12. Blood Magic (Brawn) could be a fun option, where the cost to cast is not Strain but Wounds.
  13. Yeah the Glop has been a problem for Arrther in the past, I’m glad it wasn’t this time! Keeping Arrther at Range is important, if he has to throw the Saber it’s likely to cost Strain and even more likely it will be left laying on the floor somewhere therefore costing more Strain to recover. Every turn he can’t attack he has no way to recover Strain either. He basically either dominates or is destroyed.
  14. Arrther watched as the little thing tried with all its might to throw two more grenades at him, only for the cylinders to roll across the floor an away from them both before detonating... “Unlucky little one, no bad feelings but I’m sure you understand there can be no witnesses to my escape” With that Arrther went for the kill, aiming to put the Saber right into the opening of the Droids arm. The motion drivesthe Saber deep inside, severing wires and rupturing hydraulics. As Arrther drags the blade through the Droid he clips the sides of the memory circuits causing a massive short circuit. with that the Mando shoulders his shield, powers down the Saber and calmly walks off to the awaiting shuttle. //Threat can be a Strain. Double Aim for 2 Strain and 2 Boost, use Falling Avalanche for 2 more Strain and flip a Destiny for an upgrade. Heat 5C Saber Attack with double Aiming and a Destiny flip: 5eP+2eB+2eD+1eS 6 successes, 3 advantage, 2 Triumph Well, that’s 21 Damage! For good measure I’ll use the 2 Triumph to cinematically destroy the short term memory of the Droid effectively wiping knowledge of Arrthers escape, then recover some Strain with the Advantage Wow you had some bad luck with rolling that game! I can definitely see it could have gone far worse for Arrther//
  15. That’s a decent idea, perhaps SotF works with Primal magic while KiP is for Arcane. I was thinking on the stereotypical fantasy archetypes; Mystic seems like the Mage/Bard career whilst Consular seems like the Priest/Paladin career. Sentinel is the Rogue/Thief, Seeker is the Ranger. Guardian is the Knight/Soldier, Warrior is the Fighter/Barbarian