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  1. Richardbuxton

    Fallout Genesys Hack

    Very cool, different to the other big one out there. Super Mutants either need some amazing abilities (two handed weapons are all one handed!), need higher characteristics, or need more xp. Robots also need more xp, or some stats such as Endurance need to start at 3. There’s a great example of how this can work in the Genesys core book, the Bioroid on p174
  2. Richardbuxton

    Archetypes and Species Template

    The only true fault in the species design rules is that all the Human Archetypes have +10xp for no explicit reason other than that’s how it was in Star Wars. In the Star Wars system it was explained that Humans are better, they are the dominant species in the galaxy, but that’s irrelevant in Genesys. So Rarity should only impact Humans (in ffg’s eyes) and grant them an extra 10 xp. as far as your calculations even they don’t have consistency, for example Humans; the two skills are out of career and therefore worth 20xp not 10. Labourers you listed the -2 Strain as +15 but it should be +10, Intellectual should have the cost of +2 Strain be -10 not -5. Etc. One problem is that an increased WT with a higher Brawn, say a 14 with a 3, should cost more xp than the same 14 WT with a brawn 1. The same goes for Willpower and Strain. Cost of Skills or abilities should also take into account the characteristics that have been modified. Ultimately there is no system that can calculate exact costs, they just get you close before you need to apply a little bit of your own opinion.
  3. The Weik traditions definitely need to be done! There’s at least 3 of them you could come up with
  4. Richardbuxton

    Hardcopy & PDF

  5. Richardbuxton

    Augment durration

    Yes they can, it’s one of the rare situations where you can roll 6 ability/proficiency dice
  6. Richardbuxton

    Augment durration

    The simple answer to your question is a Manoeuvre called Concentrate found on page 218 of the core Rulebook. This solution works really well, except that it significantly hampers the characters ability to move around and interact with the environment due to using one of your Manouvers each turn. The Druidic Circlet is a good example of a magic implement that can solve that problem, otherwise a talent could be designed to also make maintaining a specific spell easier (or even unnecessary?)
  7. Richardbuxton

    Rune Magic

    This, from page 115, directly addresses your question and how your group should resolve it: ”Although any runebound shard can be used with a wide vari- ety of spells, GMs and players should keep the nature of the runebound shard in mind when narrating spells. An Immolation Rune and a Stasis Rune can both manifest a magic barrier, but the narrative effect is sure to be very different! In this case, the Immolation Rune might manifest a sphere of protective flames around the target, while the latter could slow down arrows and blades to the point that the target can easily evade them”
  8. Richardbuxton

    Signature Shield?

    My question would be; is the shield the signature weapon, the sword, or the combination of the two in unison? If it’s the combination of the two then perhaps the Improved upgrade could be rewritten to provide the option of getting a second signature weapon of the same Craftsmanship as the first, as an alternative to the current option. You still need to create a shield template
  9. The absolute best way to deal with this is the Squad/Squadron rules from the AoR GM screen. Other methods depend on the character, Adversary helps more than you would think, so does making sure the npc can stay at Long range. Then there’s other factors so there should not always be the opportunity to initiate combat, for example crowded streets should deter the party from fighting.
  10. Richardbuxton


    Your Heroic Ability idea is cool, and I could definitely get behind that. You could also make it a Talent
  11. Richardbuxton


    Personally I prefer Conjure, although I’m biased since it’s what I based Gateways on for the Wheel Of Time. But this is how I describe it: To teleport you need to Conjure a doorway engaged with you, and a second doorway that’s your destination. This requires a minimum difficulty (without Implements) of Daunting (DDDD); Basic (D) + (D) Additional Summon for the second door + (D) Medium Summon because doors have moving parts (if you’re a kind gm then this is the effect you can remove) + (D) Range (because you don’t want to move from engaged to engaged...) This all means that with a Wand or Staff or Musical Instrument you can teleport to Short for a Hard Difficulty check, and with a Teleport Rune you can get to Long with that Difficulty, and with a Ring you lower the difficulty to Easy (D) for short range Edit: The Medium Summon was my desire to make it as difficult as possible, because I have talents that reduce the difficulty in my setting. You can easily remove those to make it an Average Difficulty with a Staff to get to Short, or Hard to get to Medium. Keeping the spell maintained using Concentrate also then allows you to keep the door open for others to use. Triggering Additional Summon also allows you to open a second door to the same destination The thing I like about this system is that you still need to take a Manoeuvre to get through the door, you cannot just teleport a target straight up and drop them. If the player wanted to open a door under a targets feet then I’m going to declare it an Attack Spell Action anyway, with the required addition of Deadly to represent the effect of falling.
  12. Richardbuxton

    Good Source(s) for World’s Background/Fluff

    From what I can gather the RoT book is the only compendium of the world of Mernara. No other product in the past has laid out the world so clearly and this is likely the document that has become the definitive Canon for FFG in this world. Basically this book says everything there is to say, excluding only the specifics of stories from the Descent Adventure paths.
  13. Richardbuxton

    multiple natural attacks

    First, there’s no defined rule for attacking with more than two weapons, this includes everything from 6 limbed species with 4 pistols to a beast using all 4 legs and its bite. The simple fact is that as the difficulty continues to increase beyond Hard it becomes far less likely that you will succeed and have enough advantage to trigger a third or fourth hit. Therefore, as others have said, unique abilities are really the only way to represent a character hitting many times. The Unleash Heroic Ability is probably the best way for a PC to mechanically achieve this kind of attack, although Whirlwind can also be described in such a way as to make sense. Yeah, I love the idea of each Hydra Head being treated as a Minion.
  14. Richardbuxton

    multiple natural attacks

    Your exactly right with the “two-weapon Attack” rule. Increase the Difficulty, spend Advantage to hit a second time. For a creature with Claws they could do that any time they want since the have those claws on multiple feet.
  15. What if Knight has the requirement; “You must have Force Rating 2 to purchase this Specialisation” That then opens the door for a Master spec with the requirment of FR 3. Anyone could then cross spec from other Force Sensitive specs to become a Knight or Master, but it prevents a character starting as a Master or Knight right from the beginning. I know strength in the Force isn’t supposed to matter, but let’s be honest it helps.