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  1. Depends on the time period. During the height of the Galactic Empire? I would think something similar to America today, dog eat dog everyone for themselves. During the height of the Republic? Probably a lot more like Canada/Australia etc
  2. I’m going to limit my answer to combat ideas, this player clearly wants to fight so you need answers that help you give him a good fight. I’m sure you’re able to create encounters that prevent combat, but the player will get annoyed if you you’re doing that all the time! 1. Use Ion Weapons, they have cybernetics that are vulnerable, once that arm or those legs are inactive they suddenly can’t move or hold a weapon at all, the massive characteristic is meaningless. 2. Big minion groups... and I mean big. Each minion beyond the first adds a skill rank, skill ranks are capped at 5. So only minions up to the 6th change the dice pool, beyond 6 though and you begin to build in a buffer before the skill goes down! So if you have a minion group of 16 then this walking nuke of a character has to kill 10 of them before reducing their dice pool. 3. Use the Squad rules from the AoR gm screen. The PC could hit for 25 damage on your lovely NPC and it is still only going to remove one minion... 4. Remember, only one Crit is given per hit with an attack. If they only hit a minion group once they only remove one extra minion with a crit. 5. Use vehicles, The battle of Scarrif was scary because the rebels had nothing to fight back with against the ATAT’s. Give this character a chance to be the hero, holding off hoards of enemies whilst the rest of the group have to deal with the big plot problem. This can be all sorts of things from stealing to rescuing to escaping.
  3. And if it is an extension of the base force powe then rather than the additional Force Points being wasted they can be used to add even more Advantage, or success so that your never failing anyway. Basically I’m saying you end up back exactly where you started except the character has far more advantages and Triumph to throw around than they normally would.
  4. Ok, think of it in another example. A character rolls a force leap check prior to attacking. All those advantages and Triumph can go into making the combat check that much more powerful, as well as getting into the perfect position to attack from. Suddenly they’re throwing boosts and upgrades all over the place, making their already strong combat abilities even more potent.
  5. Looking at this from a purely game mechanics perspective your idea of a combined check seems ok at first glance. But if you begin to dig deeper into the possibilities it provides then there’s a major problem it creates in the action economy of the game. This power allows a character to make a force leap 3 times in a single round, twice as a manoeuvre and then a third time as an action with 2 strain spent. If that character is also using 1 force point of the opposite side for each leap then that’s 3 more strain, for at least 5 strain they suffered in that round. In your version that character is making 3 Athletics checks each round (already something that’s outside normality for the system), and unless you’re making the difficulty arbitrarily high then most Force Users will easily pass the check anyway. But the bigger problem is with characters with a big Athletics skill pool, perhaps a 4 and a 3, they’re going to be rolling a bunch of Advantages and Triumphs every single round, quite possibly eliminating that strain cost I mentioned earlier, and really messing with the story in the meantime.
  6. It’s definitely the entire rpg team that’s gone, amongst other things 😩
  7. FFG have yet to delete a forum, they’re simply moved to the archive section, as for your other concerns though it’s definitely a worrying time. heres the Archive for those curious folks
  8. This sucks, I’m feeling gutted. Literally 10 years of exclusively playing FFG RPG’s, WFRP, Star Wars, L5R, and Genesys. I never thought it would hit such a speed bump. Gee I hope their fantastic talent ends up working for another company willing to embrace multi axis dice results.
  9. Hi everyone, My Google fu is failing me so I’m wondering if anybody knows of a one shot adventure that has the players being bad people or with bad intentions. Perhaps there’s a dark side force user in the group, perhaps they’re soldiers for the empire, or bounty hunters caught in the wrong side. If I have to I’ll modify the AoR beginner adventure to make it a group of Imps raiding a Rebel base, but I would prefer to not have to put in the time required to rewrite all the characters.
  10. Happy Gregorian New Year to you all, hopefully everyone gets a chance to game and have fun!
  11. You could try hosting them on a free Google or iCloud folder as a temp fix if anyone is extremely desperate
  12. I’ll have more ideas on this but need time to think, and some elements could lean more towards other spells too. But some interesting options to work on though could be; Sun, Moon, Stars (Mask spell) Metal/Wood (Conjure) Growth, Decay or Preservation/Decay (Barrier and Curse) Storm
  13. That Scout Trooper scene was fantastic, the entire episode was really, but the Inaccurate 4 on their blaster pistols was hilarious! In my mind IG stole the show though, it’s character arc payed out so well.
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