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  1. What if Knight has the requirement; “You must have Force Rating 2 to purchase this Specialisation” That then opens the door for a Master spec with the requirment of FR 3. Anyone could then cross spec from other Force Sensitive specs to become a Knight or Master, but it prevents a character starting as a Master or Knight right from the beginning. I know strength in the Force isn’t supposed to matter, but let’s be honest it helps.
  2. Richardbuxton

    GM screens - what would you like?

    I would prefer A1 or A0 posters of some of the art in the book 😜 since my gm screens always end up folded flat on the table next to my notes an used mostly as a QRG.
  3. Richardbuxton

    Pricing New Armor

    Was there a specific setting and armour piece you want to make?
  4. Richardbuxton

    Pricing New Armor

    The way I would look at it is this: all armour starts at 0 Soak, 0 Defence, 1 Encumbrance, 0 Cost. Then go through the table and apply Defence and Soak modifiers, including the 3 options at the very bottom. Looking at example equipment in the settings chapter Encumberance looks to be increased by 1 point per point of Soak, and extra for Defence if you combine Defense and Soak on the same item. Then adjust the Encumbrance to suit the theme of the setting, take a look at Plate vs Magic armour on p145 for an example of increased cost for reduced Encumbrance. Finaly you should look over the whole thing and decide if all the armour in your setting is evenly spread, and nothing looks too good for too little. The most important prices will be the low value (0-400) items since they are available at character creation, anything else will result from adventure rewards.
  5. Richardbuxton

    Humans Undercosted?

    It’s coming back in the Android book
  6. Richardbuxton

    Humans Undercosted?

    I would do that exact thing. I would probably avoid any species with Characteristic of 3/1 having more than 100xp to spend since that prevents 4/4/2/2/2/1 characters. In some settings I would push that number even higher, starting with 120, but using it to grant more abilities and skills. I think it’s ideal if characters can have a best of 3/3/3/3/2/1, 4/3/3/2/2/1, or 4/3/2/2/2/2. Any more xp and they simply end up with too few weaknesses. But so long as those characteristics don’t get higher than that then species could grant 4 ranks in skills, and have two unique abilities each. Obviously you need to keep Wounds/Strain under control too, I think ffg aim for a total somewhere between 20 and 25. On the reasoning behind “humans are better” I’m certain I heard, early in the life of the Star Wars system, a developer interview where they claimed the reason for the difference was that in the SW universe Humans are better than everyone else, they dominate the galaxy.
  7. Richardbuxton

    Magic rules clarification

    Or make it an unranked incidental t3 Talent that costs 2 Strain to trigger a spell effect that costs 2 Advantage. This way a character doesn’t have to negate Threat, they suffer the penalties of Treat but get the benefits of 2 Advantage at the same time.
  8. Yes, true, but typically Humans have a Strain/Wound advantage and they get those two extra skill ranks. I forgot about weequay, with this system they could be even more lop sided with 4/3/1/4/1/1 or similar. Gain a 1 in either Agility or Willpower to have 2 4’s and a 3, no idea why you would but I only like maths and not actually playing these characters. The Dressellian is still more flexible, with a lot more choice in where the extra 1 can be.
  9. Thanks for the response, and I’m serious that it’s great you have a solid understanding of how your group will use it. I guess my points are more targeted at others reading this thread, thinking it sounds like a good idea but not considering the consequences. Your explanation of limiting the spell returned makes sense too. On the topic of min/max there are quite a few species who are really xp limited, Humans for instance at the moment can have a maximum of 120xp, but with this rule they could have 130, which allows them to do this: 4/3/3/2/2/1 making them the (?) best species in the game. Then theres Dressellian who could keep the primitive, drop Intellect (easiest to justify) to 1, and be 4/3/1/3/3/1, a stat block never before seen and one most min/max players would absolutely exploit. Overcoming those two ones is a lot easier than getting the 3rd dice on all the skills of the other characteristic; Cool 2, Mechanics or Medicine 2, Charm or Leadership or Negotiation 2. Sure you suck at knowledge skills, but someone in the party won’t. Again, you won’t have this problem, but someone reading this with a less than cooperative player may. I’m not looking at this from the “I want a character flaw” perspective, which as you pointed out is the right approach, I’m looking at it from the perspective of “how can I get more xp”. If the player is finding justification for this in order to get more xp then really the game will benefi from just letting everyone have some xp after creation to get a few more talents without disrupting the Characteristic balance .
  10. I’m glad to hear it’s been thoroughly thought through.
  11. Richardbuxton

    Auto-Fire for magic

    Yeah the key difference is in the targets that may be selected. Additional target can not select the same target multiple times, although if you succeed you automatically effect two targets. Autofire is tough since you have to roll success and advantage to use it but you can hit the same target multiple times. Then you need to look at what the basic effects are as well, Attack Spell and Autofire are far more powerful than any other Spell, so it makes sense that autofire should be more difficult and less effective
  12. Richardbuxton

    "ranged" attack at a target engaged with my PC

    2 Difficulty is the simple answer. In this hypothetical engagement you are not your own ally, you are just you, so no upgrade is applied. But if this hypothetical engagement consisted of two PC’s and an npc then you would upgrade the difficulty.
  13. Your calculation for dropping a 3 to a 1 is way off. There’s a definitive cost for characteristics and that drop from 3 to 1 is worth 50xp, a lot. The idea won’t be too broken, but it also makes the difference between a lot of species much smaller or even nonexistent. Basically a character can cherrypick the wound/strain threshold they want, perhaps even with a skill or ability that benefits them, then Min/max the characteristics to suit. Your better just giving them knight level to start.
  14. Richardbuxton

    Shapeshifting Talent animal forms

    You could add an Improved version that grants a new ability and perhaps boosts one characteristic. On a side note, all combat checks that use the Brawl skill have the Knockdown quality automatically, this makes the “Fierce Pounce” ability redundant. Perhaps the ability could reduce the cost of triggering Knockdown to one Advantage, or even make Knockdown automatic if the player succeeds on the check. Another option would be to say “If a tiger uses the aim manoeuvre and successfully attacks a target then until the end of the lions next turn the target looses their free manoeuvre and may only perform one manoeuvre on their turn” For an Improved ability you could do something with attacking prone targets, perhaps adding damage, or gaining Vicious equal to Survival.
  15. Richardbuxton

    Shapeshifting Talent animal forms

    Nice. My concern is that the talent as it is really best represents a Ware Creature. Most druids who shape shift can do it whenever they want, but sure don’t recover all their strain when they do. That strain recovery element is what makes the Improved version so dam powerful