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  1. Foundry sounds amazing!!!! EPG should be an excellent book, being setting agnostic it sounds fun And Keyforge is such an interesting setting, with it being so new i hope they can really go to town on filling the world with rich details.
  2. If I was your GM and you purchased that power, then eventually got the Mastery, you can be assured I would have regular encounters with Force Users using commited dice. There’s so many different ways that they can be used it would become a fun challenge to drop clues without revealing to you what exactly was happening. Alter or Battle Meditation could perform pivotal roles in so many different encounters, negating their effects would become vital in achieving victory yet identifying their use would be extremely difficult. Endure would be another fantastic Force Power for an NPC to use, and Suppress Mastery would be an absolute game changer against them.
  3. I would absolutely love a Species book. When I look at a species in an Edge book it has almost no information about that species view of the Force or their roll in a rebellion game. By having a species book that covers all three lines they could expand upon almost every species, with many more opportunities for character ideas and plot hooks. I think Humans would be the only species that would have no new content. Then when you look at any of the unofficial species lists you immediately know there’s still plenty of possibilities for new ones to include. If they where to put in even more effort then they could have species specific motivations as well.
  4. Wanting to run this on a Mac but I'm trying to avoid a VM, unfortunately im also a total newb. I've seen mention of using Mono to install the framework then running this through it, has anyone had success, any tips?
  5. I definitely think most of telepathy is best covered with Battle Meditation, but a more narrative power is definitely missing. In a pinch you could simply ask the player to flip a destiny point to allow them to briefly speak with someone else via the Force.
  6. I would think a series of books focusing on the episode 7-9 time period would be first, they need to wait 4 or 5 years for a trilogy set in tOR to be fully released before publishing anything based on it.
  7. My group has been on hiatus for a while, but before that we usually gamed monthly, for 3-4hours. I would award about 20-25xp a session otherwise the players just never felt any real advancement.
  8. If I start chanting “Sith career, Sith career, Sith career” do you think I’ll be heard?
  9. How often do you game and how long are your sessions? If it’s weekly for six hours then the answer is far different to monthly three hour games.
  10. I can’t really answer your first question, I’ve never gotten a chance to have that in one of my games, but I can give my own experience with the second, Move. A. No the player doesn’t have to do it, but then they just wasted their action... B. First question I have is are you using the Autofire Rules as is required when using Move on multiple targets? The difficulty is increased once, the character then needs to succeed on a Discipline check, have enough advantages, and also have enough Force Pips. That should be keeping the damage down somewhat. Also it’s a combat check, anything that would make a normal attack harder makes this harder too; Adversary, Defence, environment, etc As @Rimsensaid making minion groups Silhouette 2 is a great solution, a minion group then becomes a single object that causes 20 damage, just watch out for your Nemesis characters. This also works for disarming a minion group, treat their weapons as a single Silhouette 1 object instead of 5 silhouette 0. This entire concept does wonders in making minions seem far less important than Rivals and Nemesis. Next I would ask if you are requiring the player to have enough Magnitude upgrades activated for all the targets affected? The minion group that’s moved and the target group that are hit both need to be “moved”. An easy way to think about this is thinking of these examples: 1. How much does it take to throw 1 silhouette 1 rock at 3 minions, hitting them each once? Sounds more like 3 objects. 2. How much does it take to throw 3 silhouette 1 minions at a nearby wall? Again sounds like 3 objects. 3. How much does it take to cause 2 groups of 3 minions to move toward each other and crash together in the middle? Sounds like six objects. 4. So how much does it take to throw 3 minions at 3 other minions? Sounds like six objects to me if you follow the above examples A further addition can be to increase the Force Pip cost to activate the Strength upgrade to 2 Force Pips instead of 1. This makes lifting lots of things or really big things much more difficult. Although I would only make this a last resort thing. Then finally there’s the significant moral implications of bludgeoning people to death using the force. Sure Storm troopers are faceless evil, but not everyone the pc’s face is an imperial. Did those people need to die? Could they have be neutralised by moving them somewhere such as over a fence or onto a building? Could they have been disarmed instead? Your idea of tracking obvious force use over an extended period is a good idea too, that should either result in “there can be no survivors” dark side thinking, or “I really should be careful here”
  11. I’ll agree with these as well. FR 1 is so anemic it’s not funny. Anyone else in the party can start off focused on their speciality, usually thanks to a characteristic of 4, which makes them very competent in that area right from the start. A character with Agility 4 can fly almost anything and reliably hit a target at Long range, the same goes for all the other characteristics. Until this tiny little side bar there was no way for a Force User to have that same feeling from the beginning. And even with this option you still have to buy the force Powers themselves, between the additional rating and a single force power you’re likely spending 50xp of your starting budget. That severely hampers your usefulness outside the Force. I honestly think I would allow any F&D spec to start with this option just to allow the characters to be far more simplified without requiring multiple specs and a year of gaming to become awesome.
  12. Echani could have a couple of talents; Improved Dodge: If you are not wearing armour that increases your Soak value you may choose to add automatic failure or threat (players choice) to an opponents attack instead of upgrading the difficulty, this is instead of the usual benefit of dodge. Supreme Dodge: If you are not wearing armour that increases your Soak value then once per round reduce the strain suffered to perform a Dodge incidental by your ranks in Coordination.
  13. Honestly I would say yes it’s possible, but I don’t think any of the existing specs are powerful enough to warrant it. Personally I would prefer FFG to publish some new Specs that are more powerful than the normal starting specs but do have those prerequisites your talking about. Perhaps call them Signature Specialisations if the prerequisite is certain talents in a specific career, just as the Signature Abilities do. Otherwise Mastery Specialisation or Hero Specialisation if the prerequisites are more generic such as “Characteristic X” or “Strain Threshold greater than X” or even “Rank X in Y number of Skills” The biggest issue here is obviously power creep, but it really would just be making a 2 spec character closer in power to a 3 spec. FFG could then publish a book for each of the three lines with a collection of these specialisations in each, focused on the things that make a character in that setting a Hero. The talents themselves wouldn’t have to be significantly more powerful, just having strong synergies.
  14. Warden-Death Watch would be a really fun character, get yourself down to Baleful Gaze for a really effective way to upgrade an opponents attacks. Use the character with Ebb/Flow and you can recoup plenty of strain too. For a bit more two weapon combat fun you could start as an Executioner, Deathblow to hit hard and Essential Kill to make those hits with the second weapon much easier! If you want an actual Lightsaber character, rather than simply holding one in your hands and looking good, then Ataru would be a great place to start. You obviously then can utilise that one characteristic for both weapons, you don’t even have to dive that deep to get some useful talents. The biggest drawback is really that you’re limited to Force Rating 1 without a third spec. But with Improved Parry and some Reflect ranks you actually get to be quite a defensive character with the total potential of 4 upgrades to an opponents attack. But I think my favourite would take a decent campaign to play out (600+ xp when you have about 440xp of Talents plus 50xp for the extra specs). You start as a Sentinel Sentry, with a 3 in Agility, Cunning, and Willpower. Grab that Impossible Fall talent (for when your jet pack decides to die mid flight...) then dive down the left hand side all the way to Force Rating, also collecting the Reflect and Grit talents at the top. Next you join the Death Watch, grab the entire top two rows for all sorts of neat tricks then head for that Improved Sidestep. Back in Sentry you take the final 2 bottom row talents to get Dedication (Agility) Then finally you expand into the Jedi Outcast spec, this time diving down the right hand side to get the Force Rating as well as Renegade Form (Agility). There’s a few neat force talents in the top two rows that build well on Sentry as well. All up you become a Ranged and Lightsaber monster, highly mobile, lots of stealth tricks up your sleeve. Get Sense or Ebb/Flow somewhere along the way and you can be really ensuring those attacks are returned right back at the enemy... in some cases you both send there bolt back at them then also send your own from your pistol for good measure!
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